Zeeko Zaki’s Weight Loss Journey: His Secrets Behind The Weight Loss!

Zeeko Zaki's Weight Loss Journey

We admire what many have been able to accomplish with their bodies. We believe they might have had an easy way out unlike us. When we struggle with diet and workout mostly celebrities have it easy. The story we present today will make you rethink that view of yours and maybe understand that body weight loss is a struggle for everyone irrespective of their popularity.

While they might have an upper hand on resources available to them, the time and work they put in cannot be faked.  In case you were feeling a bit low here’s Zeeko Zaki’s weight loss journey for you. He battled with obesity for 8 years and what he ultimately achieved was worth all the pain. Tag along to unveil more about the handsome hunk’s fitness routine.

Who Is Zeeko Zaki?

He has become a common face to television viewers all thanks to his popular role in the series, F.B.I as Zidan with Missy Peregrym. Being an immigrant himself, Zaki brings authenticity to the character and plays it with conviction. So what did he do before landing master producer Dick Wolf’s show? Well, he was always interested in acting and was a frequent participant in art clubs.

Later he grabbed some cameo roles in popular series which made him stand out. Apart from the show, he has also acted in a few films including, “Escape Plan 2.” Let’s see how Zeeko Zaki’s weight loss gave him the best character transformation of the era.

How Did Zeeko Zaki Lose Weight?

Anybody who has watched the show knows how fit he looks in his role. However what if we tell you that Zeeko Zaki has an incredible weight loss story to tell? Though not much is known about his body type prior to F.B.I., Zaki has admitted to being a connoisseur of foods. His cultural ties have made him enjoy and relish foods ever since he was born.

At first, he didn’t pay much attention to it as he knew how he could lose the whole thing in a matter of months. But he couldn’t be more wrong. Over the years he started showing belly and he felt an overall fatigue. Not only this, his weight also became an obstacle to his career in the industry which demanded a certain look for the character.

Then he decided to go on a long journey for 8 years and changed everything he could. Talking about the journey he says, “ It was just crazy being a different person each year…(and) I wanted to do it slow.” With a 100-pound loss, his achievement is written in golden words if there were any literature for Weight Watchers. Starting his journey with P90X video programs in 2019, Zaki changed himself gradually without falling for any specific diet schedules or fat loss boot camps.

Zeeko Zaki’s Diet plan

Though not following a particular routine Zeeko Zaki’s weight loss plan had him go with the “The 4-hour body” trick by Timothy Ferriss. According to this, it is all about “30 Grams of Protein within 30 Minutes of waking up”. Zeeko vouches for this method. Protein has the ability to build body mass with minimal loss of muscles.

Zeeko Zaki's Diet plan

Satiety and hunger control are also benefits of a protein-rich diet. Most people get bored with a single kind of diet and to tackle that monotony, Zaki changes his diet every once in a while. Hydration and pre-workout meals are in tandem with his journey.

Zeeko Zaki’s workout plan

Similar to his diet plan, he also changes his workout plans. Every 3 months he goes on a new P90X program which includes resistance training, yoga, and many others. A major chunk of success in Zeeko Zaki’s weight loss strategy can be attributed to cross-fit as well. Cross-fit is a routine where multiple tasks are entwined in a manner that they do trigger major weight loss.

He works out for 30 minutes at least 4-6 times a week and for the rest, he has busy shooting schedules with high-octane action for 12-14 hours. Being consistent and letting your body heal has also been part of his routine but does believe that the body “will break down” if you “don’t keep it fit.”

Zeeko Zaki Weight Loss Before And After

Zaki’s determination and hard work have made him come a long way. 150 pounds is not easy to lose and he proves that it is neither difficult. Before he did admit to frequent fatigue when going for action scenes but  Zeeko Zaki’s weight loss regimen has altered him forever. Now as his character demands the bodywork, he can always go that extra mile and take a step closer towards his dream.

Expanding more on the thought, he says, “Keeping it fresh and new was a good way to sustain what was gradual and hopefully healthy weight loss.” Though for the roles, he believes he can continue with this as he likes his body much more than he used to. About his future plans, he now wants to enlighten people about how a perfect body is achievable. You can always believe in yourself and on the work front, he will be seen in “F.B.I” for a few years more.

To conclude, if there’s a lesson you could take from Zeeko Zaki’s weight loss story, it should be that hard work will yield fruits. For him, it took 8 long years and nothing would have been easy. You too can if you keep an eye on the prize.

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