Now And Then Ashley Graham Weight Loss: How She Lost Weight & Diet Routine?

Now And Then Ashley Graham Weight Loss

Ashley Graham’s weight loss journey has been one of the most inspiring weight loss stories of 2022 that at the same time shocked and inspired millions of people. The fact that Ashley Graham, a well-known plus-size model and a mother of three children decided to manage her weight is evident enough that losing weight isn’t only a matter of how your body looks but it’s all about your health. Graham had a unique weight loss plan that was different from every other celebrity weight loss plan we have ever come to know and it focused largely on becoming healthy than on becoming lean or slender.

In this article, we will be taking you through the amazing weight loss journey of Ashley Graham. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to the below lines to get to know the unique weight loss plan that helped Ashley Graham lose 20 pounds in eight weeks.

Who is Ashley Graham?

Ashely Graham is the world’s most successful Plus-size model. The American model born in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA started her modeling career at the age of 12.  Despite her over-size, she was featured in YM Magazine, Vogue Magazine, Glamour Elle, Bust Magazine, and many other prestigious platforms. Ashely Graham is happily married to Justin Ervin a videographer whom she met in a church. She recently had been blessed with twins, and now the outperforming model is a mother of 3 children. 

Now And Then Ashley Graham Weight Loss: Secrets Of Fat-Burning!

She is a well-known example of breaking the stereotype that only the curve-shaped, slim-fit girls can become a model and perform at the highest levels of their modeling careers. Ashley Graham, with her confidence and body positivity, had walked for international designers like Michael Kors, Love Marg, Prabal Gurung, Christian Siriano, H&M, and Tommy Hilfiger. In addition to these in 2013, she has served as a backstage host for Miss USA 2016, Miss USA 2017, Miss Universe 2016, Miss Universe 2017, and Miss Universe 2018, and adding to her charms she had also appeared as a Judge in the reality show America’s Next Top Model. 

Now And Then Ashley Graham Weight Loss

Each body is different and beautiful, with this ideology and mission to re-establish the meaning of being beautiful, Ashely Graham has chosen herself to be the most successful model, influencer, and activist with around 15 Million followers on Instagram.  It is a fact that though she has been called a plus-size model, she hates to be called out by this annotation. She hates to be subjected based on her body shape. She loves to remain simple and pure, even in her posts on social media she portrayed herself as what she is. During her pregnancy she had even uploaded pictures of her stomach having her baby inside, such a thing is very rare in the modeling world, this needs courage and such an act of Ashley shows us her activist’s attitude. 

From Plus-size to Slim fit Hot, all you need to know about Ashley’s Weight loss journey.

The Vogue cover girl had been tired, with the flood of comments remarking for her overweight over the fitness videos she uploads on her social media handles. Ashley mentioned in an interview that being a model, it became very hard for her to see herself in the mirror with the fats loaded on her body. Ashley’s weight increased as the years passed and now out of sudden she dropped her weight by around 20 pounds in just eight weeks. She has created a buzz around social media among her followers all around the globe with such a tremendous transformation.

No one can deny her desire to remain fit, quoting Ashely Graham’s word “I like to think of going to the gym as a way to stay stronger rather than a way to lose weight. Yes, I model a lot of losing weight. Yes, I model a lot of swimsuits and lingerie, but to me exercising is more about being healthy and feeling good”. 

Her healthy lifestyle and zeal to remain fit led her journey to the weight transformation. Ashley had distinct workout routines and diet charts which she called her cookbook that can be easy to follow for anyone who is looking forward to following her path, over saying goodbye to your unnecessary fat.

Ashley Graham before weight loss

What led Ashley Graham to lose weight?

It comes out of good for Graham, to realize that while projecting the mission to help and make women confident to feel about themselves & their body shapes, it is also important to remain fit and healthy. She used to do workout sessions to remain fit & flexible and endure her routines, she started seeing changes in herself, which further lead to a determination to motivate other women out there that it is their own body, they can transform it into whichever shapes they want it to be. 

Ashley Graham’s weight loss Diet & Workout Plans 

The workout routine followed by Graham was distinct, easy, and much efficient. The exercises she does are:

Ashley Graham weight loss results

Full Body Workout By Ashley Graham

Ashley does circuit exercises for full-body workouts comprising a total of six exercises. This circuit will take around seven minutes to complete, and you should do this circuit 3 times at least. 

  1. Body Weight Squats: These are the normal Squats but in Ashley’s way there is a pause while going up. In Ashley’s way, the first ten squats are the paused one, and then in the other ten squeeze your booty with full squats. Make sure, to keep your knees out, not letting those inwards.
  2. Planks: In Ashley’s why it is called ‘Squat Walkout Plank Tap Walkback’, go into a squat, put your hands down, walk out with your hands into the plank position tap your shoulders with opposite, hand two times each, then walk back stand-up. Do 5 reps of it. 
  3. Jack & High Knee March: This is a full minute challenge 30 second high knees & 30-second Jumping Jacks. This needs to be done 3 times with 1-minute rest in between the routine.
  4. Alternative Reverse Lunges: This is a sneaky cardio workout, an alternative reverse lunges with both legs for straight 45 seconds. 
  5. Marching Bridges: Lye down on the floor keeping your back as flat as possible while engaging your core, lift your hips and flex your foot upwards with alternate legs. Try to touch your knees by your chest, while keeping the momentum high.
  6. Push-ups; Last exercise of the circuit, the Push-ups if you can full push-up then it’s great for you. But if you cannot, then no worries do it in Ashley’s way by keeping your knees on the ground, pushing yourself, and making sure your elbows are going out not back.

