The Journey Of Jenna Bush Hager To A Healthier Lifestyle | Inspirational Story!

The Journey Of Jenna Bush Hager To A Healthier Lifestyle

Netizens and fans have been hooked on the recent images of Jenna Bush Hager, the Co-Host of Today with Hoda & Jenna. It seems that Jenna has lost quite a few pounds and the results are amazing. Now, this must not have been without a diet, exercise routine, and lifestyle choices for a certain period. 

The Journey Of Jenna Bush Hager To A Healthier Lifestyle

Her hard work over the past 6 months did not go unnoticed. Her friend and co-host, Hoda was the one who brought up the topic after noticing the comments and encouragement provided through Jenna’s Instagram images. It was then that Hoda realized that both of them have something to celebrate this month. A change is a change no matter how small, but Jenna had a complete transformation with her efforts. 

The Journey of Jenna Bush Hager to a Healthier Lifestyle

She was not alone in this journey and had her friends, Amanda and Donna, to support her by working out together. The co-host of Today, Hoda Kotb also participated in the choices for a healthier lifestyle. It took about 6 months for their complete transformation and they had many realizations on their way. Let’s look into her secret to the routine that was personalized as per her physical condition.

What is the method that worked for Jenna?

Intermittent Fasting! Her answer is solid and basic. Researchers and doctors have indicated the efficiency of intermittent fasting for obese individuals as well as those who have Type-1 Diabetes. What is intermittent fasting? How did it help Jenna shed the excess weight? 

Jenna Bush Hager Diet method

Intermittent fasting is the process of alternated food intake and fasting to ensure that the body is used to restricted food intake. This helps increase the metabolism of the body and utilizes the energy reservoirs that rarely get used, AKA, the fat deposits in the body.

The restricted diet or fasting schedule lasts for a few days, unlike other diets that restrain your calorie intake throughout the plan which may cause you to overeat as soon as the diet is completed. The process of intermittent fasting could be adopted throughout your life and can handle cravings and sudden hunger pangs. One can have better control over decisions and restrictions during intermittent fasting. In the case of pregnant women, teenagers and those with eating disorders might need to take precautions or consult with a medical professional on this matter. 

Jenna took the aid of intermittent fasting combined with early morning workouts. Of course, a balanced diet was also necessary!

When fans and co-workers noticed the changes in her, they did enquire about her condition, to which she said “I will say I think I have figured out what works for me. And I think the hard thing is I think we expect things to happen overnight. This has actually been over six months.”  A lesson that she and her circle of acquaintances learned was that this process takes time just as it took time to gain weight, losing the extra kilos does not happen in a day. 

A Change of Mindset

Jenna describes her views on health, weight, and lifestyle that changed over the past 6 months in which she regulated her routine and activities to meet the needs of the body rather than the opposite.

Jenna starts her morning exercise routine where she is joined by 2 other friends, maybe 3 to support and push each other towards their health goals. Being a mother of 3, it is evident that she had been juggling a lot, and looking after her body had taken a backseat. Eventually, she decided to change it. 

Jenna Bush Hager before weight loss

Her father, the former President of the United States of America, George W Bush has always been an athletic individual, his favorite exercise sport being, cycling. He had challenged his son-in-law, then boyfriend of his daughter, Henry Hager, to a bike ride. Henry lost and had a few injuries in the process all the while thinking that the President was trying to kill him. Athleticism was one way of testing the boyfriend of his daughter which resulted in him getting doored. As an enthusiastic cyclist, George W Bush has always taken to a healthy lifestyle and has influenced his children Jenna and Barbara in many ways. 

During the past six months, Jenna changed her mindset and started to accept herself. She says that she has stopped being harsh on herself and her routine. She has learned to stay firm in her decisions and flexible in her approach.

Jenna shared that she works out before the show and that is a small difference she made in exchange for a huge change. Hoda has insisted that the small changes happening in life should be celebrated and that is what they would do in January!

Jenna has realized that accepting themselves for who they are is probably the most difficult turn. Once we understand that, we can personalize the changes to bring out the best in us. Her friends who give her inspiration to turn up and work out is also a factor that helps her continue this journey. That’s why they say, if we need to achieve a goal, we need to hang out with those who have the same mindset. 

Jenna Bush Hager before weight loss journey

The Weight-Loss Journey

It was in 2019, that the hosts of Today, Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager measured their weights on Live TV to build a path towards a healthy lifestyle. Jenna has just given birth in August 2019 and weighed 171 pounds while co-host Hoda weighed 158 pounds. It was not their intention to focus on weight loss, rather they wanted to walk the path of a healthy lifestyle and try to bring a change in themselves, physically and mentally. 

The two of them consulted with Dr. Natalie Azar who recommended intermittent fasting. Both of them wanted to know more about what, how, and why it was done. Amongst the various types of intermittent fasting, the 16:8 fasting routine was the one she chose for her.

Here, the individual has to fast for 16 hours and practice unrestricted eating for the rest of the 8 hours. The hosts took this long-term process as a challenge and stuck to it with the help of a personal trainer. Intermittent fasting has proven to give profound results in terms of obesity and other health problems as well. So, why not!

Jenna Bush Hager weight loss

Dr. Natalie Azar is an NBC Medical Contributor and has been providing such consultations and advice when it comes to health. She believes that intermittent fasting can help solve several issues related to type -2 Diabetes which is a lifestyle-induced disease. It can be reversible and intermittent fasting can help to do so. Hence, she recommended the same to the hosts of Today, and voila, the results turned out great! Not only did she help them lose weight but this process also helped them climb the right track to achieving better health and well-being.

Jenna’s Response

Unfortunately, Jenna has neither publicly announced her weight loss journey and hosts has not commented on the total weight she lost after such a long period. Fans were quick to notice the amazing changes through her Instagram pictures and had commented on several of them.

Jenna has received positive responses and congratulations from many. Despite the commentary, Jenna has not yet responded to them. She will probably consult with NBC and her co-host before they announce it together. 

Jenna Bush Hager healthy life style

Jenna speaks to the public encouraging them to strive harder to achieve a good lifestyle. She encourages women, who have gone through pregnancy and other issues as a consequence of the pandemic, not to give up. She suggests that we learn to accept our current pace and work with it. Since we are no longer 18 or younger, changes take time to show and stay. It takes time, effort, and determination to start, continue and maintain this path.

A journey started by both of the hosts of Today has led them to make healthier choices and take the path to the betterment of both mental and physical conditions. The incorporation of intermittent fasting is an efficient method to speed up weight loss. But, before we follow in her steps, it is better to understand your body conditions and choose the type of intermittent fasting you can continue with perseverance and determination; there are quite a few of them!

It is not just incorporating intermittent fasting that needs to be done, but also micro-habits such as early morning routines and the discipline to work out and regulate diet according to the requirements of our body. It seems that anyone could do it if they are consistent in their approach to life, that is, taking small steps every day for 365 days can lead to a huge change. 

Fans are astonished and happy at their changed outlook towards life and their take on health, as well as fitness. They are curious about both Hoda’s and Jenna’s announcement of the challenge that they undertook in 2019. 

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