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If you are looking for some innovative way to burn maximum calories from the comfort of your home, then you have come to the right place! Studies have shown that climbing stairs can burn more calories and is efficient for both your upper and lower body parts. StairMaster is an innovative fitness equipment that is designed in the model of an elevator. It has become a trend among fitness enthusiasts for the various benefits that it offers for your body and mind. With the help of this machine, you can climb steps by putting the required speed and pace. 

In this article, I have shared with you some valid aspects of this modern fitness equipment. On going further into this article, you can understand what a StairMaster is. Along that, you will be informed about the benefits of climbing steps and using a StairMaster for this purpose. It encompasses a detailed guide on how to use a StairMaster properly and different types of workouts you can try using this equipment. The article concludes with a detailed FAQ through which you can clarify all your remaining doubts about this latest advancement in fitness trends. So jump right into the article and see for yourself the myriad of benefits offered by StairMaster!

An Overview Of StairMaster

StairMaster is a fitness equipment that has rotating steps which allow the user to climb upward as in a stair. It is similar to a treadmill which means you can set up the speed and duration of your steps according to your choice in this machine. Formulated around the 1980s this is a fitness innovation that can also track your burnt calories and monitor your heart rates. Like an escalator, it contains an endless moving stair through which you can practice climbing steps and thereby burn fat. It can help you to lose weight and also train the muscles in your lower body simultaneously.

StairMaster is an appropriate choice for those who want to burn more calories and also want to tone their lower body. Many athletes use this equipment as it can increase their pain tolerance and stamina. It can provide the effect of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises on your body.

Benefits of climbing steps

Many researchers suggest that taking steps instead of an elevator can be very helpful to your health. It can improve both your mental and physical health considerably. Some of the other benefits of climbing steps are listed below:

  • It is a cardio exercise: Climbing steps is a type of cardio exercise through which your heart rate increases and your body starts pumping up the blood through your vessels.
  • Burns more calories: It has been proven to burn more calories than jogging.
  • Elevates your mood: When you climb steps, your body produces endorphin-which is a hormone responsible for creating a sense of happiness in you.
  • Helps you lose weight: Studies show that when you take steps, you burn around 0.17 calories on climbing up and 0.05 calories on climbing down.
  • Protects your cardiac health: Climbing steps can enhance the production of good cholesterol in your body. It will also improve the flow of blood. Therefore studies show it can improve your cardiac health.
  • Increases your body’s endurance and stamina: Studies have shown that when you take stairs, you increase neuromuscular performance. This can enhance your balance and endurance.

How To Use StairMaster?

Before stepping on the StairMaster, you have to make sure about certain things. Check out what they are in the list below:

  1. When you mount up on the StairMaster for the first time, make sure that the machine is situated on a stable floor. If the machine is shaking or jiggling, it can cause serious injury risks for you.
  1. Now place your foot on the steps. Hold on to the rails for support.
  1. It is better to stay on the middle steps rather than the first step. This can prevent the starting trembling that can cause you to lose balance. Put your feet on the steps at a shoulder-width distance.
  1. Now turn the switch on. You can select the variation and speed of your workout. If you are a beginner, consult your trainer’s advice on which level of speed you should choose.
  1. When starting the workout, choose a slow speed. Slowly, increase the speed as you adjust to the rhythm of the machine.
  1. After you have finished, turn the switch off. Wait for the StairMaster to reach a complete stop. Watch out for your steps when climbing down from the machine.
  1. Make sure to re-energize yourself with a bottle of water mixed with electrolytes. This will help you to regain the minerals that get lost as sweat during the workout.

Muscles that benefit from StairMaster workout

Consistent workouts using StairMaster can build and tone up your muscles. A specific group of muscles gets the most benefits from using StairMaster continuously. Some of them are listed below:

1. Quadriceps

Known as Quadriceps Femoris, it is the most voluminous muscle in the human body. This muscle forms the majority of your thigh and is considered one of the strong muscles in your body. Placed in front of your thighs, the quadriceps is involved literally in any activity you do, be it running, walking, standing up, etc. When you use StairMaster, your quadriceps get toned and strengthened.

2. Hamstrings

These are a group of important muscles that play a crucial role in flexing your knee. If you want to build your hamstrings, you need to climb steps or do cycling. If you bend your knees in any activity, your hamstrings get toned and strengthened.

In addition to Stairmaster workouts, you can also try various effective bodyweight hamstring exercises for muscle strength.

