Is Self-Quarantine During Covid-19 A Reason For My Weight Gain?

Is Self-Quarantine During Covid-19 A Reason For My Weight Gain

The global pandemic caused due to Covid-19 has impacted the world heavily, both mentally and physically. The virus wreaked havoc with a high number of deaths and infected people.

To stop the virus from spreading, governments from all over the world have taken preventive measures such as encouraging people to self-quarantine and even imposing lockdowns. Now, this quarantine period has had one major consequence in our lives.

Is Self-Quarantine During Covid-19 A Reason For My Weight Gain?

It has changed our way of living, which means that due to quarantine, people have reduced their physical activities and become lazy.

Is Self-Quarantine During Covid-19 A Reason For My Weight Gain?

Quarantine may be an effective measure to keep us safe from covid on its own, but it comes with its private set of disadvantages for our body. Due to quarantine, people do not have to get out of their homes and thus, their physical activities are heavily reduced, which is followed by an unhealthy diet. Such activities have helped in weight gains for many people all over the world. Along with this, many factors have contributed to people gaining weight and the one reason which connects all of them is being in quarantine.

Nowadays, people are referring to the weight gain that has happened during the pandemic as “Quarantine 15”. It may sound cute, but it can become dangerous as well if not controlled appropriately. Many factors have contributed to weight gain such as improper sleeping schedule, reduction in physical exercises, unbalanced diet, and disruptions in daily routine.

Reasons For Weight Gain

1. Unbalanced Diet

This is one of the most important reasons for your weight gain. While the pandemic mode is on, people do not have anything to do at home, and thus they engage in all the fun activities that they want. This results in them enjoying their life to the fullest and having an improper diet, which comprises junk foods and fewer health items.

2. No Physical Activity

As there is no way to get out of their home abodes, the physical activity of people has drastically reduced, and they have become lazy. Now, when laziness gets combined with an improper diet, there is no way for the extra calories to be burned as there is no engagement in any kind of exercise. This leads to weight gain and obesity.

3. Stress

Due to the pandemic, many businesses have lost their work, so people may feel stressed out due to financial troubles and the fear of the increasing pandemic, and this may result in stress eating. Due to this, you would not feel the urge to exercise. All this would help in gaining extra weight.

4. Mentally Not Fit

Being mentally unstable is also one of the reasons for weight gain. Many people have experienced depression and anxiety attacks due to the pandemic. When people mentally feel low, they might not feel motivated to work out and start eating more. All this would lead to increased weight amounts.


The best advice for you to lose weight and feel lively again is to discipline your mind. You can try different methods and strategies which would help you in maintaining a balanced weight during quarantine. You should always try staying hydrated, try focusing on easy and light meals, try exercises that you can do at home such as yoga, and set up a daily routine for waking up, eating, working out, and sleeping.

Many people must have experienced the negative effects of quarantine and would have gained weight. But you can turn yourself back and maintain a moderate weight by gradually following the correct methods of staying healthy. We are positive that you would have gotten enough information after reading the above article about the reasons for your quarantine weight gain and how you can prevent it.

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