Is Dark Chocolate Good For Weight Loss? Surprising Benefits of Dark Chocolates!

Dark Chocolate For Weight Loss

Chocolates are loved worldwide regardless of age or gender. It’s normal to believe that eating too much chocolate is a bad idea. What about dark chocolate though? It is also considered to be a delicacy and is consumed by a wide variety of people for various reasons. But do you know? There has been a high rise in the number of people who eat it due to its weight loss properties.

So is it true that it can aid in losing weight or is it just another simple illusion without any evidence? This blog will be examining that for you by covering all the doubts regarding dark chocolate and weight loss.

Dark Chocolate And Weight Loss- How Does It Work?

According to nutritionists pure dark chocolate(70% Cacao) might be rich in various nutrients like fiber, magnesium, iron, and Zinc. Additionally, the agent that gives chocolate its unique taste acts as an antioxidant for the plant.

Dark Chocolate And Weight Loss

Therefore it can work its magic in our bodies as well. Not only should it satiate our cravings but also keeps us fuller for a long period all thanks to flavonoids. Let’s list in bullet points how it aids in weight loss.

Satiate cravings
Reduces unhealthy binging of snacks
Boosts metabolism
Reduce stress
Provides nutrition
Enhance overall mood

How Much Dark Chocolate Should You Consume For Weight Loss?

As much as it is rich in other nutrients it also has calories of over 604 which includes carbs, fats, and sugar. This means you cannot eat dark chocolate as much as you want. It should be restricted to 1 ounce(28 gms) per day.

Make sure to choose dark chocolate with at least 70% cacao content otherwise the ideal amount of calories that should be consumed might be increased due to the presence of sugar. Also, it should be better to consult your dietitian to incorporate cacao into your diet plan.

Consuming excessive amounts of any chocolate, even dark chocolate, can lead to unwanted weight gain. So moderation is the key as always.

Other Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolates

Since it is known that dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, eating dark chocolate has been linked to various benefits which include the following but are not limited to-

Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolates

✅ It can make your heart happy

So basically dark chocolate contains copious amounts of Nitric Oxide which is very important to regulate the blood flow. This can be beneficial to improve the condition of one’s heart since it has the main job of pumping blood to and fro. It also decreases the risk of developing heart problems.

✅ It can cure cancer

Though not established, flavonoids are said to do wonders about curing cancer. Since dark chocolates are an abundant source of those, there could be a possibility that they might have a positive effect when combined with other drugs.

✅ Might make you smarter and sharper

Taking dark chocolate in smaller quantities have known to improve memory loss and even aid cognitive functions. Albeit less, the change can be significant if the consumption is daily and in moderated quantities.

✅ It can help with blood sugar levels and maybe even prevent diabetes

We know it sounds weird but according to Habitual chocolate intake and type 2 diabetes mellitus in the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study, it does help maintain one’s blood sugar level and balance insulin which is crucial in controlling Type-2 Diabetes.

✅ It can elevate your mood

Chocolates generally are known to elevate moods but dark chocolates are superior when it comes to others. The theobromine, N-acyl ethanolamines, and Phenylethylamine can all work towards this initiative which makes it an ideal choice during mood swings as well.

Pros And Cons Of Eating Dark Chocolate For Weight Loss

The pros are many including keeping you fuller and satisfied. The antioxidants can also increase your metabolic rate and are therefore very much effective in burning fat. When taken in proper quantities, the cravings or overeating habits can be controlled for a long period and this keeps you healthy.

Moreover, it can keep your temperament all cool so that you gain ample energy to exercise. Its cons include continuous vomiting, increased heart rate, dizziness, and even loss of water from the body. However, this might only be a side effect if you take it in large quantities.

Dark chocolate can be a good supplement when it comes to losing weight. Moderation and care should be taken while including it in your daily diet. To get the most health advantages, buy dark chocolate with a high cocoa content and it will indeed support your weight.


1. Who should be cautious while eating dark chocolate?

People who are allergic to cocoa or have a sensitivity to caffeine should exercise caution when consuming dark chocolate.

2. Should I eat dark chocolate every day to lose weight?

It depends on what your doctor recommends. Eating dark chocolate every day has seldom negative effects yet it should be taken in minimal quantities.

3. Can eating dark chocolate alone help lose weight?

Studies are very less in this regard but eating dark chocolate alone cannot be considered healthy in any way. It should be taken along with a healthy diet, supplements, and proper workout.

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