Page Kennedy Weight Loss: What Was His Secret To Getting In Shape?

Page Kennedy Weight Loss

Another day, another weight loss inspiration story. For some, losing weight is more than just getting a perfect body. It is also about achieving a mental peace that is beyond comprehension. Many of us might not be in the right headspace and the reason might be deep-seated in our physical being.

Our brain could be compensating for what our body lacks and there are some studies to suggest so. In case, you have recently embarked on the journey or are still thinking of going through with it, Page Kennedy weight loss is the gift we bring to you. Let us warn you, the journey was not easy but he did pull it off. Read on to know more.

Who Is Page Kennedy?

Page Kennedy has donned multiple hats including that of a rapper and actor. Born in Detroit as Felton Eugene Kennedy, he didn’t have an easy childhood or teenage. The acting bug bit him when he was a student at the West Michigan University. He ended up majoring in theatre and acting.

Later like most aspirants, he decided to move up to Los Angeles to try his luck in the TV and movie industry. Though no significant ones, Kennedy has been seen on most popular shows of the millennium like The Shield, CSI, NYPD Blue, and Weeds, to name a few. He was last seen on the big screen reprising his role in the Jason Statham starrer- Meg 2- The Trench.

Some of his albums also got popular out of which “Torn Pages” seems to top the list. Recently Page Kennedy’s weight loss splashed his name yet again all over the tabloids and we are going to know why!

How Did Page Kennedy Lose Weight?

Kennedy’s tryst with weight loss is no less of a movie in itself. After the glam and glitz life embraced him, Kennedy became very popular among the ladies. His partner would encourage his overeating habits. And because the addiction was in their family, his mother had her own struggles with drugs, so it did not take long for him to indulge in it.

This started affecting his career as he failed to make a greater impact on the silver screen.  Not only that his overweight dragged him further down the hole as he started experiencing joint pains, high-pressure levels, and difficulty in falling asleep. It didn’t take him long to realize that he had to break out of the pattern.

Soon he joined a gym and worked out as hard as he could. When that did not yield any results, he used some pills and diets. That also didn’t cut it out. When the body started affecting his mental health, his manager suggested he go for another option. In 2017, he opted for bariatric surgery.

Though it could be of many types, all of them have the same aim; reduce the size of your stomach so that you can not eat anything beyond a point.   This path wasn’t a cakewalk either. He still had to forgo a lot of food afflictions and visit the gym regularly. But it got him where he wanted to be with a fit body and healthy mind.

Page Kennedy’s Diet plan

We do not have the exact menu followed by Page Kennedy for weight loss but we do know some of them.  Firstly he had to abandon coloured sodas, oily food, and alcohol. We assume that was not it, After cleansing, one also needs to stack up on healthy food and that is exactly what he did.

Kennedy planned his meals six times a day and made sure he didn’t indulge in over-snacking. He opted for lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds that were aimed to shed those tough kilos. Moreover, he increased the hydration levels and all of them did the magic.

Page Kennedy’s Workout plan

A comprehensive routine of his workout plan is not available in public, but his motivational videos on social media platforms tell us a lot. Apart from the good old gymming, Kennedy stuck to cardio, resistance training, and boxing.

To keep the weight loss steady, he still conducts many fun challenges on Instagram. Additionally, he also enrolled himself in marathons, triathlons, and obstacle races. When previously he just stuck to his couch, the new and improved lifestyle made him take up scuba diving, bungee jumping, and sky diving. All these are excellent choices to shed the Kilos.

Page Kennedy Weight Loss: Before And After

Page Kennedy Weight Loss Before And After

When asked how he feels now, Kennedy wrote, “…it has been a tumultuous expedition toward inner greatness.” Further, he wrote, “I hope that my struggles and accomplishments for those striving to become the best versions of themselves. We are all in this together.” While earlier, stress and unhappiness clouded his pre-weight loss, that all changed with his improved lifestyle.

He started concentrating better on his career and even landed a Netflix comedy, “The Upshaws.” It has been renewed for a new season and this means he can go one step closer to his ultimate dream. For all those who wonder, Kennedy also credits a lot of his success in weight loss to the spirituality he found during the difficult period. Paul Kennedy assured his fans that his health which had started to deteriorate now picked up pace like never before.

Paul Kennedy’s weight loss is a lesson to learn from. It shows how our mental health and physical health go hand-in-hand. The more you ignore one, the worse the other gets. So take care of your health people!

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