Alicia Keys’s Inspirational Morning Routine: Time To Get Into That Workout Mode

Alicia Key's Inspirational Morning Routine

Alicia is a great singer, songwriter, and pianist. She is also an inspiration to many and that isn’t limited to music. A renowned fitness freak, she loves her workout sessions and takes immense effort to maintain her health. Her super-fit body and glowing skin are a live testimony to the mentioned relationship.

In the most recent video she posted on her Instagram, the singer is seen pedaling on an indoor stationary bike with increased vigor and passion. The 41-year-old singer is seen in the video, which is already creating rounds on social media networks, dressed in a matching sports bra and pair of leggings with her hair tied back with a scarf – effortlessly cool she is.

Despite the fact that the bike is barely visible from the angle from which she is filming, it is obvious that she has worked up a sweat during a virtual spin class and the fans are loving it. The comments section was filled with fans and other celebrities cheering for Alicia’s hard work.

Celebrities posting fitness videos on Instagram is a regular trend on Instagram since many years. Supporters and followers over the years have also confirmed that such a message has helped them in changing their outlook on fitness and inspired many to a healthy lifestyle.

Alicia’s Hardwork And Dedication

The Grammy Award Winner was motivated to bits in her early morning workout and her lines underneath the video bear witness to that.

In the caption of her post, Keys writes, “This is how I start my morning off!!“. She continues, “I need this! To stay focused, to be my strongest, to remind myself NOTHING can stop me!! Not even myself!!”

Supercharged with the life she is, it seems. Through that simple video, Alicia effortlessly points fingers at some valuable lessons in life, which remains its highlight.

In an era, where young people struggle and are lazy to put in the work, the 41-year-old singer is inspiring people beyond age groups as she points to the central role played by fitness in our lives. In addition, she goes on to say that we must change because we are typically the ones who get in the way of our success.

Alicia's Hardwork And Dedication

Many people, according to her, have a tendency to believe that they are weak, incapable, or that something is in some other way not possible. The singer also reinforces the fact that the key is to overcome self-doubt.

Key also reminds us of the glory of humanity and the ability enshrined in our blood that makes us capable of achieving anything in our lives, if make up our minds to it.

We as humans often forget how capable we are and how this world itself has been transformed by human desire and willpower, and Alicia knows it well.

Moving ahead, she also sheds light on the negative role played by negative talk, that self-talk that most of us experience when we experience a challenge or hard times. That “it’s hard”, “you are not gonna make it”, and “it’s not for you” kinda thoughts. She writes, “Let me tell you now. Put that lyin’ voice in your head in its place!!”. Now that’s some straight facts right there, let me confirm.

She ends her post by encouraging her followers to go and achieve their goals today. Waiting for something to happen is not in her how-to-live books – every day is hunting time.

If you are out there struggling to get off your couch and needs some serious kick-in-butt, look no further ladies and gentleman. Go and check out that sweat-inducing exercise routine right now. 

Keys is also renowned for her commitment to working out, which includes engaging in HIIT workouts with well-known trainer Jeannette Jenkins of The Hollywood Trainer Club. American fitness instructor Jeanette Jenkins is also the author of the popular fitness book, The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan – 21 Days to Make Healthy Living. Her fitness facility, The Hollywood Trainer, is quite a hit in the US and offers personal coaching and fitness plans to celebrities like actors, musicians, and artists alike.

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