Does Exercise Lower Cholesterol? All You Need To Know!

Does Exercise Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a wax-like thing that is a rich source of energy and calorie which comes from the liver or you can get it from food items like meat, dairy products, etc. We know that fat-contented food items can heighten the level of cholesterol and that is actually done by the liver. It is an essential part of hormone synthesis and building the body.

Exercise And Cholesterol – What Is The Best Exercise To Lower Your Cholesterol?

That is why athletes and sportspeople intake food items with high-fat content. But a higher amount of cholesterol, especially LDL can cause health issues and exercise and food control is the best way to control it. 

Cholesterol is a tricky thing in health and there are different studies done about lowering cholesterol and managing it. There are two types of cholesterol we can chat about both of them here,

LDL: LDL is the low-density lipoprotein

LDL: LDL is the low-density lipoprotein which is known as bad cholesterol. It could cause strokes and heart diseases. It reduces the smooth flow of blood circulation and narrows the part of blood vessels.

HDL: HDL is the high-density lipoprotein

HDL: HDL is the high-density lipoprotein that is referred to as good cholesterol in the medical field and that is good for your liver, heart, and the total functioning of your liver. Also, it is good for your liver heart and the total functioning of your body.



Along with that, we have to discuss triglycerides too. Triglyceride is a different type of liquid that is circulating through your blood as fat which provides energy and the body can use it as fuel. Higher levels of triglyceride can cause health risks like heart attack strokes and pancreatitis.

Does exercise lower cholesterol?

Exercise can lower the level of cholesterol in your body by melting the extra fat content from the body and the blood. According to researchers and clinical studies, it is proven that LDL cholesterol and triglycerides can be lowered moderately to a higher level of exercise daily.

Even though diet and portion control is a part of regulating the cholesterol content in the body when you eat, exercise is the only way for removing deposited fat and cholesterol. Regular exercise and workout sessions can lower the bad cholesterol as well as increase the good cholesterol to improve the health of your heart.

One of the incredible points of cholesterol is it is not as bad as you think and when it comes to HDL, it supports your heart. At the same time, it brings us strength and respiratory fitness. 

The higher amount of results can differ from person to person according to their metabolism rate. Exercise actually helps to improve metabolism for Cholesterol control. At the same time, the result of a person of 30 is different from a person of 60 years. So that can also be affected by the age group. According to medical science, the probability of faster fat and cholesterol metabolism is higher for men and lower for women because women have more fat rather than muscles.

exercise lower cholesterol

Some of the exercises that can lower cholesterol 

Here we are going to discuss the influence of some exercises that can lower bad cholesterol.  

  1. Walking: walking is an aerobic exercise that can increase good cholesterol in the body and relieve you from LDL. Brisk walking can increase this cholesterol deduction and you can do it on your treadmill or as a morning or evening walk. It is a convenient exercise type for all age groups and beginners. 
  2. Jogging and running: jogging and running can improve the removal of cholesterol from the blood and body. You can do interval running or mix-and-match running and jogging to improve the results. An increase in speed, distance, and pace can positively influence the metabolism. Bad cholesterol is mainly accumulated with the visceral fat in between the organ systems and is highly damageable to the heart. Running and jogging can focus on visceral fat production and burning.  
  3. Swimming: swimming can increase HDL and also lower LDL, and bad cholesterol by raising the metabolism. It could balance blood pressure and increase cardiovascular health by balancing cholesterol. 
  4. Hiking: hiking increases the amount of HDL and intensifies the internal metabolism. Also, it increases thermogenesis and stabilizes cholesterol levels. 
  5. Cycling: cycling can burn calories and increase fat metabolism. It could raise the level of heart-protecting HDL and lowers the amount of bad cholesterol. It is good to do cycling outside if you get some time in the morning or evening. 
  6. Weight lifting: weight lifting can burn out the fat content more and it is an intense workout. It is good for eliminating bad cholesterol.  
  7. Yoga: this is a moderate exercise and helpful for healthy LDL cholesterol and also good for total well-being.

Conclusion – Can You Lower Cholesterol With Exercise Only?

We have discussed cholesterol, the types of cholesterol, and how we can tackle it through exercise, and exercises can bring you visible research within weeks. You have to be dedicated and build up each level according to your energy, age, and stamina.

The fat consumed by the liver is changed to cholesterol which can be used as a source of energy to run the body. But the increase in the level of cholesterol, especially the bad cholesterol which is not as LDL can cause health risks like cardiovascular attacks, functioning of the liver, Kidney, etc, and even stroke. Exercise like jogging, running and yoga, and all others we discussed above can be useful for optimizing maximum results in the reduction of bad cholesterol in the body.

Further, the presence of HDL is good for your body because it could help for better hormone balance, the growth of new and healthy cells, and the health of your cardiac system. You have to check your health and some medical conditions are not allowing people to do intensive exercises some of you are having flower metabolism levels genetically and that’s also to have care with the help of professionals in the field.

And one of the main things you can tackle the correct amount of cholesterol level is the control in your portions of food and curbing your appetite. You can make appropriate diet plans and workout sessions with their physical trainer can increase cholesterol control and fat burning, thus weight loss too.

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