Overweight Teen – What Are The Possible Complications?

How to Help An Overweight Teen

The teenage years are the most blessed and wonderful time period in a person’s life. It is the time a parent enjoys the most too. Watching our kid in front of us as he or she walks abreast is a wonderful feeling. There can be mental as well as physical issues during this period of time. An overweight teen is a real headache for the parent as well as the child. The socio-cultural image of an ideal person is a slim and fit figure.

We are all longing to have a body with a marble finish shape. Being overweight the teen’s psyche is affected and they feel low self-esteem and depression.

A number of health problems can also emerge from being overweight. Here are a few tips for the parent as well the teenager to get rid of overweight and related issues.

What Is Overweight For A 15-year-old?

As a teenager’s body is changing, developing, and growing it is not easy to find out whether the child is obese or not. It is necessary to know if your body weighs normal or not to prevent you from falling into different health issues. Being overweight or obese is having too much fat in your body.

We normally follow BMI or Body Mass Index to define the condition of our body weight. Here, we measure the body fat based on the height and weight of the person. Although it is not a perfect measure, it gives a vague idea.

For a 15-year-old a BMI of 23.29 is considered overweight and 29.11 obese.

It is better to approach a health practitioner before jumping to a conclusion. 

Overweight Teen Tips and Tactics

What Causes Obesity In A Teen?

There can be different reasons behind obesity. It is not easy to identify the reason behind obesity as it can be the result of a combination of things. It is actually puzzling to doctors too. Here is the list of common reasons for obesity in teenagers. 

🟣 Obesity can result from genetic reasons. If there is a family history of obesity the children are at risk. 

🟣 The socio-economic scenario in which the teen lives can be the reason for being overweight. 

🟣 The metabolic rate or the rate at which the body turns food into energy can be different. Metabolic rate directly affects body weight.

🟣 Lack of sleep is also a reason for obesity. In the changed scenario teens engaged in entertainment and cut short their sleeping time. 

🟣 Lifestyle choices also have a great impact on one’s weight. Excess food and a carbohydrate-rich diet may cause obesity in teens.

🟣 Long-term medication can also be a reason for obesity. 

Lack of sleep

Signs Of Being Overweight

There can be a number of symptoms to overweight apart from increased body weight. Excess body fat, Especially around the waist, snoring and sleep apnea, excess sweating, skin problems as the skin folds lock moisture, inactivity, fatigue, and sleepy feel are important symptoms of overweight in teens.

What Are The Possible Complications Of Obesity In A Teen?

Obesity is not an appearance issue. Weight determines one’s health. Being overweight and underweight equally challenges our health conditions.

The lifestyle changes have molded our food culture into a carbohydrate-rich one and it made obesity a very common health problem. Obesity can cause a number of health problems. 

👉 Diabetes: Diabetes or irregular blood sugar can be considered the threat of the century as it brings a series of health disorders to a person. Obesity can be considered one of the major reasons of Type 2 Diabetes. Obesity causes insulin resistance and it can result in high blood sugar. Hunger, increased thirst and urination, fatigue, irritability, and blurred vision are the primary symptoms of Type 3 Diabetes in teens. 

👉 High blood pressure: Even though high blood pressure is common in adults, an obese child or teenager tends to have it. Most of the time hypertension in teenagers doesn’t cause any symptoms and we cannot recognize it. But high Blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disorders. 

👉 Cholesterol: Obesity is the major cause of high cholesterol in teens. A teenager can easily make cholesterol levels under control by being active and switching to healthy eating. 

👉 Obesity and flexibility: Teenage is the most vibrant age in a person’s life. Being overweight, children have to face restrictions as their bodies cannot be flexible as they expect. Knees and hips can be affected as obesity can be a reason for joint problems and osteoarthritis. 

👉 Snoring and breathing problems: Obesity causes sleep apnea which we may stop breathing for a while. It interrupts sleep and causes heavy snoring. Asthma is also common in obese teens. 

👉 The character is affected: Obesity can have sociological and psychological impacts on teens. Teenage is the most rebellious age. Being blamed for health conditions demotivates children. Low self-esteem makes them introverts. Being thin and slim is considered to be ideal and obese children may be seen as unwilling to mingle with society. 


How Can You Help An Overweight Teenager?

A teenager may not be aware of his or her body weight and related problems. A parent should help them to set their goal. First of all, it is important to make them willing with simple tactics.

😊 Talk with the doctor: Discussion on their BMI with a doctor can have an impact on a teen’s mind as they value a doctor more than parents.  

😊 Never compel: No one can attain a weight loss goal by compulsion. Instead of compelling talk to them and convince them. 

😊 Change within the family: Changing the family food style and food culture is a very good strategy. Keep your refrigerator cool drinks free. 

😊 Share success stories: Success stories of you or your friends can be shared. They are highly motivating. 

😊 Be a good friend: By maintaining a friendly relationship with the teenagers you can influence them easily. 

Talk with the doctor

How To Lose Weight As A Teenage Girl?

Losing weight is not a challenge for a teenager. As the teenager’s body undergoes changes it is very flexible and it is easy to mold it the way you want. For a teenager, it is not easy to focus on a goal – especially a health goal.

