Meal Planning To Attain Your Fitness Goals

Meal Planning To Attain Your Fitness Goals

Eating healthy is as necessary as workouts to hit your fitness goals. You can’t feel relieved just sticking into a good workout plan ignoring healthy diets. What you eat fuels you in your workouts and it also determines your workout recovery and how much fat you do have in your body. But, Maintaining a healthy diet is a herculean task for many as it is quite difficult to sacrifice their favorite food or snacks. However, we all are helpless in this case, since there is nothing to substitute for a healthy diet.  

Meal Planning To Attain Your Fitness Goals

If you decide to eat healthily, you have a lot of options before you. But making the right choice requires a little bit of effort. The Internet is loaded with bundles of potential healthy diets, and a nutritionist also can help you in the same way. But, having a clear idea of yourself and your requirements is essential before you plan what you eat. 

Meal Planning To Attain Your Fitness Goals

Know Your Goals

As you are searching for the best diet plan for you, the prior thing you need to have is a better knowledge of what you aim for. It could be for shedding some extra pounds, adding some muscles into your body, or simply to have a healthy eating habit and these goals should go along with your diet plans. 

Weight loss meal plans

The ultimate diet plan for weight loss will be with fewer calories and less fat. Here, you need to arrange the intake of macronutrients and make sure that you are burning enough calories every day. You also need to reduce your intake of carbs, sugar, and bad fats. At the same time, you will have to eat more proteins, fibers, vegetables, and good fats.

It is better for you to prefer plant-based alternatives like tofu, flax, seitan, or tempeh instead of meat, fish, and eggs. Plant-based alternatives of dairy products can also be added to your diet. 

Sample meal plan for weight loss: 

   Breakfast:- smoked salmon and egg on a whole grain barrel, 

                 – A portion of watercress, and 

                 – A medium low-fat mocha drink.

  Morning snack: raw vegetables and hummus with two oatcakes.

  Lunch: – A bowl of bean and vegetable soup drizzled with extra virgin olive oil,

              – A slice of whole-grain seeded bread,

              – A portion of raw, fa side lightly steamed vegetables like carrots, broccoli      

                  and green peas, and

              – A Portion of fruit.

  Afternoon snack: chocolate “nice” cream

Dinner: – Greek mac and cheese casserole,

             – A portion of steamed broccoli,

             – asparagus or any other green vegetable,

             – greek yogurt with berries and nuts for dessert.

Meal planning for muscle build-up

Protein should be the primary concern if you plan for bodybuilding. Additionally, healthy fats and lesser carbohydrates will help you to reach your goal. But, you should watch out for your daily intake of calories and protein as it would bring adverse effects. 

Along with strength training, eating the right food in the right amounts is also necessary for bodybuilding as it gives your muscles the strength it needs to recover from workouts as well as to become bigger and stronger. 

Here, the things you should include in your diet are: 

  • meat, poultry, and fish 
  • Healthy fats like avocado
  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Grains
  • Fruits
  • Veggies
  • Starchy vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds 
  • Beans and legumes

         The things you need to limit in your diet include alcohol, junk food, deep-fried food, and added sugar.

But instead, you can include some bodybuilding supplements like creatine, caffeine, and whey protein.

Sample menu: 

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms and oatmeal.

Morning snack: blueberries and low-fat cottage cheese.

Lunch: Venison burger with white rice and broccoli.

Afternoon snack: protein shake and banana.

Dinner: salmon, quinoa, and asparagus

Meal planning for a toned body

Here you need to target increasing your nutritional intake. If you are following a nutrient-dense diet, with proper workouts, you will soon get the ideal body in your dreams. Preferring the right food will help you to get a toned body and ab quicker. Such items include: 

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains 
  • Fish 
  • Nuts and grains
  • Legumes
  • Tea

There are also certain things that you have to forget to get those beautiful abs in your dreams, like, 

  • Sugary drinks
  • Fried items
  • Alcohol
  • Sugary and fatty snacks
  • Refined grains
  • Junk food

Sample meal plan: 

Breakfast: lox eggs and onions and half of a potato which is baked plain. 

Morning snack: peanut butter celery.

Lunch: Blackened Tilapia sandwich made with whole wheat bread.

Afternoon snack: Almonds, dried cranberries, and cheese.

Dinner: Roasted veggie falafel bowl.        

Before you try a different diet, seeking the help of a dietician or a nutritionist is essential. He will find you the best diet plan which brings you the best results according to your needs. Then you will get a clear idea of what and how much you should eat. Once you could find the best diet plan, you can quickly gain your fitness goals in a healthy way with appropriate exercises. 

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