Is Barley Good For Weight Loss: Can It Help You Shed Pounds?

Is Barley Good For Weight Loss

No matter which part of the world we belong to, cereal grain is always a part of our staple diet. It could be rice, corn, or wheat. However, everything changes when we are on a weight-loss diet. Cereals or whole grains like rice or wheat are extremely high in Calories and add a lot to our Carb intake. So, we have to look for other options that can give us minimal carb content with all the goodness of whole-grain cereal.

Barley has been a favorite for a long time now. So we are going to answer the question you always might have wanted to be answered-is barley good for weight loss? Read on to know more.

What is Barley? What Does It Contain?

It is whole grain cereal that is cultivated as one of the most popular crops to be consumed. Historically, it has existed forever in the realm with the very first one being cultivated over 10,000 years ago.

Barley good for weight loss

According to the statistics,100 grams of uncooked barley contains 332 KCal, out of which 11 are protein. Other than that it is also known to contain beta Glucans, Niacin, and Thiamin. Iron, Magnesium, phosphorus, and Selenium are also found in abundance.

Types of Barley

Barley can be of different kinds which include-

  • Good old common barley-This one is taken fresh off the fields and has not been processed and has its hull intact.
  • Dehulled barley– As its name suggests, the grain is husked for the outer hard part to be removed.
  • No hull barley– Nope, it doesn’t grow hull-less but has a weaker outer shell.
  • Polished Barley-Also known as pearl barley or quick pearl barley this one is completely processed and polished in a way that strips away all the goodness of whole grains.

Uses of Barley

Barley has multiple uses other than being used as a prime ingredient in soup. It also finds its way to the dining table in the form of loaves of bread, muffins, or pancakes. It is also used as a replacement for rice in a number of Middle-Eastern cuisines.

Barley water is used to make both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. Salads, porridge, noodles, and pasta, barley can be molded into whatever your heart desires.

Benefits Of Eating Barley

Now that we know the kinds of barley, why should we actually make a switch? Why Barley and not rice or wheat? Find answers to these questions below as we enumerate its benefits for you.

  • It is packed with nutrients-Vitamins, Minerals, and protein, just name it and we have all of it in barley. Dietitians further suggest that we eat it soaked overnight as it can increase the nutrition content.
  • Your tummy will thank you– Our digestive system is pretty complex and even a small imbalance can cause a lot of trouble. So Barley is known to work toward this initiative a lot, especially by helping alleviate constipation.
  • Decreases your chances to develop Colon cancer-Though the studies regarding this are in their infancy, researchers are of the opinion that dietary fiber can possibly reduce the vulnerabilities to Colon Cancer.
  • May help control your cholesterol– Again thanks to its huge galore of minerals, fiber, and other compounds, it can diminish your chances of being attacked by Cardiovascular problems.

Is Barley Good For Weight Loss?

To put the answer right there, barley is known to be good for weight loss and can be a good choice for weight watchers. We have already discussed how beneficial barley is for us. Let’s see how it especially concentrates on weight loss.

Barley displays all the qualities of a good weight-loss food.  Firstly, not only does it reduce the hunger pangs but also keeps you fuller for longer times. This happens mainly because of the presence of Beta-glucan which can control your appetite by prolonging the digestion process.

Now we know how difficult it is to feel fuller on a diet. So Barley passes with flying colors. Secondly, akin to most whole-grain cereals, it has a lot of fiber content both soluble and insoluble. This means it makes our small intestine’s job pretty easier and almost lines up excretion. Thirdly, we also have evidence to establish that Barley can work in tandem with our gall bladder which means it prevents the formation of gall stones.

Gall stones usually are removed by surgery and that can cause weight gain. So a bowl of Barley can change all of it. Additionally, the grain is effective against cholesterol which means you can follow a diet and actually engage in physical activity. Diabetes is a major cause of obesity in many people. 

Low blood sugar has multiple consequences including swelling, limiting physical activity, and meddling with digestion. A person who is looking to lose weight would need to be fit in every sense to work out and take on special diets if need be.

Having a proper digestive system cannot be compromised. Another reason why Barley is good for weight loss is its adaptability. Because we would be limiting the things we eat, we need innovative dishes to be included in the diet and Barley is just that.

Barley is a weight watcher’s dream come true. So eat up people!

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