Workouts For The Hourglass Figure To Tone Your Dream!

Workouts For The Hourglass Figure To Tone Your Dream!

Whether you acknowledge it or not, there is likely a good chance for you to see an hourglass figure. Be it on billboards, in magazines, or even on TV.

And admit it, deep inside most of us secretly wish for an hourglass figure, every time our hearts get flattered a bit by the perfect shape these celebrities own!

Types Of Workouts For The Hourglass Figure

You must already know that one is said to have an hourglass figure when the beauty is balanced—broad bust, narrow waist, and wide hips, as simple as resembling an hourglass! Although we need to keep in mind that a perfect body shape doesn’t mean perfect health.

Types Of Workouts For The Hourglass Figure

It is not a big deal to store a little fat in the middle of our body as long as we have a solution for eliminating it. So if you’re still looking for a better way to tone your body into an hourglass figure, you can scroll on to know everything about it. 

What Does An Hourglass Figure Mean?

The hourglass figure is all you have been hearing about women with dream bodies. A similar proportion of bust and hip, narrow waist, round shoulders, and curvy bottom—and you’re fit for an hourglass figure. 

An hourglass figure is commonly the measurement of the shape of a woman’s body. It usually puts women under pressure on achieving a perfect shape to look better and sexy. This is the trend that arose in recent years. 

What Causes The Hourglass Figure?

As you have already read, a body is said to be an hourglass figure when it looks like an hourglass itself. It is the measurement of a women’s body and is called an ‘ideal body standard’ by most women.

It is termed a sexy figure when the bust and hip are wide and in proportion to each other whereas the waist is narrow. It is made by balancing fat and hormones in your body through daily workouts for an hourglass figure and a good diet.

Is It Possible To Get An Hourglass Figure?

We fall head over heels for many celebrities whom we assume to have perfect body shapes. But one thing we fail to recognize is the fact that many of them would be so unreal.

Some added cosmetics, expensive shapewear, and illusionary photo editors make them perfect for our eyes.

You may not look that way even if you try harder to get an hourglass figure. So it is imperative to have realistic expectations of your body— always keeping an eye on your health!

Although, you are good to go if you consider a healthy meal plan and regular exercise. It helps you reduce the fat underneath your curve and remove the unwanted calories sticking around.

Things would be all good until and unless you want to have a body like her, because of course you can’t be that another girl, and not reaching up to her may disappoint you which sounds absurd.

You need not worry about learning that the structure of bone could never be changed but the fat stored inside your bone is absolutely within your hands. So get started and work on it!

5 Best Workouts For An Hourglass figure

Unlike maintaining your healthy body, dropping an inch of your weight may seem exhausting in the initial stage. But the keen ideal dreamer sees no obstacles on the way.

“Here are some ways to put off your weight and healthily gain an hourglass figure!

  1. Side Plank

All of us are so into flaunting in bikinis and crop tops but what is that still makes us insecure about putting on all those? Not so good abs? 

Crunches alone are definitely not going to help you out. And so it’s time to work on your core muscles to build abs in the right way. Side planks are going to tone your obliques in no time. 

Side Plank

How to do a side plank?

  • You have to lie on the right side of your body and make sure your legs are extended and arranged on top of other feet from hip to toe. Keep your right elbow under your right shoulder and your head must be in the same line with your spine. Your left hand can be kept on the left side of your body.
  • Now your abdominal muscles have to be engaged.
  • Pull your hip and knees away from the mat while exhaling. 
  • Repeat the breath and inhale several times. After that, change the position and do the same. The main aim is to hold in the position for 60 seconds. 


  • Unlike other exercises, side planks do not put pressure on your back or neck making it possible for even a pregnant woman to work on. 
  • It is a balancing exercise to tone your obliques.
  • It strengthens 3 muscles at a time—shoulders, hips, and side of your cores.
  • It also helps to reduce the risk of back injury by stabilizing your spine.

2. Bridge

The bridge is said to be versatile yet challenging in many ways. But it can be the best to lose weight, tune the back of your leg and even strengthen your glutes when added up with some daily aerobics like running and walking.

Apart from its flexible nature, it is very easy to adapt since it doesn’t demand any equipment or large spaces. One mat to lie down and a little space for you to work on is all that is required for doing a bridge. 


How to do Bridge?

  • Simply lie on your mat with your legs bent in the position of a 90-degree angle and keep your feet firmly on the ground. 
  • Now push your hips up with repetition and exhale.
  • While inhaling, get back to the starting position and make sure your knees are over your toes, not letting them come forward of the toes.
  • Either keep repeating it 15 times or do 3 sets of 30 seconds hold.


  • Strengthen your posterior chain and increase the strength of your lower back.
  • It enhances core stability. 
  • It also helps to strengthen your erector spine which runs from the neck to the tailbone. 

3. Mason Twist

Are you worried about your fatty belly not being able to wear your favorite outfit? Mason twist comes with a twist to your daily routine! It would flatten your stomach, tighten your hips and lower your waist. Find this easy hourglass exercise to lose an inch from your waist. Ready to go?

How to do a Mason Twist?

