TikTok ‘10-Day Egg Diet’ Trend: Is It Safe To Follow?

TikTok 10-Day Egg Diet Trend

Now and then, TikTok introduces some new and versatile diet or fitness trends. Soon after its release, many take up this and make it a trend. After the trendy diets of salmon rice bowl, lettuce water, and the ‘Green goddess salad’, TikTokers are now after the 10-Day Egg Diet.

As the name suggests, this diet is based on eating only eggs for 10 days to lose weight.  One is also allowed to have green tea, apples, and oatmeal along this diet. Thousands of TikTok users have already taken up the diet and are posting their stories and updates on the hashtag #10-Day Egg Diet. But the real question is how safe and sustainable is this diet. 

The 10-Day Egg Diet of TikTok: How Safe Is It?

The 10-Day Egg Diet is not in fact,  a new thing. An older version called the “boiled egg diet” which is more of a traditional form existed long before TikTok. But according to some sources, the current hype on the 10-Day Egg Diet started when a YouTuber, Versatile Vicky began the trend.

She started an Egg Diet plan that claimed to lose 10kgs in 10 days.  Slowly, this trend spread to TikTok, and soon after, many posted its benefits and progression on their handles. But nutritionists and experts are worried about whether this diet trend is healthy at all. 

10-Day Egg Diet

The concern is that the egg diet is a kind of crash diet. In a crash diet, some specific groups of foods are restricted. According to experts, when you cut certain food from your diet, it can cause nutritional deficiencies and also trigger cravings. This will lead you to cheat on your diet more frequently. 

Another concern over the 10-Day Egg Diet is that it is not catered for the long term. Most of the diet trends that are advertised through TikTok are set up for the short term. This leads to regaining weight in the long run which you have lost for a short period. 

Almost all these fad diets in TikTok are based on little or no scientific background. The 10-Day Egg diet suggests you eat only eggs as the three main course meals. It bans you from eating other food groups such as leafy greens or whole grains which are as much crucial for your health. This is one red flag that shows that these diets lack enough support from science or research.

A study published in the PLOS ONE journal in 2022 found that diet trends followed in TikTok are not weight-inclusive and are not based on expert opinions. They also can lead to unhealthy eating habits and eating disorders in young people.

As young people are the major users of these platforms,  such unhealthy diet trends can create body image issues in them which can even affect their mental health. That is why experts now urge you to put a discretion of your own while following the trendy diets in TikTok.

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