Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss: Her Journey Of Losing 95 Pounds!

Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss

The decision to change the narrative of one’s life hits at different times for different people. For Sheryl Underwood, it happened when she was flagged for Diabetic. At that moment she knew she should change the course of her life.

Inspired by her colleagues, this well-known TV host and comedian embarked on a weight loss journey. That helped her to shed around 95 pounds. Jump right into the article to unravel the secrets behind the weight loss journey of Sheryl Underwood!

Who Is Sheryl Underwood?

Sheryl Underwood is one of the current hosts of the CBS Daytime talk show ‘The Talk’. She is one of the longest-running co-hosts of the show. Sheryl won a Daytime Emmy Award for the show and even gathered seven nominations.

She has made her footprint on the American media by being a distinguished comedian and actress. Sheryl has acted in some movies and TV shows named, The Bold and the Beautiful, Jane the Virgin, Bulworth, The Millers, etc. 

Sheryl Underwood: Body Statistics

NameSheryl Patrice Underwood
Date of BirthOctober 28, 1963
Age60 years
Height5 feet 5 inches/ 166 cm
Weight143 lbs/ 65kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss Journey

According to the actress, she started her weight loss journey when she was at the peak of her weight, say between 230 to 250 pounds. Along with that, her doctors examined her and found that she was at risk of being Diabetic.

It was at this point, she decided to take action for her weight loss journey. In the beginning, Sheryl tried many methods to lose weight. But none of them worked quite well. She was even considered for gastric bypass surgery. But her doctors suggested Wegovy, a weight loss medication instead of the surgery. 

Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss Journey

Her weight loss journey started in 2022. In many interviews, Sheryl has revealed that the decision to lose weight was inspired by her colleagues from the talk show. Seeing them focused on improving their health and well-being, she gained the motivation to work on herself.

As part of her weight loss regimen, she was suggested Wegovy. Wegovy is a Food and Drugs Administration-registered drug used to lose weight in patients with severe obesity and related health conditions.

Sheryl revealed that taking the Wegovy helped her to suppress her appetite. It changed her relationship with food. Along with the drug, she was suggested to follow a healthy diet and a consistent workout regimen. All these factors helped her to fulfill the dream of losing 95 pounds. 

Sheryl Underwood Diet

In many of her interviews, Sheryl has opened up about her earlier eating habits. Being in a career where there is limited time to sit up and eat, she often had to resort to processed food items and sugary beverages.

But when she started her weight loss journey, this habit was the first thing she cut down. Along with that, Wegovy helped her to suppress her cravings and to opt for healthier varieties of foods. As part of this, Underwood chose to eat more whole foods such as leafy and green vegetables, berries, and lean meats.

These foods are supposed to increase the fiber content in your body. Food is not the only thing she changed as part of her weight loss regime. She was advised to drink a lot of water by her doctors. Hydration is a key to weight loss and this habit helped her to cut down her weight in a major way.

Along with these, she prioritized her sleep schedule and put down the major part of her daily routine for sleep. It helped her body to regenerate and digest and improved her metabolic activity. All these factors helped Sheryl to find success in her weight loss journey. 

Diet Tips From Sheryl Underwood

So, on examining the diet of Sheryl we can understand that she opted for healthier choices that led her to lose weight. Some of the diet tips that can be extracted from Sheryl Underwood’s weight loss journey are listed below:

Eat more green, leafy vegetables

One of the diet tips Sheryl shares for her fans is to eat more leafy vegetables. Studies have shown that these vegetables will have more fiber and water content that can keep you satiated for longer hours.
This can lead to weight loss. Some of the leafy vegetables that you can consume are spinach, kale, chard, romaine lettuce, etc

Go for salads

Now when it comes to weight loss, Sheryl chose salads over anything else. As these food items can help in gradual weight loss and contain protein-rich food items, these are an excellent choice.
Some of the salads you can eat as part of your weight loss plan are Northwest Salmon Salad, Garlic Shrimp & Orzo Salad, Thai Chicken Pasta Salad, Sweet Potato & Chickpea Salad, etc. 

Drink a lot of water

This is a so-common weight loss tip. Drinking water is efficient for weight loss as it can improve your digestion and reduce unnecessary cravings. It is suggested that you should drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily. 

Go for berries

One thing Sheryl changed in her diet was to include more berries such as blueberry, strawberry, etc. Studies have shown that eating berries can lead to burning fat efficiently. The presence of soluble fiber in these fruits can help you to feel fuller for a longer time. 

Say no to processed foods

As part of her weight loss journey, Sheryl said goodbye to junk foods. These foods can increase the fat content in your body. Also, they contain elements that can cause unwanted addiction. So if you are planning for weight loss, it is better to say no to junk foods. 

Sheryl Underwood Fitness Routine

Regarding weight loss, Sheryl has undertaken some fitness regimens along with following a healthy diet. In some interviews, the comedian has opened up about working out with a personal trainer. She usually trains in cardiovascular exercises.

These exercises are excellent for burning calories. Some of the best cardio exercises for weight loss are running, bicycling, swimming, aerobics, etc. Along with cardio, she often goes for an early morning walk. Just adding 30 minutes of your day to walking can burn calories.

Apart from these, she and her family join together for some sporting events. These are excellent methods for a family gathering and a means for weight loss. 

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The Bottom Line

An instant glance through the article will reveal the details regarding the weight loss of Sheryl Underwood. This acclaimed American comedian and TV host embarked on a weight loss journey when she was at a peak point in her weight.

She was considered for bariatric surgery but her doctors replaced it with Wegovy. Along with a healthy diet and fitness regimen, Sheryl could lose up to 95 pounds.

According to her, it is the desire to live longer and spend quality time with her family that motivated her to change the course of her unhealthy lifestyle. Sheryl Underwood is an inspiration for anyone who is seeking weight loss guidance. 


Q. Did Sheryl Underwood take any supplements for weight loss?

She was suggested to use Wegovy, a weight loss drug prescribed for serious cases of obesity. 

Q. How much weight did she lose as part of her weight loss journey?

Sheryl lost around 95 pounds. 

Q. Did she undertake any weight loss surgery?

Even though she was considered for bariatric surgery, her doctors later suggested Wegovy. 

Q. Does Sheryl take any fiber supplements?

Yes. She is known for using Metamucil, which is a fantastic fiber source. 

Q. Who inspired Sheryl to embark on a weight loss journey?

She has claimed that her colleagues at the TV show inspired her to take up the weight loss journey. 

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