Is Oatmeal A Good Breakfast For Weight Loss? A Perfect Way to Start Your Day!

Oatmeal As A Good Breakfast For Weight Loss

Oatmeal is a widely consumed breakfast option across the globe. People prefer oatmeal over any other because of its delicious taste and the variants that can be made using the same prime ingredient that is oats. Hence, even if you consume oats on a daily basis, you won’t get fed up easily.

Apart from that when compared to the other breakfast options that are healthy, oatmeal is the easiest to make. It takes the least prepping time and cooking time. Hence it also suits your busy mornings and people who are always swamped. Moreover, oatmeal is a customizable breakfast option. You can add a choice of fruits and nuts to it and modify it according to your taste preference. Let’s discuss why oatmeal is one of the best breakfast options for weight loss in this article.

Health Benefits Of Oatmeals

Oatmeal can be served hot or cool, sweet or spicy, and thick or watery. No matter how you serve it, you get a sufficient amount of nutrition from the same. Since it is also rich in protein,  it also helps you keep fuller till the lunch break which can restrain you from overeating and ending up in an unwanted fat gain, especially when you are looking for weight loss. Oatmeal contains a lot of digestive fibers making the meal gut and stomach-friendly in every sense. 

Health Benefits Of Oatmeals

Another important feature of oats is that they contain very less calories so you can have a sufficient quantity of oats which would bring you a feeling of having eaten a lot. This is also a good idea to stop overeating by satisfying your stomach with more healthy quantities. So oatmeal is also a good option for you to have as a snack since it does not contain many calories.

Oats are also helpful in reducing the risk of heart dysfunction caused by the deposit of unwanted fat inside your heart vessels. Oatmeal is thus also proven to reduce the cholesterol levels in an individual and thereby reduce the overweight caused by the same. It also promotes good cholesterol in the body of an individual contributing to health and fitness.

What Studies Have To Say About This?

The beta-glucan content present in the oatmeal can significantly help in reducing the blood sugar levels in a person which is often the cause of obesity in individuals. When these beta-glucan levels are maintained properly in an individual, it would also help to regulate appetite in people who crave food more often.

Studies have also proven the same by conducting studies on a group of people who were obese due to lower beta-glucan levels. When these individuals were given foods capable of inducing beta-glucan levels such as oatmeal, a significant decrease in their weights have been shown. The individuals have also reported a considerable decrease in their appetite due to the same change in their diet. 

How To Consume Oats For Weight Loss?

The permissible amount of oatmeal that should be consumed a day for weight loss is estimated to be 250 grams. Hence it is always better to break down the quantity into portions while consuming. The range consumed at a time is shown as 40-50 grams. You are also free to make slight changes according to your lifestyle and convenience in these measurements and calculations.

Consume Oats For Weight Loss

There are people who are following a strict oats diet for their weight loss. If you also wish to be one among them, make sure you are adding the necessary compliments along with oatmeal in order to maintain a balanced diet and cater to all the required nutrients for your body. It is also important to consult with a dietitian to check whether you are able to follow a strict oats diet or not. 

If you would like to make oats your healthiest breakfast option for weight loss, it is always recommended to have it combined with a portion of berries and nuts. You can choose the berries and nuts of your choice. However, seasonal berries and nuts have resulted in better health benefits.

Apart from having oatmeal as a breakfast, you can also consider having a cup of oats water every day in the early morning which can keep your belly fuller with fibers for a longer period of time controlling appetite and thus resulting in a significant reduction of your belly fat.

What To Consider While Having Oatmeal As Your Breakfast?

An important thing to be taken care of is that, while consuming oatmeal as your breakfast every morning, make sure you are not adding sweetening agents on a regular basis. Sugar can rapidly spike the blood sugar levels in an individual and you will end up having hardly any results in taking oatmeal as a regular breakfast option for weight loss. Avoiding sugar completely would be a great move ahead if you are serious about losing weight by taking oats.

Refined sugar is not just the villain when it comes to weight loss. It is better to avoid all kinds of sweeteners such as honey, jaggery powder, or maple syrup in your daily oatmeal. However, treating yourself with sweet oatmeal occasionally would be less harmful. 

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