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My 600lb Life’s Erica Wall’s Shocking Transformation: A Glance

Erica Wall Weight Loss

Losing weight is not a cakewalk. For some, it is a herculean task and one of the hardest battles to fight against. The story of Erica Wall is an example of this. For the fans of ‘My 600-lb Life’, the name Erica Wall will be quite familiar.

She was one of the morbidly obese patients who appeared in the Season 5 of the show, which was aired in 2017 on the TLC television network. Erica had a really tough time battling her demons and finding hope for the life ahead.

Erica Wall And Her Hardships To Lose Weight

The 44-year-old from Lompoc, California had appeared on the show weighing 661.6 pounds. Her grappling story had been quite famous for the extremely tragic elements associated with it.

When Erica Wall first appeared on the show, she had been battling a severe case of obesity. From her accounts, the death of her mother in a tragic car accident and a dysfunctional stomach stapling surgery enhanced her addiction to food. It was during the death of her mother, she had the first realization to lose weight. When she was unable to give her mother the final kiss for fear that it might rupture the hospital valves, she realized the pathetic condition that she is in.

Erica Wall Weight Loss

Anyone who has watched the show might have understood that her childhood trauma had a major role in the deterioration of her health conditions. Being obese from a younger age itself, Erica was constantly bullied and mocked for her body even by members of her family. She remembered her father taunting her mercilessly for being obese and even her siblings sharing glances of hatred toward her.

Coupled with this, she was even raped by her boyfriend’s friends, which added to her trauma. Erica was at the peak of her weight when she appeared in the ‘My 600-lb Life show‘ in 2017. Regarding this, she often recollects that her condition made her so much worried that she even feared that it might kill her. That is when she decided to take part in the show and seek the medical guidance of the acclaimed Houston surgeon Younan Nowzaradan, affectionately called ‘Dr. Now‘.

For newbies out there, ‘My 600-lb Life’ is a well-known American reality television program broadcasted by the TLC network since 2012.  The show displays the harrowing journey of weight loss for patients who suffer from morbid cases of obesity. Each episode is based on one year of transformation in the life of obese patients who at least weighs 600 lbs. The show is basically about a journey of survival and determination. Each of the patients is trying hard to reduce the pounds and all they want is treatment from the Houston-based surgeon, Younan Nowzaradan. He specializes in vascular surgery and bariatric surgery to save the lives of morbidly obese people.

The fans of the show first saw Erica Wall who was in sheer determination to lose weight. In this episode, she was seen taking a flight disregarding a medical instruction not to board a flight. With the sole motivation to lose weight, she can be seen meeting the doctor and following some rigorous diets suggested by him.

Anyway, the star has again become the centerpiece of news recently. One of the pictures she has shared on Facebook in 2018 has now become a matter of steaming discussion. In this picture, Erica can be seen wearing tight-fit swimwear and enjoying a beach vacation. What is the surprising fact about this picture is that she has changed a lot. The picture flaunts her much slimmer figure which has created a sense of wonder for people. Many of them have openly expressed their joy in seeing her like this. Even people from distant countries such as Iran have expressed their happiness at seeing Erica at her current body status. They all congratulated her for her ardent effort to lose weight and her surprisingly healthy figure.

From her previous chats with the show, Erica had clarified that by the end of the program, she had lost 190 lbs with the guidance of Dr. In her updated social media pictures, she has been seen transformed and seems to have lost more pounds. Many of the fans of the show had speculations regarding her weight loss trajectory and what sparked her amazing transformation. Even though the former reality star is not an avid presence on social media handles, a few pictures she has posted give us some insight into her life.

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