Does Castor Oil Work for Weight Loss? Uses And Its Side Effects!

Weight loss is the magical word of the era. This catchy word gets attention in every corner of the world. There are thousands of tips and exercise patterns, diet plans, pills, and natural elements available for this purpose.

We are ready to follow everything. Time is the most precious thing in the busy day-to-day schedule. We want weight loss tips that demand fewer hours and less effort. There comes the trending word castor oil and its weight loss benefits. 

What is castor oil?

Castor oil is vegetable oil with a number of medicinal values. It is the oil extracted from the Eastern African plant called Ricinus communis. The plant is common all over the world now. The oil is made up of seeds called castor beans.

Castor Oil

The seeds are rich in ricin which claims the weight loss benefit of the plant.  Castor oil is an important ingredient of traditional medicine. Recently the oil gained popularity as a weight-loss agent.

Why castor oil is counted for the weight loss effect?

Castor is a natural and effective laxative. It works very well in the human body. It stimulates the intestinal muscles and is very effective for constipation. The human intestine breaks the castor oil into fatty acids when is consumed orally. Then fatty acids such as ricinoleic, linoleic, oleic, stearic, and linolenic are formed. The ricinoleic acid causes the rapid laxative effect which helps in castor oil for being popular as a weight loss agent. 

Castor Oil For Weight Loss Effect

There is no proper scientific report available on the weight loss quality of castor oil. Even the laxative impact needs to be studied in a proper way. The unavailability of reliable sources stating the weight loss capacity confuses us. There are health experts who suggest the same for weight loss too. Anyway, let’s believe that castor oil cannot make any long-term impact on your body weight.

Castor oil cannot play a role in either managing your appetite or in your metabolic rate. There is no point in believing the weight loss quality of a product, natural or chemical which cannot manage metabolism and appetite can involve in the weight loss process.

Castor oil – Medicinal values

Castor oil is a hundred percent natural extract that has a number of medicinal benefits. 

Constipation: Castor oil is commonly accepted as a solution for constipation. The oil can stimulate intestinal muscles and help in curing constipation and bowel obstruction. 

Removing toxins: Castor oil can play a vital role in removing toxins from our bodies.

Healing wounds: As castor oil has antibacterial effects, it can help in the healing of wounds.

Hair growth: Castor oil is a proven natural product for hair growth and healthy hair. It is a common ingredient for hair loss medicines and people. There are reliable studies stating that the oil is beneficial for hair fall and related problems.

Pain killer: Castor oil is also popular for pain relief. It helps in treating swelling and inflammation too.

Acne treatment: Castor oil is effective in acne treatment. Castor oil can restrict the growth of particular acne-causing bacteria. 

Aging of skin: Being young is everyone’s dream. Castor oil can nourish and moisturize our skin. It also slows down skin aging.

Castor Oil Medical Uses

Side Effects of Castor Oil

According to The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Castor oil is a safe product to use. Like any other natural product overdose or over usage of castor oil might be harmful.

Allergic skin: Castor oil is allergic to skin some people.  Castor oil is being applied on the skin, especially on the belly part for the shedding of deposited fat. Always try with a small portion of skin as it can create allergic reactions in you.

The risk factor in baby birth: Castor oil is commonly used in inducing labor while baby birth. It stimulates the muscles of the uterus and causes contractions. This procedure cannot happen in the absence of a gynecologist as it might cause danger. Completely avoid using it during pregnancy as it causes contractions and may lead to a miscarriage.

Abdominal muscle cramp: Being a laxative, castor oil works with your intestinal muscles when is consumed orally. Overdosage may lead to muscle cramps and further complications.

The overall weakness of the body: It is reported that the over-usage of castor oil can make you weak. You may feel dizziness, nausea, and weakness.

Diarrhea: There are reported cases of diarrhea after the continuous usage of castor oil too. 

Stomach upset: Gastrointestinal problems like stomach upset are a common side effect of castor oil. Vomiting is also considered as a part of it.

Castor OIl Side Effects

Weight loss remedies

It is always good to avoid easy tips and tricks for weight loss. There is an increase of side effects in the quick shedding of body weight. Apart from that, there are so many fraud products available in the market too. Open your eyes wide before selecting a weight-loss method. Regular exercise and a balanced diet is the solution that assures the expected result without having any threat for side effects. Here are a few healthy tips to be followed for balancing your body weight.

Castor Oil Weight Loss Remedies

Keep yourself hydrated: Thirst always disguises as hunger and then we are tempted to eat more. Drinking water helps you for being fresh and makes you eat less. Drinking enough water has other health benefits too.

Fiber and protein: Choose food items that contain more fiber and protein. This will give a ‘’full’’ feeling and control your cravings. Include fruits and veggies in raw and always choose whole grains.

Physical activities: Always keep your vibrant and do regular exercises. Have an exercise plan as you have a diet plan. Don’t give up once started. Think that Gym is not the only solution. Walking and regular aerobic exercises can give you expected results. They can provide you peace of mind too.

Sleep too works: Sufficient sleep is also necessary for the human body. Getting enough sleep is necessary for weight loss too. The damage that sleep restriction can cause is unpredictable and it is dangerous.


Shortcuts are always not good. It is not good to run behind quick weight shedding products or pills as they can make long-term side effects. Anyway, Castor oil is not scientifically proven as a weight loss solution though it has so many other health benefits.

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