Nighttime Fasting: How It Can Benefit Your Health?


Nighttime fasting is a trending style of eating or fasting that gained quick popularity and acceptance among health lovers. As we are all leading a busy life where we hardly find time for proper or regular exercise or executing a good diet plan.

Amazing Benefits Of Nighttime Fasting

Burning extra calories and losing bodyweight is everyone’s dream now. Night-time fasting is a very effective plan here. When it comes to nighttime fasting, doctors and health practitioners are in harmony. Nighttime-Fasting-How-It-Can-Benefit-Your-Health

What Is Nighttime Fasting? 

Nighttime fasting is actually giving an eating break. By restricting feeding or intake of food for a period, we are allowing the entire digestive system along with all other related systems of the human body to take rest. It is fasting overnight and into the next morning.

The most accepted one is the 12 hours method. Restrict yourself with light food including fruits and vegetables by around 7 pm for the next 12 hours. You can break your fasting by 7.00 am. There comes the importance of the word ‘’breakfast’’.

Nighttime fasting is good for your general health. When it comes to obesity or being overweight, fasting is an effective weight-loss method. Regular practice of nighttime fasting is more effective than a diet that restricts your daily calories.

Give It A Trial

Nighttime fasting is a change of your routine or lifestyle. It is not good to rush into it. The human body takes time to get adjusted to new things. Do not push yourself too hard on fasting, as it can demotivate you. Start your fasting with 8 hours or 10 hours.

Then you can gradually switch to 12 hours or 13 hours of fasting which will commonly be recommended by health practitioners. Most of the time, our body is confused with hunger and thirst. Keeping yourself hydrated till you fall to sleep will work for you. Also, keeping yourself hydrated has a number of other benefits that we are not counting on here.

Health Benefits Of Nighttime Fasting

The human body responds to fasting in a very positive way. First of all, the body begins to use the stored fat and thus regulate hormone levels. Then it boosts the cell repairing process and so on. When you reveal the benefits of pausing MUNCH for a while, you will be surprised.

Nighttime Fasting And Weight Loss 

Most people opt for nighttime fasting for weight loss. It is proven by experts that nighttime fasting helps in weight loss rather than any other mode. As per the studies, People who take nighttime fasting lost reduced more calories than those who had taken a three-time meal a day.

Nighttime fasting is a very good technique to lose weight and visceral fat. Also, it makes you eat fewer meals. It boosts hormone production to promote weight loss. Nighttime fasting results in lower insulin levels, higher HGH levels, and an increased amount of norepinephrine.

All these ended up in using the stored fat in the human body and thus causing weight loss. Nighttime fasting helps in burning calories as well as restricts the amount of food that you are taking in. So it works in a double way.

Helps In Regulating Your Blood Sugar 

Studies show that nighttime fasting can reduce type -2diabetes as it can improve your blood sugar regulation. Type 2 diabetes is very common now a day. Insulin resistance is the basics of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and type2 diabetes. Also, the risk for retinopathy, which may lead the patients even to blindness, can also be reduced by nighttime fasting. Anyway, nighttime fasting helps diabetic people and also those who are in the pre-diabetic stage.

Balances Hormone Level

Hormonal imbalance is considered to be an important reason for being overweight. Nighttime fasting can regulate your hormonal balance. The body changes hormone levels to change the stored body fat into energy. It boosts the process of cell repairing also. So nighttime fasting can balance your hormonal level, especially that of insulin and Human Growth Hormone.

Maintains Your Body

As a result of balanced hormone levels production of some hormones during nighttime fasting, the body boosts the repairing of the cells. It removes waste materials from cells gives them a fresh effect. Accordingly, notable positive changes can be seen in particular genes and can also strengthen your immune system.

For The Wellbeing Of Your Heart

Heart diseases are one of the major threats to humanity. Cardiovascular death tolls in the US are actually shocking. In every 36 seconds, one person dies because of heart disease in the US. 659,000 people a year, 1 in 4 deaths. It is time to think about the health of your heart. Nighttime fasting can reduce the risk of heart diseases as it controls blood sugar levels, blood pressure, triglycerides, regulates bad cholesterol, and control inflammatory markers.

To Stay Away From Cancer                

Cancel also has a vital role in the death toll in the US. Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells. Nighttime fasting, along with activating the metabolic rate can reduce the possibility of cancer too. Studies stated that nighttime fasting is very effective in preventing breast cancer.

Brain Health And Nighttime Fasting

The brain; being the center of the body needs to be protected. Nighttime fasting is beneficial for your brain too. It helps in producing new neurons and protecting them. This prevents the damage of brain cells and keeps you away from Alzheimer’s disease.

Well-regulated blood sugar and pressure reduce oxidative stress, and insulin resistance can keep your brain safe. Nighttime fasting can increase the level of a brain hormone called BDNF which is good against depression and stress.

Live Long With Nighttime Fasting 

As nighttime fasting prevents us from mortal health problems like heart diseases, fatty liver, various types of cancers along with maintaining and repairing our body cells including the cells of the heart and brain, it shows us live longer. By regulating metabolic activities we will be able to main the energy level too.

Studies prove that nighttime fasting helps you to lead a healthy long life. What if a simple lifestyle change can give you a handful of health benefits? Get Set Go









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