Noom Diet: What Makes This Diet Program So Popular These Days?

Noom Diet

Diet is a part of our everyday life. The increase in a sedentary lifestyle has led to many diseases. These diseases can often be controlled through a strict and nutritious diet and a stringent fitness regimen. Over the years, different diets have emerged, claiming to provide a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, and immunity from illnesses.

While specific diets are based on regions, others are based on ingredients, personality, impact, and target. The latest among these is the Noom diet. This diet or health program is created by a subscription-based application called Noom.  

What Is Noom’s Diet Plan?   

Noom seeks to help people worldwide achieve their goal of healthy living through behavioral change. It is a subscription-based health application that was founded in 2008. Noom was founded by the duo Artem Petakov and Saeju Jeong.

The app was launched in 2016. Initially, it was a simple calorie tracking and weight loss app. Now the app uses a psychological, technological, and physiological approach to formulate the best health plan for the subscribers. It uses AI, mobile technology, and psychology to achieve its goals. Noom promotes mindful eating and uses psychology to achieve lasting change.

Noom Diet Program

The plan developed by the Noom app is called the Noom diet. It helps in weight loss and maintaining overall health, balance, and fitness. The application provides a personalized health plan and access to a health coach. 

The app focuses on gradual and long-lasting weight loss and a healthy lifestyle rather than promoting the fad of crash diets. The app understands that there cannot be a universal formula for weight loss. Every plan must be tailored to the requirements of the user.

The app aims at creating lasting change through awareness, education, and easy implementation. It also consults medical experts and nutritionists to formulate changes and bring awareness. Noom does not categorize any food as off-limits but encourages the user to self-moderate. 

How Does Noom Diet Program Work?

Noom uses a traffic light system to categorize foods based on their calorie content. Foods with high-calorie content are classified in the red zone, and those in the low-calorie zone are classified in the green zone. The idea behind this categorization is that people should consume more low-calorie foods in the green zone and less in the yellow and red zone.

Though certain foods are listed in the red zone, Noom does not say that these cannot be consumed, just that they must be consumed in moderation. When a portion of food is logged in, Noom categorizes it into red, yellow, or green. This will help the user identify improvement areas and be mindful next time. 

Noom Diet Plan

Noom is an effective and personalized application that is easy to use and enables discussion with professional fitness coaches. It can be downloaded into an Android or iPhone. The app offers a two-week trial period. The app gives a pre-determined set of questions when you log in. Upon answering the questions, the app will create a customized platform for the user with a personalized health plan and matches them with a trained and professional health coach. The coaches provide continuous service and support to the users.   

The questionnaire includes demographics, habits, behaviors, activities, and nutrition. The health plan is formulated based on the individual’s answers to these questions. The 16-week program has a structured curriculum that includes awareness through health education, interactive sessions with trained coaches, calorie tracking, weight tracking, and personalized content. The app also requires the user to complete a set of educational and awareness content. Noom encourages users to participate in group chats and share their success stories.  

What Foods Are Included In Noom Diet?

The diet focuses on natural foods that aid with weight loss. The app encourages persons to opt for low-calorie foods that are rich in energy but low in fat. A proper Noom diet includes adequate micronutrients, macronutrients, and saturated fats. The Noom diet also consists of a whole variety of superfoods

Is Noom Diet Effective For People?

Noom works on the individuals’ self-discipline. Noom provides various motivational and awareness methods to help users focus on their goals. This self-monitoring approach is based on the idea that the individual assumes responsibility for their health. This gives the user a sense of satisfaction, and healthy living becomes a part of the person’s lifestyle. This also leads to sustained and long-term health benefits.  

Limitations Of Noom Diet 🚫

While Noom has been found to help significantly maintain weight loss and healthy living, some of the app’s limitations are concerning its usage. The app may not include information on all kinds of illnesses. Hence, people with complex and rare diseases may need caution while using the app.

Also, the app records calorie information rather than nutrient information. Thus, users may need more complete knowledge about the nutritional value of the foods. It is always best to consult a medical professional before trying new things.  


1. Is the Noom diet helpful?

More than 70% of users have found the Noom diet extremely helpful. The diet has been widely accepted since the program aims to create a behavioral change in people that motivates them towards weight loss.

2. How long does it take to lose weight with Noom?

The Noom program is generally for four months. However, the subscription can even be taken for 12 months. Noom is based on self-discipline; hence, weight loss depends upon each individual.

3. Can vegans use Noom?

Yes. Noom can be used by people following any kind of dietary preference. Noom does not restrict people in any way and only provides healthy alternatives to achieve a healthy goal. 

4. Does Noom provide access to medical professionals?

Noom does not provide direct access to medical professionals. But it does include awareness and education by medical professionals.

5. Is Noom only used for weight loss?

Noom is a holistic health platform that promotes the ideals of healthy living. Apart from its weight loss and wellness programs, Noom also has a  Diabetes Prevention Programme, which has gained a lot of success.

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