Lewis Hamilton’s Weight Loss Journey: Know About His Workout Plan!

Lewis Hamilton's Weight Loss Journey

There are plenty of jobs that are extremely strenuous. They take a large chunk of our time, energy, and mental peace. Though it may feel like we described every job in the world, that is not the case. Car racing is one of the most enjoyed sports across countries. One can hardly resist the adrenaline rush that the thrill and speed give.

For the most part, the participants also feel the same way but then there are occasions when they don’t. Through this blog, we aim to document Lewis Hamilton’s weight loss journey that took everyone by surprise. We will also be detailing his diet and workout plan in case you want to try it out yourself.

Who Is Lewis Hamilton?

Assuming you are not living under a rock, we believe you are already familiar with the name. The British race car driver is an icon who has 7 world championship titles to his name. Born in Hertfordshire, he knew he was born to chase cars ever since his father bought him a toy when he was hardly 5. Ever since the Junior championships in 1993, he has never looked back.

Apart from this, he has also joined hands with many NGOs and World organizations to support animal rights which swayed him to becoming a vegan. Some of his accolades include Sportsman of the Year, BBC Sports Personality of the Year, FIA Personality of the Year (4 times), and the Knightship. Albeit his constant presence in the media for a scintillating performance, Lewis Hamilton’s weight loss regime has now caught the attention of his fans.

How Did Lewis Hamilton Lose Weight?

Thanks to his hectic job, Lewis was always into bodybuilding like most athletes. Though it may seem simple, racing cars can be tricky and you need a lot of reflex control to drive it the way Hamilton does.

Moreover, the cockpit of the car in soaring temperatures is nothing less than a sauna. Hamilton admitted that he has gone without water for over 52 laps and that has led to severe dehydration. He even admitted to “losing probably around 3 kgs.” So how did he put on some weight? Well, that happened when he was taking his summer break.

It happens to the best and Hamilton is only human. Speaking about the condition, he said, “ I ate so much food. My weight has been 73 and 74 Kilos and I was almost 77 Kilos.” For those wondering if that amount of weight gain can really have an impact, it will. A slight tilt in the scale can cause the car to crash or slow it down. So he admits to going on an extreme diet and exercise and lost 11 pounds in 7 days. Let’s see how Lewis Hamilton’s weight loss became the talk of the town!

Lewis Hamilton’s Diet Plan

Lewis Hamilton’s weight loss diet is extremely assorted. He stays away from sugar so much so that he hasn’t had a birthday cake for years. Additionally, whole-grain foods like bread and pasta are a big no-no. 6 grams of sugar is what he takes for a whole day.

Lewis Hamilton's Diet Plan

However, he eats nothing processed but only fruits. As we said earlier, he is a vegan and describes his diet as “fun.” Falafel, beets, avocado, smoothies, and lentils have been his choice of eateries since 2017. His conscious choice to be vegan was gradual as he replaced the protein intake with nuts and berries instead of meat.

Lewis Hamilton’s Workout Plan

You will be happy to hear that we have laid our hands on his day-wise workout plan that ensures he maintains a 190 Km/Hr speed on the track. Before we make the reveal about Lewis Hamilton’s weight loss exercises, it usually consists of cardio and strength training routines for 6 days a week.

Monday– Flat bench press, Incline bench press, dumbbell press, cable flyers, pec flyers, low cable flyers, and chest dips.

Tuesday– Wide grip lat pull downs, cable rows, dumbbell rows, Inverted rows, bent-over rows, T-bar rows, and deadlifts.

Wednesday– Shoulder Press, Arnold Press, Dumbbell lateral raises, Cable lateral raises, front raises, shrugs, and Delt flyers.

Thursday– Biceps isolation curls, Hammer curls, Preacher curls, concentration curls, triceps pushdowns, Overhead presses, and triceps dumbbell kickbacks.

Friday-Squats, Hack squats, Leg presses, lunges, leg extension to curls, hip thruster, hip extension, and calf raises.

Saturday-Crunches, leg raises, Russian twist with a dumbbell, scissor kicks, plank twister, plank hold, and side plank to a crunch.

 He also says he, “trains necks separately with a helmet weighing 22 pounds.”

About his driving routine, he was quoted saying to Sustain Health, “Your core stability is the center of everything, so having the strength to withstand the body moving side and side.”  Such a routine can cause troubles to the body and Hamilton frequently goes for Crotherapy to heal. The list of his favorite hobbies has skydiving and surfing on top. Now with a schedule like this, no wonder he looks like that.

In conclusion, we would like to point out that for a star his stature, the work never stops. He loves his profession with his heart and soul and therefore he would do anything to be his best.  His workout and diet regime mirror his hard work on and off the race car track. Being just over 35, Hamilton has every championship under his belt. So let yourself be inspired by Lewis Hamilton’s weight loss and shed some of those extra kilos you always wanted to get rid of. 

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