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Reality Behind Dr. Oz Weight Loss Drink And Supplements; Factors Of Weight Loss

Reality Behind Dr. Oz Weight Loss Drink And Supplements

Reality Behind Dr. Oz Weight Loss Drink And Supplements is a controversial topic when it comes to the subject of weight loss. Dr. OZ, whose full name goes as Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz, is a well-renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, author, and professor at Columbia University. He is also a very popular television personality who is well known for his roles at the Oprah Winfrey Show and his very own Dr. OZ show.

Reality Behind Dr. Oz Weight Loss Drink And Supplements

Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz is of Turkish origin and was born in 1960 in Cleveland, Ohio. Oz attended the Tower Hill School in Wilmington, Delaware. He graduated from medical school in 1950 and completed his residency program at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Oz also served as a professor at Columbia University since 2001.

Speaking of Dr. Oz as a popular television personality, he was seen on The Oprah Winfrey Show for five seasons and also featured as the host in the popular Dr. OZ show, which first aired in September 2009. Dr. Oz has featured as a medical expert in these television shows and introduced his very own combinations of drinks and supplements that address specific medical conditions such as diabetes and weight loss.

Lately, there have been many controversies regarding the claims made by Dr. Oz and his weight loss drinks and supplements. Many experts claim that he is simply bluffing, and the popular Dr. Oz weight loss drink is merely a fad and cannot be justified as one that serves its ulterior objective from a scientific perspective. Read on to learn more about Dr. Oz’s weight loss drinks and the reality behind them.

All You Need to Know About the Popular Dr. Oz Fat Flush Drink
Reality Behind Dr. Oz Weight Loss Drink And Supplements

All You Need to Know About the Popular Dr. Oz Fat Flush Drink

Dr. Oz has been at the forefront when it comes to developing detox drinks also known as Dr. Oz Fat Melting Drink which assure to shed the kilos off your body and keep you lean and fit. Regardless of the accusations and controversies surrounding his principles about not having their roots in proven medical science, Dr. Oz has caused quite a stir among the audience. Let’s have a look at the ingredients, instructions, and preparation methods for the popular Dr. Oz fat flush drink, along with the health claims made for this drink.

Instructions and Preparation method: –

  1. Cut the fruits into small or medium-sized pieces after washing them thoroughly. It is best  to use organic or homegrown fruits due to their higher nutritional value and reduced levels of harmful fertilizers and chemicals.
  2. Pluck the peppermint leaves off the branch and leave it aside.
  3. Place all the fruit pieces and leaves in a large glass jug or jar.
  4. Close it and leave it to set overnight.
  5. Drink at least one glass of this fat flush, one of the popular Dr. Oz weight loss drinks, before every main meal. The minimum requirement is to consume this drink at least three times a day and very soon, the results will show.

The health claims made by Dr. Oz on the fat flush weight loss drink: –

Despite many controversies, Dr. oz claims that the ingredients and preparation methods of Dr. oz weight loss drinks are based on a proven scientific formula. Let us have a look at what Dr. Oz says about these ingredients and how it helps you flush down the harmful fats.


Grapefruit is rich in Vitamin C, fiber and is low in calories. It also acts as an anti-cancer agent since it contains bioflavonoids.  Grapefruit improves metabolism and reduces fatigue. Since grapefruit will make you feel full most often, it will reduce the need to snack unnecessarily. Therefore, grapefruit makes a great addition to the Dr. Oz fat flush weight loss drink.


Cucumber is mainly composed of water and hence assures to be an effective organic diuretic and keeps you full throughout the day. This would make you feel less bloated and reduce the need for unnecessary binge eating. Cucumbers are known to be very energetic and for boosting strength levels in our bodies. It is also rich in Vitamin B. Due to high water and dietary fiber content, cucumbers act as a natural flush that cleanses all harmful toxins from your system and keeps the digestive tract in good shape.


Tangerines are proven to be effective at being sensitive to insulin. Thus, it will help stabilize blood sugar levels and assist in burning fat quickly. The presence of soluble and insoluble fiber makes it a great laxative as well.