3. Gluteal Muscles

These are the group of muscles that make up your buttocks. These groups of muscles are known as gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. One of the benefits of the StairMaster workout is that it can provide a cardio workout and tone up the muscles in your buttocks simultaneously.

4. Calves

Calves form the front portion of your lower leg. In the StairMaster workout, you usually don’t get much of a calves workout. But if you put pressure on your toes and lift your heels then your calves will get toned and strengthen up.

StairMaster: Different Types of Workouts

You have learned about how to operate StairMaster. Now what? There are various ways you can do a workout using a StairMaster. In any case, make sure to spend at least 10 minutes for a warm-up session before climbing up the StairMaster. This will make your muscles prepare for the intense workouts that follow.

Some of the ways through which you can work out using a StairMaster are given below:

1. Single Step Up

Before starting this exercise, set up a speed that can raise your heartbeats more than the normal level. At the same time, take care not to exceed the speed. Now after pressing the start button, take each step at one time. Try to keep your spine and back straight all the time.  By consistently doing this workout, you can ensure stronger abs and glutes.

2. Skip a Step workout

This StairMaster workout is ideal for beginners as it is effective to employ your maximum strength and increase your endurance. As the name suggests, you have to skip a step while climbing the stairs on the StairMaster. The muscles that get the maximum benefit from this workout are your hamstrings.  Start the workout by choosing a slower pace and as you feel familiarized with the workout, increase the speed.

3. Backward Climb workout

As the name suggests, you have to climb each of the steps on the StairMaster backward! This means your heels will be on the front, guiding your steps and your toes and nails portion will be on the back. You have to keep ultimate care when practicing this exercise as it is not normal for you to have accustomed to backward climbing. So start slow and practice the whole process at a pace that you are most comfortable with. Studies have shown that Backward Climb on StairMaster can strengthen muscles such as calves, quads, and hamstrings.

4. Alternating Kickback workout

Climb onto the StairMaster and take the steps at a normal pace. Now lift your one foot behind and try to keep it parallel to the ground.  After this come back to the normal posture and then lift your other leg in a kickback posture.  You have to practice the whole workout gradually. Also, you can bend your upper body a bit to maintain the balance and posture of your whole body during the workout.

5. Side-Step workout

Before you start the workout, keep a slow pace. If you need, you can hold on to the rails for support. Now by standing on your right leg, turn towards the left side. This will make your right foot come at the back. After this, change the legs. Make sure to practice this exercise with utmost care as it can cause an imbalance in your posture. So keep holding on to the rails and always do this at a slower pace.

StairMaster workout- Tips to harness better results

StairMaster workout can be an effective way to harness better results for your mind and body. Before you step into the StairMaster, there are some points you have to keep in mind. Some of them are listed below:

Correct your posture

Before climbing those stairs right away, you have to maintain a correct posture. Do not hunch over the machine as this can create strains on your muscles and back. A little bit of hunching forward is okay, but it is better if you keep a relaxed and stable posture before the workout.

Don’t always hold on the sides

Holding on the sides when you feel a bit exhausted can’t harm you. But if you keep holding the sidebars when working out in the StairMaster, it can decrease the effectiveness of your workout.

Try skipping a step

During the StairMaster workout, try to skip in as an effort to maximize the performance. It will provide benefits to the muscles on your glutes and upper thighs. This can also enhance the rate of your calorie burn.

Change the direction

Only following the upward direction in your workout can feel a bit monotonous for you. Try switching the sides backward. This can help to give movement to your other hip muscles.

Add dumbbells to the workout

When you start feeling confident about working out at the StairMaster, add a pair of dumbbells. Do some weight training such as biceps curls and side raises. This kind of multitasking will burn more calories and raise your heartbeat.

Take breaks during the session

Start the StairMaster workout with a 10-minute warm-up session. Spend 20-30 minutes on the StairMaster and take some 10-15 minute intervals in between. After the workout, spend another 5-10 minutes cooling down.

Check your heart rate

After you have accustomed yourself to the StairMaster consistently, start monitoring your heart rate. Check how much time it takes for your heartbeat to come back to normal levels after the workout.

Benefits Of StairMaster

StairMaster workout is becoming a trend among fitness enthusiasts. This is because it offers a myriad of benefits for the body. This benefit doesn’t narrow down to some parts of your body. Rather the benefits can be accessed from head to toe. For someone who practices walking or running daily, the StairMaster workout can be an effective alternative. Below are the benefits offered by StairMaster for your body. They are classified based on the nature of the benefits they offer. They are cardio-related benefits, strength-related, and other benefits. Check out the details below.

