There Must Be A Reproductive Justice Hero For The US Environmental Agency

A Reproductive Justice Hero For The US Environmental Agency

Environmental problems have always been tagging along and increasing day by day since the invention of fire. We, as human beings, are solely responsible for climate change. We leave the responsibility of dealing with climate issues to a certain category of individuals, whereas, in truth, promoting a healthy environment is the responsibility of every breathing person in this world.

But our society and its lifestyle have made it common for experts to deal with environmental issues. As we all know, environmental hazards such as pollution affect an unborn baby in the stomach as well. Environmental crises significantly affect pregnant women, along with harming the unborn child.

A Reproductive Justice Hero is Wanted For The Us Environmental Agency

In the United States, the lack of a reproductive justice expert has left citizens with no hope or solution for dealing with environmental issues. A letter was signed by the 28 organizations. The letter was drafted asking for the reproductive justice expert position at the United States Environmental Protection Agency with a reasonable candidate in the upcoming days.

Heat waves, air pollution, and climatic changes have dangerously hit the people of the United States, especially the marginalized community because of their exposure to industries, and more sunlight according to the studies.

A recent paper published by the US National Institute of Health reveals that these environmental problems are associated with pregnancy-related problems as well as miscarriages and pregnancy-related deaths. As per the study, it is clearly concluded that air pollution and other hazardous conditions affect the mental and physical health of pregnant women. The more stress the mother undergoes, the more it correspondingly affects the unborn infant in the belly. In addition, it is believed that marginalized communities are more exposed to environmental problems, including communities of color, this is widely due to whites being able to live far from the industries and indoors, whereas others are left without any hope.

A Reproductive Justice Hero is Wanted For The Us Environmental Agency

The exposure to air pollutants is higher and worse for communities of color in the United States which have a disproportionate impact on their health such as the risk of pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes which are dangerous pregnancy diseases with ever-lasting complications in health.

The dangerous chemicals in the air also cause women to decrease their chances of conceiving which is low fertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome as well as fibroids. The extreme heat, wildfires, and other climate crises in the United States have led to low fertility as well as increasing rates of low birth weights and preterm birth, this reduces the chances of survival for the baby in the hazardous climatic condition. 

All these climatic problems are highly affecting the health condition of newborn babies, and the United States has failed to address a core solution for the severe condition faced by innocent souls. The recent data shows increasing rates of maternal death as well as pregnancy-related health conditions.

This definitely pressurized the United States Environmental Justice Division to take action and find a concerned solution to the hazardous problems faced by the individuals. As we know, the resources have not been utilized effectively in order to protect the health of marginalized indigenous communities.

The president of the united states has promised to address all the causes by implementing resources and taking necessary steps such as establishing new environmental justice grant programs to reduce pollution by establishing grants to support community-led projects in addressing the environmental and public health harms related to pollution, monitoring the quality of industrial facilities and upgrading with quality machine and systems.

The state is planning to reduce the emission of diesel as well as clean up the ports to initiate zero-emission ports in coming years as well as switch to complete solar development programs. The state is aiming for every industry to adopt zero-emission technologies, solar energy, and EV charging as well as plans to bring clean energy to the country.

Also aims for housing departments to develop climate resilience houses, and furthermore, boost the resilience in the landscapes fisheries, and in forest areas in low-income communities which are more vulnerable to climatic hazards.

Implementing the resources as per the United States president Biden’s administration will improve the country’s climatic condition. In addition, creating a new reproductive justice expert position is the next crucial step for the government. This means that the climatic condition has been dangerous and cannot leave it unsettled.

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