Is Lotus Root Good For Weight Loss? Exploring The Truth Behind!

Lotus Root For Weight Loss

Lotus Roots for weight loss. Really? Will it work? There are no two opinions about the fact that traditional medicine is a tree that keeps on giving. Many of the food items mentioned in the ancient medicinal texts have proven to be very much beneficial.

A prominent part of Asian cuisine, lotus roots are consumed for almost 700 years. Therefore, they are cultivated locally in countries like China, India, Japan, and the Philippines. Recently, several dailies and magazines are speculating the utility of lotus root to lose weight.

This blog will answer the big question along with other minor ones one might have regarding these vegetables. If you are interested in trying some, then keep on reading to know more.

What Is Lotus Root?

Lotus root, also known as Nelumbo Nucifera, is a part of the lotus plant that grows under the water body. It is considered widely edible and has a unique appearance. Though a brown lump when harvested, they look like small wheels with spokes as they are cut through.

Usually grown in shallow ponds, the mud is what helps it grow to be a Rhizome. Eating lotus roots for weight loss is considered extremely nutritious about which we will be talking more below.

Nutritional Facts Of Lotus Root

Before we educate you more about its usefulness, we would like to bring up its nutritional facts and how eating lotus root for weight loss will not be such a bad idea. Lotus root has a calorie of over 70. It mainly contains Carbs, fiber, proteins, and Vitamins C and B6.

Additionally, it is also considered a rich source of Thiamin, Riboflavin, and Folate. Minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, and Phosphorus are abundantly present in these beautiful vegetables. It also is considered a potent source of water with over 74% contained in itself.

Benefits Of Eating Lotus Roots

Being so nutrient-dense makes lotus root a galore of benefits. However, if consuming lotus root for weight loss is a good idea or not will be discussed in the following section. Some of the benefits include-

Is Lotus Roots good For Weight loss

🌷Astute Circulatory system– Full of Copper and Iron, lotus roots can keep the blood cells well oxygenated and in return help the smooth flow of blood.

🌷Stops heart ailments– Thanks to low to no cholesterol or fat content, you don’t have to worry about contracting any kind of disease that may release toxins into your body and therefore cause a homocysteine imbalance.

🌷Improves cognitive health– As we grow up, our brain diminishes its capacity to work at its full potential. In such cases, gobble up some lotus roots to elevate your mood, reduce stress and maybe get back your pristine memory and spotless concentration.

🌷Save you from allergies– Our bodies are really sensitive and many unexpected food products can trigger allergies. If you eat lotus roots, the antioxidants in them can help you a lot in this department.

🌷Enhancing your immune system– The cocktail of Vitamins and Minerals in lotus root keeps your body running efficiently.

Is Lotus Root Good For Weight Loss?

Yes. Lotus root is known to be a good addition to your weight loss diet. There are a multitude of reasons why the consumption of lotus root for weight loss can be ideal. First of all, lotus root is full of dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber has a myriad of uses when on a diet. Not only will it keep us full for longer periods but also control the unwanted hunger pangs that make us succumb to cravings. Secondly, compared to many other eatables, lotus root is low in calories which again is an excellent quality we look up to in a food product.

Thirdly, the addition of lotus root to your weight loss grocery list seems quite productive as it can help you with digestion. There are multiple studies to support the notion that a perfect digestive system can work wonders when on a diet.

Now while dieting a variety of things change especially our food-eating behaviors. Eating a lot of nutritious foods will smoothen the lining of your stomach and release chemicals into it. All of this does affect the way your body processes calories as well the fat deposition which should be your main concern on diet. However, this doesn’t mean it can cause weight loss on its own in any way. Remember that you still have to continue your workout routine.

How To Include Lotus Root In Your Diet?

Now that we how optimal lotus root can be for weight loss, it is time we give some recipe suggestions for you to try and eat when on a diet. You can eat the lotus root as-

  1. Soups– For this, you might have to grind them into a paste or lightly simmer them on fire and add it for some crunchy flavor.
  2. Salads– You can either use raw or lightly cooked lotus roots for this. Add this to an assortment of healthy vegetables and you are good to go.
  3. Stir-fry– Cut into pieces of your choice and lightly cook it up with other vegetables or without any.Do mind the amount of spices and oil you use.
  4. Chips– We are not talking about deep oil fry but shallow fry in a healthy oil or air fry would do.

Lotus root’s versatility and taste can make it good for weight loss. Including it can not only help you get the body of your dreams but also holistic well-being.

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