Chumlee Weight Loss Story Revealed – Get To Know What He Did!

Chumlee Weight Loss

Do you like to binge-watch the famous reality show Pawn stars and have been a big fan of all the artists present on the show? But one actor could have caught your eye recently if you have observed chumlee.

Chumlee has been a constant on the television show Pawn star from the very beginning of it in 2008. There are also some more popular television shows in which he acted like iCarly but then gained his initial popularity and rose in fame through doing Pawn stars. However, you may have seen Chumlee a little different from his previous self during the recent episodes. The Chumlee we know has a big bulky face and a dropping chin which is practically the reason behind his name. 

A Detailed Look At The Life Of Chumlee

It was said that Chumlee had been diagnosed with pre-diabetic syndrome due to his heaviest weight, counted at 320 pounds. Austin, better known as chumlee to all his fans, has a family background of health issues that led to him seeing his father suffering from the same problem. But, ultimately, seeing his father give up life-fighting pancreatic cancer at the tender age of 54.

These things affected chumlee emotionally and mentally, which led to his life-changing decision to do something regarding his health and weight loss. All this led to a series of events unfolding one by one, which was quite beneficial to his health. At first, he decided to go for a lap band surgery in 2012, which resulted in losing 75 pounds within one year. And, with more time, rigid and rigorous training, he lost another 40 pounds in two years upon the initiation of his activity. 

Chumlee Weight Loss

When somebody goes through a life-changing surgery like Chumlee it automatically results in many lifestyle changes. Once the surgery completes, Chumlee decided to follow a healthy diet comprising fresh vegetables and fruits and removed every bit of meat from life. But working out every day remains part of the long-term plan, which will help keep hold of the body’s structure. 

The Truth Behind Chumlee’s Extraordinary Weight Loss

Taking the example of Chumlee, you might have seen a lot of other actors or actresses going through some changes with their bodies in next to no time. But, whenever somebody tried to know their secret or the mantra behind their transformation, they used to refer to it as hard work and dedication to get slimmer.

However, only some superstars are lucky in this path they have chosen. Weight loss significantly can have a natural negative effect on your body if certain things are done correctly. Whenever you shed weight, you may notice that some of the muscles in your arms, neck, or stomach area wouldn’t stay intact and instead could hang, making them look disproportionate to your body. Hence, during this type of case, no other diet regime or exercise can make it the way it was before. Only undergoing plastic surgery can eliminate those hanging fat layers. 

How Did Chumlee Avoid Facing Any Problems During The Weight Loss Program?

One of the first things that anyone going through a weight loss program must endure is the will to go through rigorous training following a well-charted plan. You may also need to follow the same pattern even after getting the desired results for maintaining the new body you gained. The most valuable benefit of going through this strict regime will ensure that the fat gets shed along with your body’s skin. 

However, you may be wondering about the internal plan behind this hardcore training that led to Chumlee’s weight loss.

  • The first and foremost thing you need to do for this rigid training procedure would be to attend its session at least twice a week for the very least. But, if you feel confident in yourself and think handling this training would be a cup of tea, then going for training sessions might be it for you.

This rapid training will cause tears along your muscles, which will repair when you don’t go through that training. Continuation of this process will provide the results you want but choosing to do so without allowing the time for the muscles to grow back up again may not be desirable for the body. 

Next, let us look at some things Chumlee may have done for his weight loss throughout this strength training that provided such blissful results.

Chumlee Weight Loss
  • For starters, he may have pulled some light weights in the initial stages and then gradually added to the weight as per the body requirement and capability.
  • For building the body’s resistance power while going through the training, doing some stretch tubing helped immensely. This stretch-thin tube can be found anywhere that more or less looks like a jump rope. And a flex band to add in the resistance building.
  • Pulling weights with the hands will only provide the results for part of your body. Hence, ankle and wrist weights might have balanced and helped keep the body steady. 
  • Next on this list would be choosing to exercise with a body bar which could or may not have any weight installed on both sides. It entirely depends upon the pressure you would be able to take.
  • The magic circles could be the unique equipment included in the training. It helps build up the core for the legs, arms, and various other body sections. 
  • Lastly, using different machines that take your training exercises to the next level as per your desire could be the last push needed to complete the training. 

After thoroughly planning the training that would be needed to show the actual results at the end, you need to remember that your body’s fat percentage would play a significant role in all of this. If your body fat percentage doesn’t match the planned training, it could cause many health-related problems that may need to be looked at differently. 

 Chumlee had quite a significant body fat percentage which his father also had, ultimately resulting in death due to not fighting properly with the massive amount of health-related problems. Some of the risks to health comprise diabetes, severe metabolic syndromes, high fluctuation of blood pressure or high pressure, cholesterol, and various disorders. 

Chumlee may have visited a doctor that could measure his body fat accurately. Depending on which the whole training module needs to be designed. The muscle content in Chumlee was relatively higher, automatically resulting in a more significant fat percentage in the body. Lowering the body fat percentage must be one of the first tasks in the quest to gain the body you desire.

The light exercise Chumlee did during the initial months was part of shredding the body fat percentage. If the exercise is done adequately for at least three hours a week would help in lowering the body percentage to at least 10 percent in the span of 8 months at the very least. 

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Before going through the strength-building exercise, Chumlee went under the scissors for gastric bypass surgery, which was one of the first steps for giving life to the bigger picture. Chumlee, instead of trusting his whole self on sole exercising, went through gastric bypass surgery. That is one of the most suitable ways of losing weight for people who are obese. Only after undergoing surgery successfully was Chumlee able to lose the excess weight from his body. Chumlee was required to stay in the hospital for at least ten days for proper body monitoring. 

Gastric bypass surgery is done in two ways: through an incision in the stomach or conducting open surgery. This gastric bypass surgery aims to lower the pathway of the food going down into the stomach. If the food pipe gets played with, it would result in a feeling of fullness for your body and consequently eating a small amount. 

Upon completion of the surgery, Chumlee was kept on a liquid diet for the starters. However, this started to change with time as the doctors introduced solid food within a month of the surgery. While also taking some valuable medicines like vitamins or minerals.


The story of Chumlee’s weight loss sends shockwaves throughout the film industry after people come to know or see him posting pictures of his new self. But, all of these tasks were not easy by any means Chumlee had to keep himself determined while also going through the pain of losing his father along the way for the same results. Maintaining the health of the body being an actor or actress is quite hard due to being exposed to many luxury cuisines.

All of this added to a bigger problem that anybody could face if they ignore others and continue eating junk food. However, Chumlee finally decides to follow the heart and pursue happiness through the collective nature of the body. Hopefully, after reading the above article, you know everything about the weight loss of Chumlee and what he chose to follow and would be following for many years.

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