Cardio-related Benefits

Like working out with the help of a treadmill, StairMaster helps to boost up your cardio workout regime in an effective way. Some of them include 

👉 Leads to aerobic fitness

When you climb steps using StairMaster, it helps to strengthen your lungs and heart. These are the key organs that balance your aerobic fitness. When you have a healthy pair of lungs, it means you will be able to breathe in more oxygen. Having a strong heart means it pumps up blood with maximum efficiency to your organs.

👉 Burns more calories 

Unlike other fitness equipment, StairMaster can help you to burn more calories and thereby aid in the weight loss process efficiently. As per studies, working out using StairMaster can help you burn around 180-269 calories. When you climb fast, it will also aid in more calorie burn. Most of the StairMaster machines that are available in the market today come with an inbuilt calorie-burning calculator that can help you to calculate the number of calories burned in a session.

Strength-related Benefits 

StairMaster has proven beneficial in toning up your muscles and body. Some of these kinds of benefits are given below:

👉 Builds your core muscle strength

Climbing steps without fail means you need to have a stronger sense of balance all the time. This will positively impact your core muscle strength. Having stranger core muscles can help you to have better posture, lesser back pain, and increase your pain endurance capacity.

👉 Makes your bones healthy

Any kind of weight-bearing exercise can help you to have healthier bones. Climbing stairs is an exercise that involves you carrying your weight. Studies have shown that these types of workouts can reduce the risk of getting osteoporosis and other bone-related ailments. When you climb steps, your bone mass increases as bones are living tissue. This is helpful when you get older because as you age, bone density starts to decrease.

👉 You get stronger quadriceps

Working out using StairMaster can improve the strength of the quadriceps femoris, which are a group of four muscles found in front of your thigh. These muscles play a crucial role in walking, running, and even standing up. Quadriceps are extended from the end of your knees. So whenever you take a step, morally push these muscles and have a greater impact on them.

👉 You get stronger hamstrings

Hamstrings are the muscles that are found at the back of your thighs. They are crucial for running, walking, and sitting down. Each step you take tones your hamstrings.

👉 Better calves

This is also similar to your other two muscles, namely the hamstrings and quadriceps. They help you to jump, run and walk.

👉 You get stronger glutes

These are the strongest muscles in your body. They help you to move the hips and thighs. Climbing with the help of the StairMaster can help your gluteus maximus muscles.

Check out various gluteus minimus exercises for stronger hips.

Other Benefits 

Apart from improving the strength of your muscles and body, working out with the help of StairMaster provides another type of benefits too. Some of them are listed below:

👉 Relieve the symptoms of knee pain

Consistently working out using a StairMaster can relieve you from the symptoms of knee pain. Compared to other forms of exercise, the StairMaster workouts can be low-impact for the safety and strengthening of your knees.

👉 Enhances your mood

It can feel like a struggle when you work out using the StairMaster. But after that, you will feel relaxed and happy. This is because when you work out your body starts producing endorphins which are the happy hormones. This can create a sense of happiness and well-being in you. 

👉 Provides you with a variety of experiences

Working out using the StairMaster can’t be boring as it provides versatility to your exercise session. You can set the time you need to work out on it as in a treadmill. In some latest designs of the StairMaster, you can opt for some landscape screens through which you will get a sense of climbing the stairs in the real place.

StairMaster use -Before and After

On checking the reviews made by the users of StairMaster, you can see that they are quite positive and satisfactory in tone. Many of them have expressed their satisfaction after using the equipment. They have shared how their fitness status changed after getting introduced to the StairMaster workout. Many of them have lost a considerable amount of pounds after using the StairMaster workout.

Among these customers, some of them have tried the viral StairMaster workout, and have claimed to have put on abs in 8 weeks. Some of them have claimed that StairMaster could do them great benefit in working out from the comfort of their homes during the Pandemic. So all together, these people have testified to the effectiveness of using StairMaster as a workout to build muscles and lose weight.


From the above article, you can understand that StairMaster is an effective fitness equipment that can provide workouts for both your upper and lower body. Many types of research have already proved the multiple benefits of climbing stairs. StairMaster makes use of this principle and delivers the result in the same manner. One can have a proper workout using StairMaster and build their muscles and burn calories. Unlike many fitness equipments in the market, StairMaster provides maximum efficiency in calorie burn, that too from the comfort of one’s own home. The workout you can access through using StairMaster is both aerobic and anaerobic so you can build your muscles and improve your endurance from this single workout.  

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