How To Take Measurements For Weight Loss? Follow The Right Methods!

Take Measurements For Weight Loss

We all have certain goals in life. It could be a short-term one or could be long-term. However, it isn’t easy to reach them. Sometimes we would have to push ourselves harder to reach a certain milestone. Weight loss is a journey that many of us want to pursue. It is a difficult journey and a lot of us become obsessed with the whole idea of losing inches.

One of the things most people keep on doing apart from watching what they eat or drink is measuring themselves. Be it on the weighing machine or using inch tapes. So it is important to know how to do it properly. If you are new to this, it is not necessary that you may be doing it right. Through this blog, we aim to let you know how to take measurements for weight loss.

Tracking Weight Loss: How To Take Measurements?

Tracking your weight loss progress on the treadmill is the most exciting and frightening part of the whole process. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, it is the culmination of all the hard work you put in the gym as well as all the sacrifices you made on the dining table.

To make sure you aren’t diminishing or overcompensating your achievements, you need to measure your body in the right way. And we are going to tell you just that in the steps below.

Take Body Measurements For Weight Loss

Our body can be divided into 5 major portions when it comes to measuring. To register a significant weight loss, all these 5 key areas must experience a shift in their bulk. It includes-

1. Bust/chest– Take the measurement across your chest’s widest region – just below the bust for women and over the nipple line for men.

2. Waist/tummy– This is as simple as it is. It just goes around your tummy along the belly button. Make sure you are breathing normally when you measure it.

3. Hips/bumps– Take the tape around your maximus gluteus and you are all done.

4. Thigh– It includes the upper part of the leg. Take the measurement around your thigh’s thickest area.

5. Arms-Take the measurement around your upper arm’s widest point.

If you are into strength training, abs and calves should also be measured. You should carry a proper inch tape and ensure the measurements are in the same scale cms/inches. Wear no clothes or tight clothes to get accurate proportions.

When Should You Take Measurements For Weight Loss?

Now that we know we know how and where to measure, we can move on the timing to get the best result. While weighing machines are great, sometimes you cannot see any change in your body weight even though you put in the hours. So you might need to use tape.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to measure yourself every day. Ideally, you can measure it biweekly initially and maybe after a while, you can go with monthly. 

Can Men And Women Have Different Criteria While Taking Measurements For Weight Loss?

We all know how differently diet and workout respond to the body based on our sex. For instance, men lose weight way more easily than women due to the difference in hormones as well as physiology. It is a known fact that males store their fat in their bellies while women have theirs accumulated in their thighs and glutes.

Men And Women Taking Measurements For Weight Loss

However, both sexes can measure the major 5 areas mentioned above to keep a thorough system. It should also be considered that muscles also develop at different parts when it comes to men and women so you may want to concentrate on the activities that focus on them.

Other Methods You Can Use To Measure Weight Loss

Apart from the humble and simple inch types, you can also go with-

Skinfold measuring using a measuring hold type
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
Air displacement Plethysmography
Go with measuring the distance between your thighs.
Dividing the circumference of your body and calculating it.

Benefits Of Taking Measurements For Weight Loss

The benefits of taking measurements for weight loss are both physical and psychological. This can:

✅ Help you in making some goals

✅ Make you realize that your goals are attainable

✅ Motivate you to the core

✅ Aid in your strength training

✅ Help with your portion control


Measuring your body for weight loss is a brilliant way to find how far you have come. It can help you touch base with the goals and take necessary solutions if it is not working. The important thing is not to be completely obsessed with the numbers and let the body work at its own pace.

Take support from your loved ones, trainers and trust the process. The good news might be just around the corner.

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