In recent times, people have started to become more health-conscious. We now have a lifestyle where we spend most of our day sitting, which leads to more weight gain. For weight loss, the workout is important, whether it is jogging, gym, or any other sports or exercise of your choice. 

Fat Burning Juices

Along with exercise and workouts, the diet of a person also plays a very important role in your weight loss journey. A healthy and nutritious diet brings a whole lot of change in the effectiveness of your workouts. Healthy digestion leads to quicker burning of fat and a healthy weight loss.

weight loss Juices

A liquid diet is considered the best to begin with your workout journey. But it is very difficult to completely shift to a liquid diet so spontaneous. Consuming fresh juices can also be a very great and effective way of improving weight loss. It helps flush out all the toxins and is full of minerals, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants. Fresh juices can improve your metabolism, which helps you in burning calories in a quicker and efficient manner. 

Juices should be consumed in the most natural way possible, free from preservatives and sugar. Packed juices available in the market are easy to get but are loaded with sugar, unnatural flavors which can be no good to health. 

Following are some of the most recommended juices for a more effective weight loss and achieving your weight loss in a lesser time:

Pomegranate juice
  • Pomegranate Juice-

Pomegranate juice is a low-calorie, rich antioxidant health drink. Pomegranate is also good for your skin and helps you get that natural glow on your face. Pomegranate boosts up the metabolism to burn fat quickly. Many research suggests pomegranate has been successful in preventing high blood sugar fluctuations. 

watermelon juice
  • Watermelon Juice-

As we all know watermelon is 92% sugar, which makes watermelon a very-low-calorie fruit. Watermelon juice is full of nutrition, refreshing and sweet. It keeps you more hydrated and helps burn more calories due to the presence of amino acids. Watermelon helps reduce hunger, belly fat, food cravings, leading to controlled appetite. 

Carrot juice
  • Carrot Juice-

Carrot juice is known for being full of Vitamin A and many other healthy nutrients like carotenoids, which are very beneficial for weight loss. Drinking carrot juice leads to fullness so that you do not munch on something unhealthy because of your cravings. 

green vegetable juice
  • Green Vegetable juice-

Many different vegetables like spinach, kale, cabbage, and celery can be blended in to prepare this healthy juice. You can also add other options of your choice. Green veggies have always been considered an important part of a healthy diet, especially for weight loss. Green vegetables are rich in fiber, have low sugar levels, also nutrients rich. 

Beet juice
  • Beet Juice-

Beet juice contains many healthy components like dietary nitrates, which are known to boost performance and bring more energy to the body. It has no fats, is low in calories, helps remove toxins from the body, and clears skin as well. Its nutrition-rich and high fiber content make it good for weight management. 

Orange news
  • Orange Juice- 

A freshly squeezed orange is considered a negative calories juice, which means it helps you in burning more fats than you eat. It is a way better alternative than colas and other sugar-loaded soft drinks that are a harm to the body, instead of any good.

Amla juice
  • Amla Juice- 

Consuming Amla every day is loaded with benefits. Having a glass of Amla juice right in the morning boosts up your metabolism and keeps you up for the energetic day ahead. Amla juice is good for skin, heart, hair, basically for the whole body. To balance out the taste, a drop of honey can be added instead of sugar.

Pineapple juice
  • Pineapple Juice-

Pineapple contains bromelain, which is known to metabolize proteins and reduce excess fat from the belly. This juice also suppresses our appetite and similar to orange juice, it is also a catabolic food, the body spends more calories in burning than it actually contains.


These are some of the most recommended fresh fruit juices by many dieticians. It is almost impossible to just depend completely on diet or juices for efficient weight loss. One has to regularly exercise as well. You can also blend two or more juices as per your preferences that are suitable to you. But always remember to consume fresh juices and not packaged juices, which do no good to the body. 


Riley kai is a Registered Dietician who has been passionate about doing things the natural way and helps people with diet plans. She has been a nutritionist editor who has a great passion for nutrition and writing. She has written hundreds of articles on Oprah Magazine, LA Times, and a few more. She explains well through her articles so users get thrilled about reading her tips on healthy eating, Trends, nutrition science, and much more. Her undergraduate certification in Nutrition, Food Science, and Dietetics was completed from the University of Vermont. She earned a Masters’s degree in Nutrition Communication from Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. She taught cooking and nutrition classes to health-conscious people while her research at Griffin Hospital, Connecticut as a Lead Research Dietician.

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