Boost Your Metabolism With The Best Juices For Weight Loss!

Best Juices For Weight Loss

As we begin our diet, there are many things that we need to give up and take up at the same time. Many people often complain that the diet food tastes bland and is therefore hard to swallow or eat. However, they do it anyway due to the absence of a better option. Juice lovers often feel about abandoning their love owing to the fact that juices are high in sugar. Now what if we combine those?

The juice lovers and the ones who eat solid food can definitely lose weight by drinking some juices. This blog will list down the best juices for weight loss and how they might come to your rescue. To mind the calorie content, one must always be careful about adding ingredients to the juice and we are talking about these in their raw form sans additions. Read along to uncover the precious names.

Best Juices For Weight Loss

To get to the list, we need to first discuss how drinking the best juices for weight loss can seem like a better option when solid food is not very happening. Firstly, these juices for weight loss are very low in their calorie content. Does that mean they don’t have enough nutrients? No. It doesn’t.

In fact, it has been proven that with juice, people often increase their intake of nutrients as they are both rich in it and it is easier to consume. Secondly, we all know how key hydration is to the whole weight loss process. So instead of drinking plain water, you can get added energy by replacing it with freshly made juices at home.

Not only do they boost your stamina but also add to your positive zen. Thirdly, including many vegetables like ginger and lemon can help you increase the metabolic rate. This means your body increases its core temperature and whatever you eat starts to take greater effect. Lastly, if you are someone who needs to stop snacking, this is your way out. Drinking juices will not only satiate you but also make you feel fuller for longer periods putting a check on your munching habits.

Now let’s look at the best juices for weight loss-

 juices for weight loss
  1. Beet juice– The purple color alone is a good reason for you to taste this one. Besides, these are rich in fibers that add digestion as well as anti-oxidants to prevent free radicals from hampering your weight loss journey.  Grind some fresh beets with ginger to get a refreshingly nutritious beet juice.
  2. Watermelon Juice– We don’t need any reason to drink this one except for its availability. The blood-red beauty is filled with hydrating substances and low in calories. You can have this one as it is or add a few mint leaves to make it all the more interesting. You might also want to keep an eye on the sugar you are adding to the juice(if any).
  3. Celery juice– Are you one of those picky eaters who banished greens from their plates? Then this celery juice will do you good. Not only is it the best way to have it but also reduces water weight by promoting fat burning. Celery juice is also about body cleansing so having it with a hint of ginger first thing in the morning can be very satisfying.
  4. Carrots– Another crimson beauty, carrots are good in every way and packed with vitamins and minerals. You can add some turmeric and black pepper to make it more beneficial than it already is.
  5. Green veggie juice– The name itself makes it rich in all kinds of nutrients. Take some kale, spinach, and cucumber to have a glass full of goodness to yourself. 
  6. Lemon-Ginger green juice– If garnishing other juices with these doesn’t please you enough, you can have them in isolation. Apart from aiding thermogenesis, these are rich in Vitamin C which aids digestion big time. All you have to blend some together and take a sip out of it.
  7. Kale-apple juice– We are all up for experimenting and kale-apple juice seems the best of both worlds. The greenness of kale combined with the creamy texture of apple is tempting and full of nourishment. Blend some kale with apples and a stick of cinnamon to enjoy it in its full glory.
  8. Pomegranate juice– Scarlet juices are clearly winning this list. Being the best juice for weight loss comes with a lot of responsibility and pomegranates take it seriously by reducing inflammation in the body and aiding fat burning. To get the juices, extract the blood-red potion from those seeds.
  9. Orange juice– Who doesn’t love these? With Vitamin C and fiber, orange juices are fat-burning elixir. The best way to drink is sans any garnishing.
  10. Bottle gourd juice– We were saving the best for the last. No matter how much hate it for its simple taste, it is too good to be overlooked people! Low calories but great nutrition and hydration. All you have to do is mix some in a blender with lime and mint.

We believe you like the best juices for weight loss. Drinking these at particular times could double or triple the effect as suggested by your dietitian. However, one must be able to keep a count of the calorie intake just to not go overboard since those taste great and are easier to consume.

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