American Vacationers Losing Weight In Europe: A Strange Phenomenon!

Americans Vacationing In Europe And Losing Weight

Europe seems like a weight loss paradise for Americans. Recent tweets show that Americans vacationing in Europe are losing weight more than they lose in their home country.  It can seem a bit exaggerated but that is the reality.

Many Americans have reported having lost weight while they were vacationing in Europe. What can be the secret behind this? Delve into the news to know why.

A European Vacation Can Be Good For Weight Loss

Twitter anecdotes of many American travelers show that they have somehow miraculously lost weight while vacationing in Europe. These people, who commit to a consistent workout and follow countless diets, and are still not able to lose weight are somehow losing weight from their Europe vacation. What is in Europe that aids in the weight loss of Americans? Let us find out. 

One of the main reasons suggested by experts behind this phenomenon is food habits. Americans have a trend of following processed and high-fat and sugar-content food. Most of the shopping malls and snack stores in the United States will be filled with highly processed items and varieties of chips that can cause many health dangers.

A European Vacation Can Be Good For Weight Loss

But the food habits of Europe are different from this. They don’t have snack stores and shopping malls where you can find a hundred varieties of chips and processed items. European culinary items are heavily nutritious. They don’t rely much on junk foods, instead, the food items you find in a European store need to be cooked. 

Experts point out that the eating habits of Europeans vary greatly from those of Americans. Europe has a culture of eating together whether it be lunch or dinner and most of the offices and stores will be closed during this point in time. They don’t have the habit of ‘eating on the go’ and that can be one crucial reason why Europeans are not as unhealthy as Americans. 

Another reason why Americans are losing weight on European vacations can be the active lifestyle of Europe. Most of the countries in Europe have a major share of walking spaces and the people there enjoy walking.

Even the process of walking has a cultural significance and this can be beneficial for one’s health, whether it be mental or physical. European cities are designed in a way that promotes pedestrian pathways. People here usually take a walk for some errands or go to the bar. This can be another reason behind Americans vacationing in Europe losing weight. 

Many foods in the United States are banned in European countries and some of them are even labeled as dangerous. Some of the food items like hard red wheat which is consumed in bulk in the US are absent in Europe. Instead, they use soft wheat which has a lower gluten content. So, in brief, these can be the reasons why Americans are losing weight on a European vacation. 

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