5 Best Calorie Counter Apps For 2022| Start Your Weight Loss Journey!

Top 5 calorie counter apps in 2022

Hey friends, talking about the Best Calorie Counter Apps, Do you know that a calorie is a measurement of energy your foods and beverages have? But do you need all that amount of energy?

5 Best Calorie Counter Apps For 2022| How Does It Help In Losing Weight?

Of course not. There’s a certain amount of calories you need to intake to keep yourself from gaining weight. But that doesn’t mean calorie intakes are harmful. Your body needs calories to perform day-to-day work.

All you need is to make sure that you are keeping a count of your calorie and consuming the exact amount of calories your body needs. Most importantly. you can count your daily calorie by just using simple free steps. 

5 Best Calorie Counter Apps For 2022

Top 5 calorie counter apps in 2022

1) My fitness pal

2) Fat secret

3) Lifesum

4) Lose it!

5) My net Diary

My fitness pal

My fitness pal
  • My fitness pal is considered one of the best fitness app which can track nutrients and count calories.
  • People can track their daily progress and see how many calories have they burned throughout the day.
  • It also features a bar-code scanner.
  • The recipe suggestion feature does not work in the free version.
  • Daily calorie count and weight prediction can be inaccurate.

Fat secret

Fat secret
  • It has all the important features one needs to have in their calorie counter app for free.
  • This easy-to-use app is considered one of the best keto apps along with calorie counting.
  • The paid version includes key features like a meal plan.
  • They don’t focus much on physical activity. 


  • Lifesum is one of the best diet apps one can suggest.
  • This easy-to-use app can not only count your calories but can also help you learn about a healthy diet.
  • Lifesum has a special three-week weight loss program where you get all your meals pre-planned with five-ingredient recipes.
  • It also has a bar-code scanner.
  • You have to pay to access the meal plan feature.
  • It only supports import and export from apple health.
  • It doesn’t provide any community support.

Lose It

Lose it!
  • This weight loss app brings the user an easy way to count calories.
  • The food database in the app has 27 million food products.
  • The app’s snap it feature helps you to log food through photos.
  • You can track all your goals and get weekly and monthly reports which will help you to track your weight loss journey.
  • A paid subscription is required to unlock the premium features.
  • Calorie counts shown may not always be accurate.

My Net Diary

My net Diary
  • This app is best for people who have different eating plans such as keto, vegan, vegetarian, and low-carbs.
  • It allows you to choose your weight loss rate.
  • My net diary app is compatible with products like apple watch, google fit, Withings, and Samsung. 
  • It doesn’t have a variety of activity options.
  • More importance is given to food tracking.
  • To use the advanced tracking options one must take the paid subscription.

How to reduce calorie intake?

All the possible available foods in the world have calories in them. It is just that, some are rich in calories and some are not. You need to look for the one with fewer calories in them.

One very common way to reduce your calorie would be to keep a count of your calorie intake. As burdensome as it sounds, different apps are ready to take this burden off your heads and make your work easy. Reading your food labels before buying them makes you aware of the calorie count and helps you intake less.

Avoiding oily foods and replacing them with more green vegetables can give you a healthy diet and while you are determined on avoiding sugar and fries from your daily meals make sure you don’t mess with your sleep schedule. Other than counting your calories make sure you are keeping track of your physical activity. Exercising helps in reducing weight.

It is advisable to eat more protein as it helps you stay full for a little longer. The last important thing would be to drink enough water. It is said that drinking water before eating helps you to reduce hunger and hence less calorie intake.

Reduce calorie intake

How many calories a day do you need to lose weight? 

The amount of calories you should need depends on various factors. These factors are mostly based on your age, size, gender, and activity level.

Women between the age of 19-30 need 2,000-2,500 calories per day to lose a pound a week. Women over age 31 have slightly fewer calorie needs and women above 60 require 1600-2000 calories per day.

Men between the age of 19-30 need 2,400-3,000 calories a day. Men over 31 require about 2,200-3,000 calories per day and men above 60 need 2,000- 2,600 calories to maintain their weight.

Calorie need for a 3-year-old would differ from a teenager. A child needs 1,200 calories whereas 3,000 calories can be a basic need for a teenager. However, growing children and teenagers can practice healthy food habits instead of losing calories.

Calories Daily Intake

Potential benefits of counting calories

Keeping a count of your daily calorie intake can help you to lose weight. It might sound a little unbelievable but it has been scientifically proven that consuming more than the required calorie leads to weight gain. People keeping a count of their calorie intake tends to lose weight than those who don’t monitor their intakes.

Benefits of counting calories

How we chose the best calorie counter apps

Different types of people require different types of calorie counting apps. Some might need it to monitor their calorie and some might use it to lose weight. People with different diet plans need a different app while some might need it to track their exercise.

Few apps are not compatible with certain devices and now you know all about them. We have brought the best apps which can fulfill your needs. 

Final thoughts on the Best Calorie Counter Apps

As we discuss the 5 Best Calorie Counter Apps For 2022, the calorie counting apps can be considered a great solution for losing, gaining, and monitoring your weight. Though to live a healthy life exercising is the other best thing along with your monitored food intake. Tracking your calories can help you improve your goals. But most of all you need to be determined enough to reach your fitness goals every day.

Best Calorie Counter Apps Frequently Asked Questions

Can restricting calories affect your health?

In simple words, anything excessive can affect your health. Restricting calories excessively can slow your metabolism down and sometimes result in muscle loss. Human bodies need energy. Hence completely cutting off on calories is not advisable.

How much do you have to pay for a calorie counter app?

If you want to use a calorie counter app, the first thing you need to know is that the basic version of the apps is free. The basic version is enough to get you started. However, if you want to use some of the premium features of the app you may have to pay some amount.

Are calorie counters accurate?

Calorie counters are mostly accurate but not completely. Though these calculators can be very helpful in counting your calorie approximately and help you lose or maintain weight.

Which foods are high in calories?

400 calories or more like two ice-cream scoops are considered high-calorie.

Which foods are low in calories?

40 calories or less like leafy greens are considered low-calorie

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