Is A Rowing Machine Good For Your Back? Everything Worth Knowing!

Rowing Machine Good For Your Back

Rowing machines are becoming a new sensation in the fitness industry. With the help of this innovative fitness equipment, you can practice rowing inside the comfort of your home. But recently there have been many debates on whether the rowing machine workout can harm your back or not. As a new fitness device, it is natural to have doubts regarding its many aspects. This kind of concern also arises due to its upcoming popularity. So in this article, I will be dealing with this question- “Is a rowing machine good for your back?”

On diving into the article, you will get a basic idea of what a rowing machine is, its myriad benefits, how it can prevent back pain, some tips to prevent injuries while using the rowing machine, etc. Read on and know more about the function and aspects of the rowing machine and how it can support your back.

Rowing Machine- An Overview

Rowing Machine, also known as Indoor Rower is a fitness equipment that mimics and stimulates the actual watercraft rowing. These indoor rowers are also called ergometers because you can measure the energy as erg units through this machine. They are an excellent option for both aerobic and anaerobic forms of exercise.

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines can help you to lose weight and provide you the comfort of working out from your own home. Modern rowing machines have the advantage of setting up the required impact and weight as per your desired intensity for the workout. Studies show that training with the help of a rowing machine can tone around 86% of your muscles.

One of the most advantages of using rowing machine workouts is that they can help you to build and maintain your muscles and strength while at the same time it can boost your endurance and mobility as you age. Along with that, they can also correct your posture and improve it effectively. So this is an innovative method of fitness that involves push, pull, and leg work with all-in-one equipment.

Benefits of using a Rowing Machine

There are various benefits of using a Rowing Machine for your workout. Some of them are listed below: 

  • It provides an overall workout: Rowing can provide a workout to your overall body. Studies show that it involves your upper body and lower body to make this workout effective. Some of the muscle groups that get toned by using the rowing workout are the quadriceps, calves, and glutes. At the same time, it can also strengthen your arms, abdominal muscles, obliques, and pecs.
  • People from all fitness levels can try it: If you have access to a rowing machine, no matter your fitness condition, you can work out using it. Studies have shown that this exercise can be effective for people who have low vision and are blind. When these people attempted working out using a rowing machine, considerable changes in their cholesterol levels and improvement in their back strength were visible.
  • Provides low impact: One of the benefits of rowing is that it can burn more calories without putting much effort on your part. You can have access to the pace and movement of the machine. Studies show that people diagnosed with early stages of osteoarthritis can benefit from working out using rowing machines.
  • Helps you to reach a meditative state: The smooth and gliding motion you make using the rowing machine can also be considered a meditative process. When you work out using the rowing machine, your body produces endorphins or otherwise called happy hormones, which enable you to have less stress.
  • Improves your hearts and lungs health: Rowing is considered an excellent cardio workout through which your heart will start to pump more blood into your vessels. This is considered to improve your heart health. It has also proven benefits in improving the health of your lungs.
  • Enhances your athletic stamina: When you start working out using the rowing machine, your body gets strengthened. Along with that your endurance and power also pump up. Studies have shown that engaging in activities like rowing can be beneficial for elevating your pain endurance level.
  • You can work out from the comfort of your home: Unlike the treadmill, the rowing machines won’t take up much space. Some of the modern rowing machines can be folded up and therefore they are home-friendly.

Is The Rowing Machine good for your back?

Rowing Machines have proven beneficial in preventing back pain. That means they are good for your back. But you have to make sure that you are working out properly. When you work out using a rowing machine, your lower back and core get strengthened. When you have strong back muscles, it can prevent any kind of injuries or pains from happening further. Also, rowing machines are excellent choices for improving your posture. When you have the right posture, it can relieve you from the symptoms of back pain more easily.

Rowing Machine good for back

How does the Rowing Machine prevent back pain?

Many factors can lead to back pain. Some of them are a lack of proper posture and a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, you might be experiencing excruciating back pain, lack of movement and flexibility, etc. Studies have shown that proper rowing exercises can prevent any sort of back pain and strengthen your muscles. Check out here how.

  • Improves your posture: When you start using the rowing machine, it will strengthen your hamstrings, core, and back. This will lead you to have better posture which in turn can minimize pain and muscle stiffness and enhance flexibility for your whole body.
  • Gives your core muscles a workout: Proper usage of a rowing machine can strengthen your abdominal muscles. It can thereby improve your stability and build up your abs. This will create an excellent physique for you.
  • It powers your back: Rowing can create strong back muscles which can improve your pain tolerance and decrease the injury risk. A consistent rowing workout can improve both your upper and lower back and it can be beneficial for your whole body.
  • It strengthens your butt: Working out using a rowing machine can improve the glutes, and muscles found in your hips. These are the parts that play a major role in supporting your back. When your hip muscles are toned and improved they can also support your back efficiently.

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How to protect your back while rowing?

By following certain methods, you can protect your back while rowing. Some of them are listed below:

  • Make sure not to overtrain: When working out using the rowing machine, always make sure not to overtrain. Overtraining can cause exhaustion and back pain.
  • Practice hamstring flexibility before working out: Hamstrings are the muscle groups that are found at the back of your thighs. During the workout, you might be putting more pressure on these parts. To improve the flexibility of your hamstrings try yoga, skipping, etc. There are also many simple hamstring exercises to maintain the potency of these muscles. 
  • Engage in activities that build core body strength: If your muscles get unbalanced and non-synchronized in training it can cause pain and further complications. So it is necessary to build your core body strength before engaging in activities like rowing.
  • Mix it with other kinds of exercises: Mixing exercises like running and cycling along with rowing can prevent you from having back pain and other sorts of complications. It can also help to enhance the stamina to try rowing.
  • Start working out gradually: It is always better to work out using a rowing machine without a hurry. Before trying to get maximum results, try to make your posture better and ready. Control the movements and pace at your convenience and do not exert much pressure on yourself.
  • Take warm-up seriously: Most kinds of injuries happen when you don’t take warm-up sessions seriously. So before starting your rowing machine workout, try to spend at least 15 minutes warming up. You can practice some simple movements such as yoga, stretching, jogging, etc.

How to do a proper workout using a Rowing Machine?

There are certain methods you should practice to do a proper workout using the rowing machine. Some of them are provided below:

🔘 Start by being in a “ catch” position. Bend your knees and stretch your arms forward. Tightly hold the handles of the rowing machine.

🔘 Push with your legs and involve your core muscles for this. At the same time, slowly pull back your torso.

🔘 Now comes the “drive” or “glide” position. In this position, place your torso at a 45-degree angle. Extend your legs completely, pull the handle, and make it reach the part of your upper abs. Maintain your elbows in a high position. Stay in this stance for a few seconds and repeat.

🔘 In the “return” position, you have to release your arms. For this, slowly straighten them and allow your torso to automatically follow. Now continue the “catch” position again.


On going through this article, one can understand that a rowing machine workout can be beneficial for your back. It will not only support your back but also your whole body. Researchers have proven that workouts can be good practice for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. When one works out using the rowing machine, it involves both the upper body and lower body. Apart from that, this kind of workout can build stamina and pain endurance for one. So as a concluding point, one can note that machines are innovative and better methods to burn more calories and build muscles. When done with proper care and methods, one need not worry about getting back injuries from rowing machines.

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