Did Lisa Marie Presley’s Weight Loss Surgery Lead To Death?

Lisa Marie Presley's Weight Loss Surgery

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” but are every desperate decision right? Sometimes they can be fatal leading to even death. This blog aims to shed light on one such story that had no happy ending.

We all know how obsessed actresses and celebrities are with the perfect figure. Songstress, Lisa Marie Presley was too. But a single decision in the wrong direction changed her life forever. So what went wrong? Keep on reading to know more.

What Happened To Lisa Marie Presley After Weight Loss Surgery?

In a quest to get the perfect body measurements, Elvis Presley’s daughter decided to go for weight reduction surgery. However, everything didn’t go as planned and she passed away due to a constricted bowel. So how did this happen? Presley had undergone a single anastomosis surgery where the stomach is cut off to a smaller size in order to ensure portion control.

But after a few years, she started experiencing sharp pain in the abdomen along with, continuous vomiting spells and bloating. Though she passed away due to natural causes, the M.E. says, “Obstructions were caused by adhesions or scar tissues that developed after bariatric surgery years ago. This is a long-term complication of this type of surgery.”

Albeit the passage of time, the small intestine stopped getting enough blood and therefore couldn’t process the food properly. As a result, it “suffocated” to death leaving whatever was left of her stomach to do the job. But since it couldn’t Lisa succumbed to death.

It is also worth mentioning that Lisa was spotted at an award function days before her death so the twisting happened in a matter of two days and ultimately took her life.

What Is Weight Loss Surgery(Bariatric Surgery)?

Bariatric surgery is often opted for when none of the conventional ways of weight loss work. It is an invasive procedure where the doctor often reduces a part of the patient’s stomach in order to limit the food intake. One can opt for multiple methods under the same umbrella term.

Bariatric Surgery

In some cases, while a balloon or band is placed in the stomach to cover the extra space, in other times a portion of the stomach is surgically removed or its appendage to the small intestine is re-routed. As mentioned before, patients who are allergic to anesthesia should try reducing their weight naturally and not depend on surgeries of this nature.

What Are The Risk Factors In Bariatric Surgery?

Apart from being a highly risky procedure for people who have cardiovascular complications and have difficulty going under, there are several risks that can be developed post-surgery including-

  1. The formation of scar tissue due to bleeding– This happens when there develops an abscess in the gut which then leaks food substances into the bloodstream.
  2. Bowel damage- In this case, the small intestine shifts its place and falls into a gap created during the surgery.
  3. Insufficient nutrition intake– Though it reduces the food intake, many people often end up being malnourished which leads to other life-threatening diseases.
  4. Damaged mental health–  Some patients start developing stress issues after the surgery and end up binge eating food

The point to be noted is, that most of these complications can occur within days, weeks, months, or years after the surgery. You should consult the doctor regularly to avoid any but there is no guarantee you will not develop complications in any case.

Is Bariatric Surgery A Good Option For Weight Loss?

Irrespective of its effectiveness, every year millions of people opt for these elective surgeries in order to get a quick fix for their health issues. If you are someone who is healthy enough to reduce weight by exercising and dieting, you shouldn’t go for bariatric surgery.

Sometimes some medications can also lead to unwanted weight gain. In that case, talk to your doctor and communicate your problems. However, if nothing of that sort works and you have a BMI of over 40,  yes, bariatric surgery might be the next best thing.

It is to absorb the various hindrances it can cause to your daily chores. Bariatric surgery is also suggested for individuals who have been suffering from a weight-related condition for a long period of time or have been trying to reduce weight without the surgery for at least a year.

Since there are multiple ways for the surgery to be conducted, you should discuss it with your doctor and choose the best version for you. Inform the doctor about any discomforts immediately so that it isn’t too late to rectify. Also, follow up with all the needed routines in order to keep yourself healthy at all times.

What happened to Lisa Marie Presley was very unfortunate. The dream of being fit is not something worth dying for and therefore before looking for surgery always exhaust the traditional ways of weight loss.

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