An adult can help the teen in attaining the goal as they are more mature. If you are determined, nothing is impossible. Here are a few weight tips that are helpful for a teenage girl.

🌺 Always keep yourself hydrated. Drinking excess water can also prevent your cravings. 

🌺 Avoid soft drinks and calorie-rich drinks as they are the major threat to a person overweight. You can choose water or low-fat milk instead of soft drinks. 

🌺 Make fruits and vegetables your snack choices. Grab cut and clean vegetables raw whenever you feel like having a snack. Also, have a salad before each meal. 

🌺 Teens usually give up breakfast as they oversleep. Along with deciding to shed weight, it is necessary to decide for everyday breakfast too. A healthy breakfast will reduce your junk food cravings. Also, you will not overeat at lunch. 

🌺 Have a moderate lunch without junk food.

🌺 It is always good to eat at home as restaurant food is more calorie-rich and non-nutritious. Avoid restaurant food and eat with the family. 

🌺 Regular exercise is important for weight loss. Taking part in family outdoor games and rides will help the teen lose weight along with strengthening the family bond. 

🌺 Accept criticism: It is common for an overweight person to get criticized. Accept the criticism and fight for your goal. Never feel depressed about others’ words. 

Follow healthy diet

Exercise Plan For An Overweight Teenage Girl

Workouts or exercises must be part of our routine. Being obese or not, activeness keeps us healthy. When it comes to obesity and overweight you should approach a next-level workout plan with a weight goal.

It is important to follow a regular exercise plan.

A teenager with ideal or normal weight should get aerobic exercise at least three times a week for a minimum of 60 minutes. It is good to consult your doctor before you plan your workouts.

The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends one hour of aerobic exercise for children aged 6 to 17. Here are a few exercises and exercise tips that teenagers can follow. 

🔶 Aerobic exercises: Aerobic workouts are considered to be the most effective workouts for teenagers. Along with helping to get a flat belly, they are useful for improving core strength and stamina. Cycling, dancing, swimming, running, and rowing can make your heartbeat fast. 

🔶 Lunge- as if you catch a ball: Place your hands on your hips for balance. We will begin with the right knee. Bent it slightly and left leg forward in the lunge position. Jump in the air and switch your legs. See that you are landing in the lunge position. Repeat ten to twenty times for the best result. Lunge exercises can help you reduce your belly fat. 

🔶 Jumping ropes: Jumping ropes are a great option for teenagers’ fitness routines. Jumping ropes can increase your heart rate and it is good for core balance. Beginners should start from 3 to 5 minutes and gradually increase the timing. 

🔶 Planks: There are varieties of popular plank positions and plank exercises that are good for general fitness. Here is one of the most effective ones. Use a mat for your plank position. Keep your elbows resting on a mat and your body raised off the floor. Make sure that feet and elbows are shoulder-width apart. Remain in the position for as much as you can and then relax.  

🔶 Bicycle crunches: Bicycle crunches are best suitable for the abdominal area and stubborn on your hips. It helps flatten and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Lie down on a Yoga mat. Keep your back flat on the floor. List your heads and place your hands behind the head to support. Move your right shoulder and right knee as if they come close. Then repeat the same with opposite sides. Repeat ten to twenty times. 

🔶 V-sits: Choose a mat or cushion for ”V” sits. Sit and extend your legs in front of you. Bring your legs up with your knees bent. Then turn to a ”V” shape by pulling your upper body off the mat with your abdominal muscles. Remain in the position for a few minutes. 

Having a regular exercise plan at a young age will be great for you. It keeps you fit and confident for today and tomorrow. 


Conclusion on Overweight Teen

Obesity is a common health issue in teenagers with psycho-sociological impacts. Apart from the problem of appearance, obesity may lead to many serious health disorders that affect the person.

Genetic reasons, metabolic rate, hormonal imbalance, and lifestyle choices, especially food choices are the main reasons for obesity in teenagers. It is necessary to detect and solve the obesity problem as early as possible. It is the responsibility of parents especially mothers to create awareness and help them to attain the goal.

Switching to a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious but healthy diet, proper exercise and stress-free life will do the best. Nothing is impossible. If you are determined, the doors are open in front of you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I know the teen is obese?

BMI or Body Mass Index is the scale to determine whether a person is obese or not. It is the ratio of height and weight. Your doctor or health expert can help you determine using BMI. 

2. Is it possible to cure Type 2 Diabetes by losing weight in teenagers? 

Type 2 Diabetes is a common reason for Type 2 Diabetes in teenagers. By maintaining a healthy weight, Type 2 diabetes can be under control in teens if there are no other reasons. 

3. How much should a teenage girl weigh?

According to the experts, a teenage girl should weigh between 50 kg to 60 kg. It may vary according to her weight.  

4. Can my teen exercise during her period?

There is no need to skip out on exercises. It is good to cut back the intensity especially if the child is feeling fatigued. 

5. What are the best exercises for teenagers during their periods?

It is better to choose light aerobic exercises such as walking or jogging. 

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