Amy Robach’s Weight Loss: Does She Follow A Keto Diet?

Amy Robach's Weight Loss

We have often covered weight loss stories of actors, athletes, and even life coaches. But this one is a bit different. This blog will tell you the journey of a woman who had to commit to when things became tough for her. Not only did she struggle with body image issues but she also had a life-threatening illness that only a few people could dream of.

If you guessed it, we are going deep into the life of Amy Robach who transformed no other. Read on to learn more about Amy Robach’s weight loss and how she altered everything she was before.

Who is Amy Robach?

Before delving into the incredible journey of  Amy Robach’s weight loss, we would like you to know her better. Though not an actress or a model, Amy is no less than a star. She is a very popular TV presenter who began her career with ABC News and then went on to host several other shows like Good Morning America, NBC, and MSNBC.

A native of Michigan, she completed her studies at the University of Georgia in Journalism and immediately took to the world of TV. Her latest stint included hosting  GMA 3 What You Need to Know with T.J. Holmes.

How Did Amy Robach Lose Weight?

In 2013, Amy declared that she had been diagnosed with a malignant form of Cancer in her breasts. She underwent surgery as well as bouts of chemotherapy to get rid of what had spread to her lymph nodes as well. All this took a toll on her mental health as her physical health deteriorated.

Apart from this, she has admitted to being extremely insecure about her body.  Her hectic schedule as an anchor in the news biz didn’t make it easy for her to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It consisted of sleepless nights, greasy on-the-go snacks, a lot of caffeine, and no time to exercise or take care of herself.  

However, this doesn’t mean she didn’t face a whole new set of demons in her personal life. Her family life was also going through a rough patch and by that time, she had also given birth. During the pregnancy and post-pregnancy, she made no effort to maintain her body and buried herself deep into work.

Once she knew she had cancer she decided to slow down a bit and that’s when she devised the famous Amy Robach weight loss protocol. In her book, she explains how she took everything for granted and she was not ready for that anymore.

Talking about how she took the weight loss journey seriously, she wrote, “It’s hard to accept help but it’s important to do so.”  At 50 with a fatal ailment, she concentrated on strict diet plans including Keto and Intermittent fasting as well as a rigorous exercise regimen which gave her the perfect body she flaunts now.

Amy Robach’s Diet Plan

Amy Robach's Diet Plan

As she intermingles the two approaches Amy Robach’s weight loss diet is coupled with specific foods to be eaten during a particular time schedule. She eats after 16 hours every day. If she is free for the rest of the day, she could even go for 24 hours two times a week. Now Keto primarily rests on the idea that you skip sugar and rely on fat to trigger ketosis.

So her day would be like this-

Breakfast– 2 cups of coffee + egg omelet garnished with cheddar cheese and green onions. A cup of berries completes her big meal.

Lunch-Argula salad made from organic vegetables including cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, chicken, and buff mozzarella.

Snack– Nuts or dark chocolate pieces in moderated quantities.

Dinner-Butter lettuce with avocado, grilled chicken breast with beans.

She also alternates it with beef, poultry, fish, non-starchy vegetables, and olive oil.

Amy Robach’s workout plan

Get up at 4. AM every morning

Running, weight training or boxing (6 out of 7 days)

Indulging in rigorous physical activities like marathons, gardening, and anything that moves the body but reduces stress.

Amy Robach’s weight loss system also confirms having a pattern when it comes to running and suggests everyone look for a running partner, make an interesting playlist, and buy some good running shoes. For those wondering, Amy made headlines when she completed the city marathon last year with the support of her new partner. She says that running gave her a new perspective on life and get over the scars left by the double mastectomy.

Amy Robach Weight Loss: Before And After

Amy Robach’s weight loss journey was not easy to set but one that was necessary. Her hectic work life made her impossible to take a break and both her personal and professional life suffered. She was constantly tearing up between choosing a career or an anxiety-free life. When you find out you have cancer, your perspective changes about a lot of things. You get to rethink a lot of your decisions.

That is what happened with Amy Robach. Amy managed to find positivity in it and has now 6 pack abs to boast about. In fact, she was spotted with her teen daughter recently in sports coords and she couldn’t look better. To bring perspective into this, Amy is now 50 years old and has two daughters. If that is not dedication then we don’t what is!

With Amy Robach’s weight loss regime, women can battle some of their body image issues that affect a lot of them. In case you are wondering, she does admit to hiring a trainer and a dietitian who helped her with everything. This means you can do it too!

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