Best Home Remedies To Lose Weight Within 10 Days


In this ever progressing and changing world human beings are constantly evolving and weight plays a vital role in it. Nowadays due to work from home culture, people are putting on more weight and are getting unhealthy.

12 Effective Home Remedies That Will Work For You

There are various reasons as to which one gains weight primary being Genetics – It is commonly observed that kids of obese parents are generally prone to obesity than kids of lean parents.

Best Home Remedies To Lose Weight Within 10 Days

The other reasons are Junk food, lack of exercise, huge intake of sugar, insulin, and many more.

One can easily gain weight in this world and most of these ways are unhealthy.

Home Remedies to Lose Weight

  1. More Protein – Protein is the best mineral for weight reduction as compared to fats and carbohydrates. Your body burns more calories to digest protein. Protein rich foods include milk, fishes, chick peas are the best source of proteins.
  2. Say No to Processes Foods – Processed foods have huge amount of fats, calories and sugar in them. These processed foods have an addictive substance in them which makes you eat them from time to time making you addicted to it,
  3. Say Yes to Healthy Food – Healthy foods not only help you in losing weight but also help you in maintaining a good life style. Healthy foods include carrots, cucumber, watermelon, nuts and curd or even hard-boiled eggs.
  4. Lessen your Sugar Intake – Many of us are addicted to sugar and use them excessively in our coffee`s and tea`s which are veery harmful for our own body. Nowadays there are sugar free sugar and one can always use jaggery as it contains very minimum amount of sugar and helps a lot in weight loss.
  5. More Water – There are many theories that supports drinking water helps in weight reduction. It is being said that 0.5L of water will help a person burn roughly 22 – 30% of their calorie intake. Hence it is told not to drink water immediately after your lunch or dinner as the calories would be burned quickly.
  6. Exercise – Exercise is the most effective way to reduce weight loss. There are a series of exercises which can be performed at home which doesn’t require and equipment’s. The most effective exercises are plank, crunches and sit ups.
  7. Green Tea – Green tea is said to be the best combatant for weight reduction. The anti-oxidants present in the green tea helps to burn calories a lot quicker than ordinary water. Green tea also has many good medicinal aspects as well.
  8. Good sleep schedule – Sleep schedule plays a vital role in reducing weight, Irregular sleep schedule leads to weight gain as people tend to eat more if they are awake at night binge watching some good tv show leading to weight gain.
  9. Junk Foods – In this world where time is money, fast foods are a boon to us. Many of us are addicted to fast food like burgers and pizza`s and sandwiches. However, all these foods contain high fat substance and cheese which is the worst enemy for a healthy body. One needs to curb down on the fast food so as to lose weight at much faster rate.
  10. Liquid juices – Many people prefer having soft drinks or fruit juices. Soft drinks contains huge amount of sugar in them along with caffeine which causes you gain weight and also trouble sleeping. Fruit juices without sugar are very good for health but with sugar on a daily consumption leads to weigh gain, so one needs to keep a check on the liquid intake.
  11. Drink Lemon Water with Honey – Every morning it is advisable to drink a lemon water with 2 spoons of honey into it as this helps to lose belly fat at a much faster rate than anything. Honey has many medicinal values while the lemon helps in detoxing your whole body.
  12. Be Stress Free – Stress makes a person more into the obese world as it is found a stressful person finds it very hard to lose weight. Use some therapy or breathing techniques to reduce the stress in your life.

There are many endless home remedies for losing weight at home, however, the above-listed ones are the most effective ones.

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