Reports Predict: More Than Half The World Will Be Obese By 2035

Obesity rate by 2035

The Covid 19 pandemic has just been over. Now experts warn us about another pandemic. It is called the ‘obesity pandemic’.

Data from the latest reports show that obesity is going to be one of the most threatening conditions in the world. By 2035, half of the global population is going to be obese or overweight. This will have serious economic repercussions. 

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The Obesity Epidemic Is Going To Get Much Worse

As per the latest reports of the World Obesity Atlas published by the World Obesity Federation, the economic impact of this condition will reach around $ 4 trillion by 2035.

Experts warn that this condition will be a new reality if preventive and treatment measures are not taken. According to the reports, half of the world’s population will be either obese or overweight by 2035.

This can also impact childhood obesity as the estimated rates are supposed to double in the same year. The report predicted that around 51% of the population worldwide will be obese by 2035. If the treatment and preventive measures are not taken, it can cause US $4.32 trillion worth of economic loss. This is around 3% of the global GDP.

The latest findings show that no single country has shown a downward trajectory in obesity graphs since 1975. This also includes childhood obesity. For many experts, it is an alarming situation.

As many adolescents are overweight, it raises the risk factors for chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, liver problems, etc from a young age itself.

Data from the Atlas also shows a rapid increase in obesity prevalence in countries with lower incomes. This means, of the 10 countries that show a spike in obesity cases, 9 are from low-income countries. These countries belong to either Asia or Africa.

In the context of these worrisome situations, the World Obesity Federation has called for comprehensive national action plans. As per this plan, methods based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization need to be implemented as soon as possible.

The latest Atlas report will be presented at a policy event set out on March 6. This event will witness the participation of UN policymakers and other dignitaries from member states and civil society. 

Amidst these, the authors of the report clarified that they are not blaming individuals for these situations. The current condition is the failure of proper environmental, healthcare, food, and support systems.

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Countries need to address these issues as they can save the lives of billions of people. Obesity is a growing concern and it should be treated as a medical condition. One can’t simply negate this situation as being a cosmetic flow or beauty concern. Rather, people who are obese should be provided with proper medical treatment. 

Policymakers should implement methods and actions that can cultivate healthy eating habits and preventive measures against obesity. According to experts, only by a community intervention that branches out on several aspects, the issue can be dealt with properly. 

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