Are Grapes Keto Diet Friendly? All You Need To Know!

Grapes and Keto Diet

Grapes have always been around. Be it in the courts of kings or bed chambers of beautiful queens. It has made its way to all around the world with wine being a popular drink to this date. It is still served on special occasions and is known to complete a fine dining event.

However, when we are on diet control, only some things seem good to eat. There are certain restrictions you need to follow to get a fulfilling result. Even though you might be a great grape lover, on a keto diet most things are not to be eaten. This blog will illustrate if grapes are Keto friendly or not.Β 

Keto Diet: A Quick Look!

It is a kind of specialized diet where the consumers stuff themselves with fat but deprive themselves of carbohydrates. So what happens is that your body which usually uses carbs for energy now looks towards fats. This is called Ketosis and the substance formed due to them in the liver is called Ketones. So this sends your body into optimum mode using energy wisely.

But is this energy enough for your brain and other parts to work efficiently? Yes, it is. This can have many benefits in addition to losing a major chunk of kilos. Now with the keto diet either you can fast or eat minimally as suggested by your dietitian. Keto diet pills, oil, and drinks are all available for consumption. If you are a newbie, read our complete guide about the keto diet in more depth.

Are Grapes Keto Diet Friendly Or Not?

Over 10 types of keto diets have a different approach towards your fat loss goals. All of this depends on your body type and the kind of daily activity you indulge in. As we said, Keto is a specially formulated diet that has the goal to reduce your weight by reducing the number of carbs. This puts a hold on many foods that you might eat otherwise. So according to the diet pattern, only Keto fruits are ideal. In that case, there are a number of fruits you have to give up due to their carb content.

When it comes to grapes, in 100 grams, you can find over 26 gms of carbs. Though it might not seem like a considerable amount, in the Keto diet, this cannot be ignored. Well, grapes are not all bad. It can aid in immunity, optimum heart health, and even good for the eyes.

Grapes are not Keto friendly

But grapes which are the royalty among fruits are not Keto diet friendly and hence should be avoided at any cost if you are following a Keto diet. Other fruits like apples, dates, mangoes, dates, raisins, pears, cherries, bananas, pomegranates, and pineapples should also be cut off completely due to their high sugar content as well.

What Fruits Are Keto-Friendly?

This doesn’t mean you should abandon fruits altogether. Fruits are a rich source of multiple nutrients and pushing them out of your diet can have catastrophic consequences to your body.

So fruits like Avocado(8.5 gms Carbs), Watermelon(7.5 gms), Strawberries(11.7 gms), Lemons(6 gms), and Tomatoes(4.5 gms) are keto friendly. Additionally, Raspberries, Peaches, Blackberries, and Star fruits are all permissible when you follow the diet for weight loss.

Some Additional Benefits Of Following The Keto Diet

The most obvious and used one is for weight loss. But it is not just weight loss that makes Keto so popular. It has a myriad of other benefits including-

πŸ‘‰ It can help prevent cancer– As it controls the amount of carbs that go into our body, Keto can help stabilize the functioning of our body. This has a lot to do with the formation of cancer cells and hence is very beneficial.

πŸ‘‰ Helps lower Insulin levels which means no diabetes– Diabetes is a life-threatening disease. So if eating sugar-less fruits balances Insulin then that will reduce your chances to develop diabetes.

πŸ‘‰ Lowers cholesterol and prevents cardiac diseases– Heart attacks affect millions of people every year and our greasy diet does contribute a lot to it. If a person follows through with Keto, cardiac disease might be something they should never worry about.

πŸ‘‰ Can make you sharp– Ketosis causes our liver to cause ketones which are then used by the brain to function properly. According to researchers, the keto diet can be good for the proper functioning of the brain.

πŸ‘‰ No PCOS anymore ladies-PCOS is a very painful condition which is undergone by women due to the excess of hormones. A lot of it can depend on the weight of the person. So when Keto manages your weight loss, it can also help you from a hormonal imbalance.

Anyways, proper exercises, casual physical activity, and the amount of sleep you get are also indispensable in the weight loss task while following a Ketogenic diet. However, you will have to do it without grapes!

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