Post Malone Finally Revealed The Reason Behind His Weight Loss; Confirms He Is Not On Drugs!

Post Malone Finally Revealed The Reason Behind His Weight Loss

Post Malone has urged his fans not to worry about his weight loss. The singer who seemed a bit off, created confusion among his fan circle. They were worried about his health. Now the singer has replied to all their concerns through an Instagram post.

He also clarified the reason behind his weight loss in this post. Jump into the news to find out the reason behind Malone’s weight loss and why fans were worried about him!

Post Malone Assures His Fans Not To Worry!

It seems like fans are always concerned about Post Malone’s health. The ‘White Iverson’ singer has lost a significant amount of weight lately, and fans are worried. In some of his earlier performances in Australia and India, Malone looked quite different from his old physique. Well, how can the fans be blamed? Curiosity might kill a cat, but we don’t care!

For all the doubts and questions in his body, Malone has arrived with some solid answers. He has clarified his weight loss secret in a recent Instagram post. The post which was published on 28th April 2023, detailed the singer’s reason behind his recent body change.

Post Malone Weight Loss Reason

According to Post Malone, he is no longer using drugs. And for the people who are concerned about his weight loss, he replies that he has never been healthier ever in his life. Malone who has become a dad recently says that it is hugely because of his family, he decided to start a healthy life.

As part of this, the singer claimed to ditch the soda and started eating better. For the next stage, he wants to quit smoking and drinking. 

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It was in June 2022, Malone welcomed his little angel with his fiancee whose identity is still not disclosed. The singer has expressed his joys of being a dad and that is his sole motivation to lead a healthy life.

He wants to spend some quality time with his kid and for that, he decided to ditch his unhealthy habits. As part of the process, he lost some weight and now feels more energetic and happier. 

Earlier in September 2022, Malone had an accident on stage and couldn’t breathe properly. His Instagram posts of this time revealed the deteriorating health condition of the singer. But later on, he decided to take control of his health.

After being a dad, he quit his bad habits and embarked on a journey to health and wellness. In February, the fans of Malone had raised similar concerns over his health. To this, his father responded by saying that his son is at a point in his life, where he is at his healthiest.

In his Instagram post, the singer reassured this claim and consoled the fan’s worries. The singer expressed that he is at the healthiest stage in his life and his brain is now a super dope place. In the post, Malone thanked his fans for their unfathomable support for his life. 

Along with that, the singer has assured his fans that if they have any concerns or worries, he is there to support them through all thick and thin. Well, seeing all this, what can we say? The bond between Post Malone and his fans is truly heartwarming and positive. 

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