Is Crystal Light Good For Weight Loss? Surprising Facts About Drinking Crystal Light!

Crystal Light And Weight Loss

What is the one thing that any trainer would tell a weight watcher to avoid? We can hear everyone equivocally saying, “Sugar.” That is the right answer. Sugar is a big no-no while trying to lose weight. So no matter how much you craves for that piece of frosty creamy cake, you need to control yourself.

However, there are plenty of calorie-less options. Many sugar-free options are also available on the aisle for you to choose from. But is everything sugar less good for you? Especially when you are counting calories? That doesn’t mean everything isn’t good either.

Therefore, we must know what is contained in the substances we consume. As a step towards the endeavor, we would like to explain in detail if Crystal light is good for weight loss or not. And knowing is always better.

What Is Crystal Light? What Does It Contain?

For those who don’t know, Crystal Light is a sweet fruity powder to be mixed in water and can be described as some kind of sugar-free fruit punch. So it is like a punch powder or ready-to-drink ice tea but minus the calories and sugar content. Does that mean it is healthy? Can we risk drinking it when we are on a tight leash with our diet?

Crystal Light

Usually found in multiple flavors, it has Magnesium Oxide, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, and Citric Acid. Artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and Maltodextrin are also among its major ingredients. The new ones are however completely sugar-free and can be consumed without any hesitation.

Now let’s look at the amount of calories in it. You would be happy to hear that it has only 5 grams of calories and no fats or carbs.

Is Crystal Light Effective For Weight Loss?

When you began your diet, you are often told to stay away from artificial juices, powdered drinks, or anything of a similar sort. However, Crystal Light is good for weight loss. Unlike its counterparts, Crystal Light contains very little to no amount of sugar as we mentioned earlier.

You are also told to skip some fruits which are very high in sugar content like grapes or oranges. Most of us find it difficult to skip those. So Crystal Light that is flavored in fruits can be a happy replacement for those.

Additionally, hydration is a crucial part when it comes to losing weight. And to be honest, drinking water is bland for some people. So for those of us, Crystal Light could be a boon as it’s taste might encourage you to drink more water.

However, it has no ingredients that can aid in weight loss, help satiate your hunger or maybe accelerate your weight loss journey. It is not an officially approved weight loss drink either. It is not a ideal replacement for a well-balanced diet or nutrient rich foods. Due to its hydrating qualities, it can be an ideal post-workout drink instead. In short, Crystal Light can be a small tool in your weight loss journey as it is sugar free.

Benefits Of Crystal Light For Weight Loss

Some of the Crystal Light benefits include:

✅ Low in Calorie

✅ Low in sugar

✅ Can be drink in place of sodas or other juices

✅ Can be a post-workout drink

✅ Can be a replacement for a high-calorie sweet

Risks Of Consuming Crystal Light For Weight Loss

There are no major side effects of Crystal Light. Since it is an artificially sweetened drink, we would suggest that you shouldn’t consume it unlimitedly. A small section of people also claim that they often experience stomach aches due to some of its contents. Children, and women who are expecting and breastfeeding should keep cautious while drinking the potion.

There are several drinks available in the market to be consumed. For your weight loss journey, you must keep a check on what you eat. Crystal Light doesn’t contain any kind of special ingredients to help you lose weight. But It can be substituted in place of water when you are thirsty.

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1. Can Crystal Light alone help me lose weight?

Crystal Light cannot help you lose weight in any way. In case you are using it as a hydrating solution, continue working out and dieting.

2. Can I drink Crystal Light if I am on a special weight loss diet?

Though generally, it has been known to have no side effects, we would still suggest you consult your dietician before including it in your weight loss diet.

3. Is Crystal Light completely healthy?

We cannot be sure about that. It could be possible that some of your underlying condition can react with one of the contents in Crystal Light so it is better if you consult your doctor.

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