How To Make Cucumber Water For Weight Loss? Follow These Simple Steps!

Make Cucumber Water For Weight Loss

“Cool as a cucumber” is a phrase used to describe someone who just can stand their ground even when things go wrong. And rightly so! The moment we imagine something cold, nice, and icy only one vegetable comes running to our mind. Cucumbers are loved all over the world. They can be eaten raw and are a prerequisite for every salad, burger, or wrap.

Now there is no doubt about the fact that cucumber is weight loss friendly and good for our bodies. So consuming it in any form is ideal. Some of those who aren’t interested in eating a cucumber can also drink it as cucumber water is equally healthy. If you have no idea how to make cucumber water for weight loss, then we are here to help you. Give this blog a quick read

What Do Cucumbers Contain?

Belonging to the Cucurbitae family to the likeness of other water-full vegetables, cucumbers are mainly made up of water. Though there are many kinds of cucumbers like snake, Kirby, lemon, and Persian all of them contain lots of Vitamin A and K, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, and Beta Carotene.

Cucumber content

If you are wondering how many calories a cup of cucumber contains then it would just be 30. So what about fats? This answer will certainly make u happy. It has 0 amount of fats and yet is full of other good stuff. Now isn’t this a dream come true?

How To Make Cucumber Water For Weight Loss?

Cucumber water is one of the best detox waters for weight loss. It is a simple recipe yet a very effective way to lose those stubborn fats all over your body. So we are going to walk you through this step by step.

  • Select the ideal cucumber. Cucumbers can belong to multiple varieties, some with bigger seeds which make it difficult to blend in water. You can however use the usual cucumber you use in salads for this recipe as well. In case you only have the one with bigger sides, try and take it out first before making the potion.
  • Wash it thoroughly and remove all the impurities on it. If they are freshly plucked from your garden then all is well and good otherwise make sure they are well cleaned.
  • You can take the peel off but we suggest you let it be to enjoy the water in its full glory.
  • Slice it into small pieces with a sharp knife. Make sure the slices are thin and rounder.
  • Now get a jug full of cold water and add the pieces into it.
  • Mix or shake the water well so that the elements blend in. You can also add some ice cubes or mint leaves if you feel like it.
  • This drink is good to go and if you are making it with normal water make sure you refrigerate it. In case you don’t want to bite in on the mint you can strain it too.

There is no ideal time to drink the water. You can consume it in smaller amounts throughout the day or when hunger bothers you. Sources also say that drinking a glass before dinner would be enough as well.

Weight Loss Benefits Of Drinking Cucumber Water

Cucumber itself is a very healthy vegetable and now mixed with the goodness of water, it can be highly nutritional. So we are going to jot down some benefits of the water for you.

Cucumber Water Weight Loss Benefits

✅ It is water and water is always good– We all know how important it is to drink water. Not just to flush out the toxins but also to help heal ourselves after long periods of workout.

✅ Low calories – As we mentioned earlier, it is low in calories and thereby supports natural detoxification in the body.

✅ Helps us do away with habits of drinking soda or juice– It might not seem much but often when people go on a diet, they find it difficult to go off soft drinks. So this can be a healthy replacement.

✅ Speeds up our metabolic rate– It is rich in antioxidants like green tea which will control the free radicals in our system. It also speeds up the process of metabolism and digestion which facilitates weight loss.

Side Effects Of Cucumber Water

Some people have reported certain discomforts while consuming cucumbers regularly. It includes-

  • Stomach pain
  • Itching and other allergic symptoms
  • Urinary problems
  • No coagulation of blood
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea


Albeit seasonal cucumber has its fair share of fans. It is an ideal vegetable and should be always stocked in your fridge if weight loss is your goal. Especially if you are aiming for a rapid one, you would need a lot of water.

However, you shouldn’t consume in bulk and make yourself wary of any adverse reactions. So drink away!

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