  • Sit on your mat with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground.
  • Lean back until you are in a 45-degree angle position (make sure your back is straight) and lift your legs above ground level making them parallel to the ground.
  • Twist or turn one side of your body to a side balancing the other side of the body. 
  • Try doing this for both sides repeatedly.
Mason Twist


  • Mason twist is that daily workout for an hourglass figure that helps you tone your waistline.
  • This opens up your obliques and gives you the smallest midsection.
  • It also greatly helps burn your calories.

4. Face Pulls 

A simple and great way to start working on your shoulder is face pulls. Most of us tend to think that hourglass figures only consist of toning our busts, hips, and waist but shoulders are also a key part. So pay some attention and easily square your shoulders.

How to do a face pull?

  • Firstly, reach out to grasp the handles with both your palm and face in. step back until your arms are extended and position your body slightly around a 20-degree angle. 
  • Pull the rope hard enough to lift the weight of the stack. 
  • Pull over towards your face.
  • Begin with minimum weight then add onto it eventually. 
Face Pulls


  • Face pull is a workout for women to define their back and shoulders.
  • This is perfect for anyone looking for an hourglass figure since it helps your body with the weight of your boobs.
  • It ensures both your shoulders are proportional. 

5. Squats

There may be one thing that challenges all other things. Squats is an exercise like that, it challenges all other muscles! 

Your lower body is mostly targeted by squatting and for that, you would need to use most of the upper muscles above the waist. In addition to muscles below your waist, core muscles are also focused. Keep reading and get to know how squatting can be of great help to gain an hourglass figure. 

How to do a Squat?

  • Start by screwing your feet on the ground with hip-width apart.
  • Place your chest up and push your hip back into a sitting position.
  • Lower your back until your thighs are standing parallel to the ground level. 
  • Exhale and turn back into the starting position. 


  • Squats help to tone your hip, thighs, and glutes.
  • The squat is a great way to crush your calories.
  • It enhances the movement and tone of your lower body.

What Is The Best Diet For An Hourglass Figure?

There is nothing called a magic diet for an hourglass figure. You would need to eat, work and repeat to reach your real goal of an hourglass body. Some people still don’t agree with the so-called ideal body standards.

It is overrated for some, meanwhile, others who love to tone their figure, lookout all the way to fit inside the hourglass shape.

An hourglass body shape usually distributes all the fat evenly inside the body mostly keeping the belly flat and thin.

And so one thing you need to take care of when eating a lot is gaining fat that might get stored in the midsection of your body. 

Now, although it is a bit tricky you have to keep an eye on your diet while planning to work for your ideal body shape. It’s just the need to get the right portion of good food for your health—keeping away little sweet cravings and spicy meals! Read below some of the best diet plans:

  • You’ll have to cut down on processed food as they contain more sugar and salt.
  • Reduce drinking beverages and drink more water.
  • Focus on healthy fats from olive oil, nuts, seeds, etc to obtain energy to trim your waist size.
  • Do not eat if not required. Watch out on your portion and mind yourself to ask if you’re hungry enough to eat something. 

How Many Days Does It Take To Get An Hourglass Figure?

The best path to building an hourglass figure is no doubt, exercise! It may sound dreamy when I say about customizing a wardrobe with dresses you adore but things could be as easy as to say if you keep working intentionally.  

Several days of consistent workouts and a regular diet have to be followed for you to gain an hourglass figure. You will have to wait for probably a year for a good result. 

 Who has the best hourglass figure?

 (The Best 3 Celebrity Hourglass Figures)

Curves have always made women envious. From the golden days until today’s leading actresses and singers—celebrities have been admired by all the women around the world for their fascinating curves and body figure. If you want to know more, just read below some of the celebrities that women around the world had fallen for!

Marilyn Monroe

Some people remain to be the golden figure throughout history. Monroe was such a personality that drove many women crazy about her fashion and figure. Despite being an actress in the 19s, Monroe never appeared to be old-fashioned but a modern stylist who owned a style herself. 

Marilyn Monroe

Katy Perry 

We would just wonder and sit back thinking about how these busy celebrities could work on their figure despite all the hustles and bustles. The alluring figure of Beyonce is an admiration for women apart from her bold voice and great songs. 

Katy Perry

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is as famous for her body as her hit songs. Women go behind their figure and wish to attain one. Her unique style is attractive magic that we would blindly fall for!

Nicki Minaj

Final thoughts

An hourglass figure is real, but it is mostly overrated. Every human body needs to be loved despite the curves and fats. If you look at the mirror and you are content, there is nothing else to be demanded over that.

Perhaps, looking at an hourglass-shaped is a choice of yours that you may or may not admire. At the end of the day, all you have to remember is your shapes won’t define you. 


What are the exercises for the hourglass figures?

There are several daily workouts for hourglass figures like the push-up, squat, face pull, etc.

How do I widen my hips?

Some workouts focus on broadening your hips like squats, side lunges, sumo walks, hip lifts, and more.

Is it possible to change my body shape?

According to an exercise physicist, frame size or bone structure cannot be changed. But the fat stored could be maintained with a proper diet.

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