U.S Military On The Grasps Of Obesity: Rates Increased During Pandemic!

US Military Obesity Rates Increased During Pandemic

The pandemic had its tolls. While there exist varied health effects from Covid 19 pandemic, one of the dangers it caused was an increase in obesity. The lockdown lifestyle forced people to shrink inside the walls of their homes and denied them opportunities to work out. 

While the number of obese cases is on the rise, a recent cohort study revealed that it hasn’t just affected the normal folk. As per this study, a large majority of the US Military has become obese during the pandemic. Read on to find out how obesity has increased among the US Military during the Pandemic.

Obesity Rates In The U.S. Military Surged During Pandemic

Obesity is becoming one of the most serious life-threatening conditions in the world today. And the United States tops as one of the countries with the most obesity cases. Right now, reports say that obesity hasn’t just affected the common folk, even the fit and sturdy US Military has fallen into its suffocating clutches.

A new study published in the Obesity Journal in 2022 found the BMI changes among US Army soldiers during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to this study, 27% of Military people who were healthy before Covid 19 had become overweight. And 16% of already overweight Military people have become obese. 

Obesity Rates In The U.S. Military Surged During Pandemic
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Covid 19 pandemic had changed many aspects of the world. One of the changes it brought was regarding the health and lifestyle of the people. As people were forced to spend most of their time indoors, and work began to shift to work-from-home spaces, there had been a considerable change in the health of people.

One of the serious impacts of Covid 19 pandemic was that it increased the cases of obesity and overweight in individuals. A recent study conducted among army personnel also indicates this same situation. Many army folks were forced to spend time indoors, on their computers, and tended to eat more. This considerably affected their workouts and the rate of exercises spiraled downwards.

According to Sergeant Daniel Murillo, a 27-year-old US Army staff, he gained 30 pounds during the Covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic lockdown, Murillo was subjected to spending time on his laptop and his stress levels increased as a result.

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He consumed more cookies and chips than ever and locked himself in the barracks at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. As the gyms were closed and there weren’t any organized exercises, his motivation to work out was relatively lower. As per Murillo, he could notice the changes happening in his body. He was getting heavier and his uniform became tighter. 

Murillo is just a representative of the current situation in the US Army camps. There are thousands of others like him, who are now battling conditions such as obesity and being overweight due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Obesity Rates Increased During Pandemic
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Studies show that around 10,000 army staff developed obesity between February 2019 and June 2021. This means around a quarter of the US Army staff are battling obesity and overweight conditions. And the same situation can be observed in the US Navy and the Marines. 

The army authorities are now aware of the seriousness of the situation. And they are actively planning to bring the forces back to health and fitness. As army troops who suffer from obesity are more likely to be injured, this can be considered a national security problem.

According to the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the army loses around 650,000 workdays only because of obesity and overweight. And more than $1.5 billion is spent by the army to support the obesity-related health costs of the army staff. 

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