Calories Burned On Recumbent Bikes – Is It Possible To Burn Calories Fast?

Calories Burned On Recumbent Bikes

If you are a fitness freak who often visits the gym, you will be familiar with recumbent bikes.

The recumbent bike is excellent exercise equipment that helps you to burn out a lot of calories in a much more effortless way by providing you with maximum comfort while doing your workout.

Features Of Recumbent Bikes

It is a great deal for low-impact cardio exercise. It ensures you exercise in a relaxed position and provide good support for your back. As it gives your back good support you will feel more comfortable on it than any other training equipment.

It helps to strengthen your leg muscles without causing any strain or injury on your knees and joints. It provides you pedaling which is an excellent cardio exercise for all levels of fitness.

Features Of Recumbent Bikes

The seat of the recumbent bikes is in an inclined position which offers the users optimum back support.

This exercise bike allows the riders to sit close to the ground and the seat is more comfortable than stationary bikes in which the seat is in the reclined position.

It helps you to burn your calories, maintain your body weight, and transform into a healthy lifestyle. Recumbent bikes save your time as you can watch tv or even read while doing this exercise.

Major Benefits Of Recumbent Bikes

When used in the right way, recumbent bikes have several health benefits. Let us discuss some of them.

  • It helps in enhancing your cardiovascular system. It helps to build up your lower body muscles, and strengthen your heart, which in turn, improves your cardiovascular health.
  • It helps to improve the strength of the muscles, especially in the legs without causing any strain to them.
  • The best part of the recumbent bike is its inclined and large seating positions which provides you maximum comfort. It is designed in such a way to support your back while engaging in exercise. Those who have trouble with their back find it easy to do exercise with this bike.
  • It is the safest exercising machine for you to come back to your exercise routine after an injury.
  • It allows you to restore the range of your motion.
  • Recumbent bikes also enhance your mood by lowering your stress and anxiety.

Factors Affecting The Calories Burned On Recumbent Bikes

The amount of calories burned using recumbent bikes depends on various factors that are discussed below.

Basal Metabolic Rate

Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the number of calories burned in your body during different activities. The BMR differs depending on age, sex, and different health conditions.

It is found that men burn more calories on recumbent bikes than women because of their aggressive nature. Also, women are slow in their exercise when compared with men.

Basal Metabolic Rate

Also, it is found that younger people burn more calories on recumbent bikes than elder ones even though they are of the same weight and gender because they have better stamina and enthusiasm to reach the goal. However, great stamina is required for this process to be done for a long time.

People with lower resting heart rates due to different health conditions like hyper or hypo thyroid are found to burn low calories than healthy people with higher resting heart rates of the same age, weight, and gender.

Speed Or Intensity Of The Exercise

The intensity or speed contributes a lot to burning more calories. Clearly the faster you ride the bike, the more calories you will burn as you give more effort to reach and maintain that speed.

You cannot increase the intensity quickly, rather it is attained slowly and gradually. If a person with 130 pounds can burn 81 calories in 15 minutes of a light intense workout, the same person can burn about 103 calories if the intensity of the workout is high.

So if you pedal the recumbent bike with a slower pace which is even below the moderate intensity, you burn only fewer amount of calories.

Composition Of Your Body

It is surprising to know that the structure of your body affects your metabolism and determines how fast or slow the calories are burned on recumbent bikes.

An overweight or obese person is expected to burn more calories when compared with a skinny or lean structured person. Also, a fit person with lean muscles is likely to burn more calories on recumbent bikes than those with regular physic.

A person with 200 pounds is expected to burn 350 calories per hour while a person with 240 pounds has the ability to burn 440 calories per hour on recumbent bikes.

Duration Of Exercise

Similar to intensity, the duration of the exercise also has a great impact on burning your calories.

Obviously, as you increase the duration of the exercise, you will burn more calories on a recumbent bike.

So keep on increasing your duration and effort each day to challenge your body itself and burn more calories. 

Interval Training

Interval training is an exciting factor that affects the number of calories burned in exercise.

It is expected that a high-intensity workout followed by a low-intensity workout will burn more amount of calories when compared with an exercise with constant intensity.

It will allow you to burn more calories in the same duration. So, it is the better way to burn calories in less time.

Types Of Recumbent Bike

The type of recumbent bikes you use for workouts also affects the number of calories you burn per hour.

Types Of Recumbent Bike

Some recumbent bikes are specially designed so that it helps to produce maximum efficient outcome.

So always try to purchase or use the best brand of recumbent bikes that promises you efficient and faster burning of calories.


Recumbent bikes help you with low-impact aerobic workouts which mainly focus on burning out your calories by strengthening and shaping your lower body, especially the muscles associated with your legs.

It helps you to burn a significant amount of calories by providing you with the maximum comfort position.

It also helps you to reduce your weight at a faster pace when compared to other low-impact workouts.

It burns calories ranging from 350-500 per hour depending on various factors that are discussed. So act wisely by learning all the factors and burn more of your calories in less time.

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