An Intermittent Fasting May Cause Early Death: Studies Suggest

An Intermittent Fasting May Cause Early Death Studies Suggest

Dieting is an essential part of daily life which helps us to eat well, have good food as well as keep us in good shape. It is said that there are multiple ways and methods of diets and one of the most popular among them is an intermittent diet.

This is a popular method followed by many celebrities especially the famous fashion models and influencers the Kardashians who are known to be beauty and health-conscious when it comes to their bodies.

About The Diet Plan

The diet plan is to eat within 8 hours of the day consuming food for the rest 16 hours, this might even include eating on alternative days.

Intermittent Fasting

Many claimed this was a healthy or proficient way of maintaining their body till this went on to be proven as a myth or a bad decision. A publication done by the Academy of Nutrients and Dietetics Journal shows this might lead to an early chance of death.

An intermittent diet often makes people miss their breakfast which is crucial for a normal person’s health. Sources suggest missing breakfast most probably will lead to cardiovascular diseases and health issues. The researchers say that people who ate less than two or three meals or ate at least two meals within the time of 4 to 4.5 hours are also adversely affected.

Dr. Yangbo Sun of the department of preventive medicine at the University of Tennessee Health science center, Memphis claims people who only have breakfasts and skip other meals might also face health consequences.

They revealed the reason and convince people otherwise saying that meals skipped lead people to consume more calories in a few amount of time which overloads the body’s metabolism with glucose which might also lead to other metabolic issues.

The study collected data from 24,000 American citizens through the years, especially from people above 40. The statistics have proven that below 40% of the data of people reveal they took less than three meals a day.

The data also exposed these people might develop unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking. Drinking alcohol and most of them are young males who are non-Hispanic black people lacking education and living in bad conditions with low family income. Proper diet and exercise even with such an addiction won’t be helpful

People begin practicing this due to the changes it offers like the solution for weight loss, metabolic health, and avoiding disease. Another major factor is the fan following of celebrities, they just follow their favorite stars not realizing or even looking into the actual truth behind this.

Sun claims that the study is crucial for the majority of Americans and must be taken into account. This has been an important eye-opener for the people who practice these diets. Not eating and even eating in close periods are also problematic says the officials. Proper food consumed at regular intervals and exercise is the best way possible to keep one in good shape. The issues mentioned above aren’t specific and quicken the chances of death by any cause.

Dr. Wei Bao from the Department of Epidemiology, College of Public health and the University of IOWA has been a senior investigator in the study conducted and contributed his part to this important news, he has said that the data are obtained from the public and doesn’t intend causality. He believes that this is proper evidence to spread awareness.

Hopefully, the new data must be helpful for the public eventually try to take care of themselves and family. Healthcare officials are expecting to bring change and measures for people to practice proper diets and lifestyles.

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