Understanding How The Gastric Balloon Works To Aid Weight Loss!

Gastric Balloon Works To Aid Weight Loss

Keeping yourself healthy is no child’s play. We will have to pull out a number of tricks like dieting, exercising, and yoga from our hats. However, it is only sometimes that we end up getting results. For those who are unreactive in any natural way, surgery might be a last resort. But the word surgery does bring up some fear in our mind and often keeps us away from opting for it.

Even if we do the recuperation and long post-operation care is quite difficult to be dealt with. The complications are innumerable. This blog will help you understand the gastric balloon procedure that is usually prescribed for fat loss and how it can aid in your weight loss journey. 

What Is A Gastric Balloon And How Does It Work?

So we know not everyone can get help with pills or dieting. It is a difficult situation and that is where gastric balloon comes into play. It is as simple as it seems. It is a device that the doctor places into your body, specifically your stomach.

Gastric Balloon Process

After its placement, it is inflated with saline water and takes up ample space. This is done endoscopically while the doctor constantly monitors your vitals.  This is mostly non-invasive and can therefore be opted for by most of them who have a difficult path towards losing weight.

How Does Gastric Balloon Aid In Weight Loss?

When the balloon is placed inside the 2.5-ounce stomach, it covers up most of the area. This helps the patient to reduce the intake of their food and gradually develop a routine where the recipient eats minimal amounts.

Since the stomach is occupied, they will be fuller than earlier and are prone to a smoother digestive process. This helps people to get rid of overeating and unwanted cravings which is the number one reason for rapid weight gain.

Gastric Balloon Aid In Weight Loss

It is also observed that initially, after its placement people don’t feel hungry and therefore end up losing a lot of weight. Does this mean you can eat whatever you like and whenever you like?

Nope, it is always important to work with a dietitian who will aid to have a properly balanced diet for you and make a timetable. Making exercise or physical activity a part of your life is also crucial for healthy weight loss. The balloon is usually removed after 6 months and then your appetite should be controlled to maintain the loss.

Who Should Opt For The Gastric Balloon Procedure?

Though it is quite an easy one doesn’t mean it should be your option. So generally you can opt for the procedureif-

👉You are overweight– If you are extremely obese and it is difficult for you to carry out day-to-day activities, then you should talk to your doctor in detail about the procedure. Ideally, you will be referred to this if your weight is above 30 BMI.

👉You cannot lose weight through conventional methods– Let’s face it. There are all sorts of pills and machines available for you to lose weight. Though it may take some time one of them does eventually show results. However, sometimes all this doesn’t work and that is when you should think about this procedure.

👉 If surgery scares you– Surgery is not everyone’s cup of tea and that might not be a reason to live with an unhappy body. For this, this can be a blessing as it isn’t as threatening as other bariatric surgery methods.

Risks Or Side Effects Associated With The Gastric Balloon Procedure

Some of the major risks and complication with the process are:

⚠️Extreme vomiting– Some people throw up continuously after the procedure. This may be due to the fact that food doesn’t reach your stomach properly.

⚠️Stomach pain– Since it is placed inside the stomach, it is only natural that you might experience some discomfort. If this persists, visit your doctor.

⚠️Might turn septic-Though it is a safe procedure, sometimes our body can react in ways we don’t expect it to. So it is better if we schedule regular hospital visits.

⚠️Flatuence release– If you experience bloating more than often, chances are something might be wrong.

⚠️Your Urine changes color– Sometimes the balloon might shift its place and will affect the production of urine. In this case, visit your healthcare provider.

Final Words

Weight loss is a difficult journey and there are many ways to help it. A gastric Balloon is easy to put in as well as easy to maintain. It can be a ray of sunshine for those whose life becomes complicated due to obesity that is hard to shed.

But you should consider all the other options before considering it and have to know the risks and side effects in detail. Ultimately, a healthy diet and regular exercise with a hint of determination can go a long way.


1. What makes you a poor candidate for the procedure?

You are considered a poor candidate for the procedure if you are pregnant and breastfeeding. Your doctor might suggest against it also if you have a history of cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. Patients with stomach ulcers and infections are also not ideal for it.

2. How is a Gastric balloon inserted?

It requires no open surgery and is inserted via your throat. You might have to rest for an hour or so in the hospital. After the doctor confirms it is in place, you can return home.

3. Will it cause any discomfort?

People have reported having felt weird around their throats. Sometimes, it might close up but it should clear up in 2-3 days.

4. What amount of weight loss can I expect?

The weight loss with the procedure is significant and people are reported having lost over 30-47% of their whole body weight. It is also to be noted that this percentage may vary based on the body type of the person.

5. What will my diet look like after the gastric balloon procedure?

You will initially be put on a liquid diet that includes juices and milk. After 2-3 weeks, you can resume the normal diet. Do talk with the dietitian constantly before making any changes to the diet.

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