Do you want to lose weight? If so, you may be wondering which type of green tea is best for weight loss. There are many different types of green tea available, and each has its own unique set of benefits.

Here, we will discuss the benefits of six popular types of green tea and help you decide which one is right for you!

Drink Green Tea To Lose Weight- The Healthier Options!

Green tea is best known for its weight loss effects.

A scientific review published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has concluded that green tea can help you lose body fat.

Drink Green Tea To Lose Weight

This is because they are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on your metabolism.

These include antioxidants called Catechins, which trigger an increase in 4–17% energy expenditure over 24 hours.

Types Of Green Tea For Weight Loss

Green tea has been used for centuries for its therapeutic properties and health benefits. This tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant, the same plant used to make oolong and black tea.

There are many varieties of green tea available for weight loss today.

Some of the best green teas you can buy are:

Gyokuro – this Japanese tea offers a sweet flavor with vegetal notes and a delicate aroma.

Matcha – this is a powdered tea that originates from Japan. You’ll find it in many lattes, smoothies, and baked goods.

Sencha – this is another tea from Japan that offers a mild flavor and smooth grassy notes.

Genmaicha – this Japanese green tea blends roasted rice with matcha or sencha green tea leaves. It offers a nutty flavor and is popular in Japan as an everyday beverage.

Green Dragon Pearls – these pearls are hand-rolled into small balls that unfurl when they are steeped in hot water.

Gunpowder Temple of Heaven – this Chinese tea offers a strong flavor and aroma.

Jade Cloud – this Chinese green tea offers a refreshing flavor and a light body and fruity aftertaste.

The Republic of Tea Green Tea Coconut –The Republic of Tea’s Green Tea Coconut is a delicious and unique take on traditional green tea.

This tea is made with organic green tea, coconut milk, and natural flavors, making it a creamy and delicious option for those looking to lose weight.

Additionally, the green tea in this blend is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, which can help support your overall health.

West Lake Dragon Well – another Chinese tea, offers a nutty flavor and a grassy aroma.

Lipton Green Tea with Mint – Lipton’s Green Tea is a refreshing take on traditional green tea.

This light and fragrant tea are perfect for sipping throughout the day, and its blend of green tea, mint, and lemon can help support your weight loss goals.

Stash Premium Green Tea – Stash Premium Green Tea is a high-quality, organic green tea perfect for those looking to lose weight.

This tea is lightly caffeinated and has a refreshing, slightly sweet flavor that makes it perfect for sipping throughout the day.

Additionally, the green tea leaves in this blend are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, which can help support your overall health.


You can find green tea at most grocery stores and online.

When purchasing green tea, look for bright green leaves with a fresh, slightly grassy aroma. Avoid teas that look dull or have an off-putting smell.

Green tea is best brewed using water below boiling (180 degrees Fahrenheit/82 degrees Celsius). Steep your tea for 1-2 minutes to get the perfect cup.

You can steep green tea multiple times – the second and third infusions will usually have more subtle flavors than the first.


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