Right Food Plate Method For Healthy Weight Loss

Right Food Plate Method For Healthy Weight Loss

Hey guys, have you peeps ever gone through the topic- Right Food Plate Method For Healthy Weight Loss? People select their cutlery according to their kitchen theme. More often, we all prefer the cutlery according to its design and color. But do you know how it is crucial to select the correct food plate in your weight loss journey?

Yes, it is accurate. Choosing the right food plate is also essential if you want to streamline a healthy body. 

Right Food Plate Method For Healthy Weight Loss| Control Weight Through Diet!

The proper food plate method helps you control protein size and maintain your calorie content. For losing weight, it is essential to eat the correct quantity of food at the right time.

For that food, the plate method comes into play. This diet method ensures to include complete and healthy –balanced diet. The proper food plate method ensures that you do not eat extra or starve yourself to build muscles in your weight loss journey.

In this blog, we will elaborate on the correct food plate method.

Right Food Plate Method Steps

What is Food Plate Method? 

In the weight loss journey to do planning for your meal is essential. Of course, a well-balanced meal plays a massive part in your weight loss journey. A food plate method is an approach that divides your plate to enable you to measure out correct measurement of different food. The proper food plate method can help in weight management, and it also helps with diabetes for carbohydrate intake. 

Moreover, in this food plate approach, the food is divided into equal proportions. It also enables you to divide food adequately as per its nutrients. You are required to divide your food plate into three parts:

  • Include non – starchy vegetables in your half plate
  • One quarter with lean protein
  • Another quarter with a starchy carb like rice and potatoes. 

How do you use the plate method?

Sometimes few diet plans are not worked because the criteria of eating food are restrictive and force people to cut off from eating their favorite food altogether. The strict diet plan creates a feeling of starvation that will force them to cheat their meal. But with the right food plate is a balanced approach that includes a small quantity of higher-calorie food with a massive amount of lower-calorie food. 

Food Plate Method Use

So here is the way people can use the plate method in their diet:

  1. Take your dinner plate and draw an illusionary line at the center of the 9-inch plate. Create the other line at one side of the plate to divide them into sections. Ultimately your plate should consist of three parts.
  2. Then fill the considerable segment of the plate with non – starchy vegetables. You can include tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, and peppers.
  3. You can include starchy food and grains like brown rice, potatoes, pasta, and bread in another small part. You can also select fruit, milk, and yogurt because they contain carbohydrates. 
  4. Include meat and another source of protein in your other half small part.
  5. Include healthy fats in small proportion when serving your food. You can use plant-based oil for cooking, nuts, seeds, and avocado.
  6. Also include zero or low-calorie drinks like water, tea, or black coffee. 

Steps to be followed

Use these steps in your food plate method:

  1. Size of Plate

You should select your food plat size appropriately that is no big or so small. The food plate size will decide the food proportion. If you don’t have an option in your dinner plate and it is significant, use a small salad plate or dessert plate to eat food. But ensure that you should use it regularly.

  • Include Lean Protein

On your plate, cover the small food segment with proteins like egg, fish, meat, dairy products, cottage, grains, and many other foods as per your choice. This protein will help you include sufficient nutrients in your diet that will help you lose weight. 

  • Healthy Fats

If your food plate is complete, include healthy fat like omega 3, 6, and polyunsaturated fats. The chia seed, flaxseeds, and nuts are also considered healthy fats.

  • Include Carbs

In your last quarter of food, fill it with cabs to maintain a balanced diet. If you are restricting to include carbs, it keeps changing insulin levels in the body from rising too high after your meal. It is true to avoid carbs in weight loss but do not completely cut off because it is an excellent energy source.

Right Food Plate Method For Healthy Weight Loss

Is the plate method effective?

When the plate method is included in weight loss or diabetes control, then this approach has proved its effectiveness in calorie counting and other strict meal planning. Because the food plate method is deceiving, there is everything in a meal that you can eat. The food plate gives you complete satisfaction, varieties in food, and a healthy balanced diet.

Final Thoughts 

Undoubtedly this simple food plate approach will ensure that your body will gain all the required nutrients. As we discussed the Right Food Plate Method For Healthy Weight Loss, in this method, you can also do experiments with your food and remain strict with your diet. The right food plate will enable your body to intake the correct quantity of macro and micronutrients in your diet.

However, opting right food is not sufficient to lose weight but eating in proper proportion is essential. 


From where the concept of the food plate method is developed?

The healthy food plate method was developed by a nutrition expert at Harvard T.H Chan School of public health. The approach is exclusively based on facts from science. 

In what quantity the whole grains are recommended for the body?

A quarter plate of wholegrain will provide two servings of carbs and in each meal quarter plate of carbs will fulfill the daily recommendations of 5 to 7 servings of carbs.

 Is it reasonable to include a small proportion of alcohol in the diet? 

It depends because for some people, it is beneficial, but alcohol may include risks to a healthy body.  

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