Can Weight Loss Cause Back Pain? Reasons Why It Is Happening!

Weight Loss Cause Back Pain

We do everything in our power to get back in shape. Sometimes our whole personality finds its foundation in our fat content. So once we lose some we tend to feel happier. But does it put an end to all our worries?

Some people claim that losing weight can cause back pain while others claim it doesn’t. We aim to clear that up for you by giving you all the details so that you get a proper idea about how weight loss relates to back pain.

Weight Loss And Back Pain: Is There Any Connection?

Unlike in old times, there are several ways to lose weight. Dieting, pills, surgery, heavy workout routines, you name it. This gives easy access for people to lose fat in just a few months and even weeks.  A person can go from being 70 to 50 in a matter of just weeks maybe. Moreover, the internet makes all of it just a click away.

Our favorite celebrities leave no stone unturned to promote them; every day a new one. Social media sites are full of “perfect body images” that motivate or trigger us to lose weight without even thinking twice. Everywhere we go we see body perfection and this influences us to jump on the bandwagon.

Weight Loss Causes Back Pain

Unfortunately, these rapid or sudden weight loss techniques can cause back pain in some people. So after we attain a particular weight, our spines start to readjust following our body. When we jump from one to another it doesn’t give enough time for our spine to allocate and then it causes extreme back pain.

So to answer the question, yes losing weight rapidly and without enough support can cause back pain which can lead to various complications if left untreated. Weight loss causes many changes in our body and now let’s look at some of the reasons why our back hurts after weight loss.

Why Does Weight Loss Cause Back Pain?

There are multiple reasons why this could happen so we are going to point out the most obvious and important ones.

Loss of hydration-While working out it is possible that we overdo it and hence leads to the loss of a lot of water. This can cause back pain.

Injury-Again This has a lot to do with exertion and something could snap and go wrong.

Not enough nutrition– Many fad diets compel us to omit many nutrients that are essential for our body in the name of portion control. It causes our body to compensate a lot and ultimately it gives up.

Posture problem-We all know how posture changes when our weight changes. For instance, an overweight person might have a little hunch and after they lose weight may start walking straight.

Being tormented by another disease– Any spine injuries or disorders like spondylitis, or disc slipping can all be reasons for back aches if you are new to the gym.

How Can You Treat Back Pain Caused By Weight Loss?

Though difficult, it doesn’t mean we cannot treat the back pain caused by weight loss. They include-

Treat Back Pain Caused By Weight Loss
  • Meet with a Chiropractor– A chiropractor is someone who deals with sudden jerks sustained by our joints or muscles. When your back hurts you can meet with one and find a solution.
  • Opt for vein treatment plans– It includes a series of methods that can alleviate pain for you. Consult a practitioner and you might feel fine.
  • Cupping Cupping therapy includes the usage of specially built cups as a part of alternative medicine to get rid of pain.

Precautions To Be Taken To Avoid Back Pain During Weight Loss

At least some of these reasons for backache can be avoided if you follow caution when hoping on a weight loss journey.

Drink a lot of water– Water keeps us hydrated and flushes out harmful techniques. Drink the right amount of water while doing heavy physical activities

Use over-the-counter pain medications– This can be used if the pain isn’t severe and you can be relieved.

Handle the pieces of equipment carefully– Around the weights and pieces of equipment, you are supposed to be careful.

Hire a trainer– If you don’t know how to start with the training, it is wise that you hire a trainer.

Meet with a doctor regularly In case you experience uneasiness, consult a doctor.


Weight loss can cause back pain to those who lose a significant amount of weight in a short period. What you should do is be careful while jumping to a new method or trendy diet.

Just because it worked for someone doesn’t guarantee that it would work for you. You should however not ignore any symptoms or changes and consult a doctor if needed.

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