The health claims made by Dr. Oz on the fat flush weight loss drink


Peppermint is great at addressing any digestion problems and calms down a troubled tummy. It also curbs your appetite, which makes it a must-have for all weight loss drinks, according to Dr. Oz.


Controversies About Dr. Oz Weight Loss Drinks

Lately, there have been many facts checks, and furies raised about Dr. Oz and his weight loss drinks. Many doctors, medical experts, and even the public have pointed fingers at him for guaranteeing weight loss by using liquids, drinks, pills, and other supplements that are not scientifically tested and proven to be right.

Further, most people have said that Dr. Oz has even stooped to making baseless and misleading claims where the consumption of Dr. Oz’s weight loss drinks and supplements works even without dieting and exercising. Generally, dieting and exercising and well-renowned ways of losing weight in a healthy manner, but Dr. Oz’s shunning and frowning down upon such methods and completely relying on artificially prepared weight loss drinks and supplements have not been met with a warm welcome by the medical community and the community at large.

Further, people have also raged about how Dr. Oz uses flowery language and takes on the role of a great marketer by merely trying to create the “Oz effect” and sell his products.

Further, when having to test the products he endorsed, it was most often sponsored by the product manufacturers, which made it almost impossible to get an independent review. The green coffee bean extract was one such product where the research for testifying that this supplement aided weight loss was funded by its manufacturer. Besides a study that was carried on later by an independent panel from the Journal of agriculture and food chemistry where it was tested on mice, and the results turned out to be quite contradictory to the claims made by Dr. Oz in favor of weight loss. It turned out that the chlorogenic acid in the green coffee bean extract did not contribute towards weight loss or fat burning. On the contrary, it had very problematic long-term effects leading to an unhealthy build-up of fat in the liver.

This was not the only Dr. Oz weight loss drink and supplement that did not produce the desired results as claimed or anything even close. The famous raspberry ketone, which Dr. Oz refers to as the “No.1 Miracle Fat burner” has also been proved to not have an impact on fat burning or weight loss. Although there is research evidence that suggests it leads to a boost in metabolism, there is no clear-cut scientific evidence to prove that it contributes to weight loss in humans. Merely because it worked for animals, this is no good reason for Dr. Oz to claim that it works similarly for humans, too, especially after he has been proved wrong.

Another famous extract that Dr. Oz claims as the “miracle appetite suppressant” is the exotic spice saffron that has Middle Eastern origins, has not been proven to function as such scientifically, and most medical experts shun this claim made by Dr. Oz. The saffron has its roots steeped deep in Middle Eastern and South Asian folklore as it originated from these regions of the world. Such folklore considers saffron as a mood enhancer, but from a scientific perspective, it cannot be proved as such and does not function as a “miracle appetite suppressant” as Dr. oz claims it to.

Dr. oz’s latest claim has been about the Garcinia Cambodia extract, which featured on his latest episode as the “Newest, fastest fat busters”. In this episode, he claimed that the Garcinia Cambodia, which is a native fruit of South East Asia, contained HCA acids which immensely contributed towards weight loss. The research study undertaken by scientists produced mixed results, but the conclusion was quite clear that Dr. Oz has been merely leading on the crowd since the Garcinia Cambodian extract did not lose as much weight as he claimed, and of course, this fruit alone cannot help in a healthy weight loss journey as pointed out by the scientists.

There have been many instances where Dr. Oz has misled and provided false claims about his products and formulas, such as the Dr. Oz weight loss drinks and supplements. Therefore, it is best advised to always seek the recommendation of a proper dietician and nutritionist to help you in your weight loss journey without merely following some dude on a television show.


Despite being criticized and even booed by a good majority of people on the Reality behind Dr. Oz Weight Loss Drink And Supplements, Dr. Oz remains unfazed and stands by his principles. He continues to stake his claims are true even after being repeatedly proven as false and misleading, according to the results of many surveys, focus groups, and independent scientific researches.

Thus, given the current state of things, it would not be a mistake to consider Dr. Oz as one of those doctors who had no idea of what he is doing or rather one that simply mistakes health for entertainment by coming up with the most creative weight loss drinks and causing quite a stir although it does not live up to its claims.

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