Arms & Core Workout 

  1. Dead Bugs: Lye on the floor keeping your back as flat as possible while engaging your core. Lift your both hands straight and knees bend. Straight up your opposite hand and leg hold for two seconds and then the other ones. Keep this going withhold for 45 seconds.
  2. Alternative knee touch: Be in the plank position, lift your right hand and all the way down try to touch your left knee, similarly with the left hand – right knee. Do this for 45 seconds or otherwise just do 10 taps at both knees, if you are a beginner. 
  3. Triceps push-ups: It is almost like regular push-ups but instead of moving out your arms, you need to bend and push your elbows inside while keeping the tension on your triceps.

Pregnancy Workout Of Ashley Graham

It is quite a motivating and inspiring thing that even during the pregnancy, Graham never quit her workouts, and nonetheless, she also made a different workout routine for her pregnancy which she called the Pregnancy Friendly full-body workout which is considered the best workout routine for your body in shape, keeping your endurance & spirit high. Following are the exercises:

  1. Modified Jacks: It is a 30-second exercise, but instead of jumping with both of your legs, use one leg at a time and then the other one, by moving your arms straight all the up to down touching your thighs. 
  2. Lateral Squats: These are just like the squats but in this keep your other a little far and straight while the other leg goes down. Do 10 legs for each. Modified Plank holds: In the plank position keep your knees touching the ground and hold your body with straight arms.

Along with these exercises, Graham also used to do yoga moves to keep her mind & Maternity physique fit and healthy. As she was having the twins, her lower back started giving her pain, for which she performed King Pigeon Yoga move that helped her to reduce the strain.

Ashley Graham After weight loss

What did Ashley Graham use to eat during her weight loss journey?

Having a good apatite is the key to weight loss, only the exercise or workout plans will not lead you towards your weight loss goal. Even Ashley Graham herself told in an interview that “changing the eating habits and being more conscious of what I eat, how I eat, and when I eat led my transformation today”. 

During Graham’s weight loss journey, she focused more on the low carbs, whole-food, and non-processes-food diet. She used to intake high nutrient fruits like apples, kale, ginger, sweet potato. It is said that even the whole world spits in half, but baked salmon, arugula salad, and sweet potato will always remain on the dining table of Ashley Graham. 

A regular timetable to eat is the best for digestion. Ashley’s diet plan divided her food four times a day Breakfast with fruits and juices, Lunch with brown rice and vegetables, Snacks with chocolate and coffee and last the dinner as earlier mentioned baked salmon, arugula salad, and sweet potato.

Ashley’s zeal to remain fit and her discipline towards the diet during her weight loss journey led to her transformation. Nothing is impossible even weight loss, anyone can lose weight by simply following the workout routines and diet plans. Ashley Graham shows and proves to the women that even if she can outstand for the rights, shape & size of women she can also meld her body in whatever shape she wants it to be in. 

Ashley graham weight loss diet

Ashley Graham’s Life after Weight Loss

People have a mouth and they speak whatever comes to their mind. Graham is not surprised by hearing comments on her body transformation. In her whole career of modeling, she has faced such critiques and even after losing weight, she is a subject to the comments. 

But this does not change anything for Graham, it’s her life, she knows how to live it and it’s her body, she knows how to transform it, and she did. 

Ashley Graham Life after Weight Loss

Final Verdict on Ashley Graham ‘s Weight Loss Journey

We as human beings the owner of our own bodies, if we keep ourselves healthy and fit, we will live happily and prosperous and if we degrade the beauty enshrined to us by God, then the clouds of diseases and health problems will always surface around us. The story of Ashley Graham’s weight loss and even of other limelight figures’ stories should embrace our lives. Because people like Ashley might be the role model of various people and when the influencers achieve something great, then the normal people get the motivation and inspiration to achieve something like that too.

By reducing weight, Ashley has not only showered wonders in her life but also blessed a million others with her distinct workout routines, her diet plans, and even her pregnancy exercise routines. Good health is a key to living a long and beautiful life, and sparing 20-30 minutes for our own body is not a much challenging job, start doing workouts for 10 minutes and gradually you shall find yourself at a much different level.


What led Ashley to lose her weight, meanwhile when she was out speaking against body shaming?

Ans. Speaking against body shaming and maintaining one’s health and fitness are two different things, one has all the right to maintain her physique and health. But no one has any right to out shame anyone on basis of his/her body shape. 

Does it require doing daily exercises, if one is planning to reduce weight?

Ans. Absolutely Yes! There should not be any doubt regarding daily exercise when you are on a journey of reducing weight. Six days a week should be given to exercise with one day rest to give time to your body to recover from all the fatigues. Daily exercise will help you to burn your unnecessary fat and meld your body into a good muscular shape.

How much time does Ashley Graham take, to lose her weight?

Ans. It took around eight weeks for Ashley Graham to lose her weight for almost 20 pounds. As per her trainer, though, Ashley had a very busy schedule, she never missed her gym routines. This clearly shows her zeal to reduce her weight and to compete among the zero fit models all over the world. 

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