Cutting Calories: Identifying Fruits To Avoid For Weight Loss Plan!

Fruits To Avoid For Weight Loss

Ever since our childhood, we have been told that fruits are great for our health. That is the origin of the saying,” An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  What if we tell you you have been tricked, my dear friend? Yes, in fact, that works seldom when we grow up. Especially if you are on a mission to lose some of those tough kilos. But fruits? Aren’t they all nutritious? Not.

Researchers and scientists think that several fruits should be avoided at any cost as they have a lot of Calories in them. In case you didn’t know about these, read our blog to know what they are and much more.

Why Avoid These Fruits When Losing Weight?

Fruits are all bubbly and great in color. But don’t let their bright appearance fool you. Firstly, many fruits are known to be containing a lot of Carbs. Carbs are our number one enemy when trying to lose weight. So eating the fruits will make you gain all the weight you so tirelessly worked to lose. Secondly, fruits have a lot of sugar content in them. We are not talking about the sweetness.

The sugar content can often lead to fluctuation in our blood which is just as harmful as eating a sweet.  Not just that, sugar in the blood means cravings for more sugar. Once you open that door, we know there’s no going back. Thirdly, a lot of us cannot afford to get fruits grown in our gardens or orchards. The one we buy might be chemically treated and could have different implications on the body.

So eating them when you are on a diet wouldn’t be such a great idea. Lastly, their calorie content is more than we can imagine. We regard fruits to be healthy and tend to overeat them. But most of the time they have quadruple times the calories in a bowl of chocolates. On a diet, we aim to go for foods that can give maximum nutrients in minimum calories. Eating fruits could not be ideal in this scenario.

Fruits To Avoid For Weight Loss

We would like to give you a fair warning that your favorite fruit might be on the list. However, to lose something you need to so quit. The fruits to be skipped are-

Fruits To Be Avoided For Weight Loss
  1. Grapes– We can probably get through this one saying “sour grapes”  like the fox since we cannot have it anyway. This one is high in sugar as well as Carbs which makes our blood sugar run wild. So no matter how tempting they are, you should control the cravings.
  2. Orange– We think this list is going to include all your favorite fruits. Orange is otherwise known to be extremely therapeutic even when we have an upset stomach. But the Citrus fruit is notorious for being a vast source of sugar and calories that can be truly upsetting.
  3. Mango– It might be the king of fruits but in this case, we need to stay away from the king because he is all sweet and full of carbs. To put that into perspective for you, only 100 Grams have 60 calories.
  4. Coconut– This list just keeps getting worse! Anyway, first of all, we are all up for you drinking tender coconut water. But the meat. It isn’t as good as it seems considering how much fat it has.
  5. Avocado-We are not talking about minute quantities but eating a lot of them can cause a calorie splurge all thanks to its fat content which we think is not good when you are on a diet.
  6. Banana– Bananas are great to be added into protein shakes when you are getting muscles but when losing weight you need to cut down on plantains of any kind.
  7. Pineapples-Most tropical fruits are high in glucose which means they are full of sugar. So no pine apple in your bowl either.
  8. Dates-This one is a bit controversial since dates are regarded to be helpful. Dates also have a lot of Carb content in them that can work against you when losing weight. 
  9. Watermelon-Don’t let its bright red color or its cute name fool you. Watermelons are known for their high Glycemic index or sugar content causing a lot of weight gain.
  10. Pomegranate– We know how effective it is if you are anemic, weight loss is not so much. Nevertheless, it has a lot of nutrients so you should include it in low quantities.

Please note that any of these can be eaten in moderation and the above criteria apply only if you exceed the regulated quantity.

Which Fruits Can Be Eaten For Weight Loss?

  • Grapefruit
  • Apples
  • Berries(all of them)
  • Drupes(including peaches,plums,apricots)
  • Passion fruit
  • Kiwi

Now that we have discussed which one to keep away from, you know how to deal with it. This is not to say that fruits should always be a part of the diet no matter what. When it comes to losing weight, there are some fruits that take precedence over others.

It is important to keep a chart of the healthy and less healthy ones on a diet. Don’t skip or start eating any fruits without proper consideration. This can cause more harm than good. The best way is to consult a dietitian and doctor to make a regime and balance your workout to water down any extra calorie intake.

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