Reasons Why Belly Fat Occurs – And How To Lose It?

Belly Fat Reasons

The body’s ability to store fat was one of the most important survival mechanisms that evolution gave humans. It was a way to ensure survivability even when food was scarce and one may have to go on a fast for too long. Unfortunately, in the modern age, the ability of the body to store food in the form of fat has become very much counter-productive.

It is becoming a threat to the very survival of a person it was supposed to protect. Due to the huge difference between primal and modern lifestyles and the concept of the ‘fast-food’ system, our body has struggled to maintain a healthy balance between storing and using fat. As a result, one can see many people nowadays becoming obese, especially in the developed part of the world where people are busier with their modern life and rarely eats healthy and well-cooked food.

How Many People Are Suffering From Belly Fat?

According to a World Health Organization(WHO) survey released in the year 2016, currently, more than two billion people are suffering from obesity across the world. Most of the fat in the person’s body is found in the abdominal or belly region. Fat is given the name of ‘Stubborn fat,’ as it gets very easily accumulated in the body but takes a lot of effort and a strict routine to remove them.

The increased amount of belly fat in a person is also one of the most common catalysts for several diseases seen in most of the population.

For men, the increased concentration of belly fat in their bodies can lead to cardiovascular problems and the onset of type-2 diabetes, which is chronic. For women, the increase in belly fat can lead to cardiac disorder and diabetes alongside a significant increase in the risk of suffering from breast cancer later in life.

What Are The Belly Fat Reasons?

According to studies conducted by the World Health Organization(WHO) and the Centre for Disease Control(CDC), there are many reasons behind people’s deposition of belly fat.

Some of the prime reasons behind the accumulation of fat in the body of a person include,

Belly Fat Reasons

1. Lack Of Proper Dietary Schedule

Due to the modern lifestyle, where most people nowadays are busy at their workplace, they mainly prefer to eat outside rather than cook a healthy meal at home.

As a result, the cases of diabetes and cholesterol alongside belly fat are also increasing.

Youngstars are also attracted much more towards sweet carbonated beverages such as cola and soda. In place of simple meals, they prefer burgers and pizzas, which causes them to suffer from obesity from a very young age.

2. Leading A sedentary Lifestyle

One of the major problems with people when it comes to rampant obesity is their sedentary lifestyle.

It has become common to see people sitting in a single position for long hours while doing their work. Thus, a general lack of physical activity and movement is also a prime reason for rampant obesity among people.

3. Lack Of Proper Sleep Schedule

Sleep deprivation is also common in our modern world as most people lead a very busy lifestyle where they are willing to do more work and focus less on their sleep.

As a result, people not only suffer from obesity but also from various other serious ailments, including chronic abdominal disorders and the inability to focus.

4. Stressful Lifestyle

Stress is also a prime factor when it comes to obesity, as it is a medically proven fact that a huge amount of stress is responsible for slow digestion and lipid metabolism disorders.

Thus, a person leaving a stressful lifestyle is bound to suffer from cardiovascular as well as obesity problems in the later part of their life.


The habit of drinking is also a causative factor behind rampant obesity among the population.

According to many research reports from various well-known and reputed medical institutions, excessive drinking of alcohol leads to chronic obesity.

Thus, lack of a proper dietary schedule, stressful lifestyle, excessive alcoholism, sedentary lifestyle, and lack of proper sleep are some of the prime causes of belly fat.

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