The Science Behind Water Therapy For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

Water Therapy For Weight Loss

Our history books tell us that water is the source of every life on the earth. We all know how important water is for our existence. One can live without food for maybe days but without water, it would just be a matter of days before you perish.

Water is crucial. So what is the point that we are trying to make here? Water is known to affect our body mass as well. Some of the researchers opine that water therapy can work wonders. We would like to uncover more about the phenomenon for you. So stick along as we delve into the details. 

What Is Water Therapy?

Water therapy is based on the school of thought that water can cleanse the body. Doctors always suggest we drink plenty of water every time we are ill. Japanese water therapy is an extension of this idea.

Water Therapy

Drinking water at a particular temperature during a particular time is said to have many therapeutic properties including ensuring our gut health and this could be the deciding factor when it comes to weight loss.

How Does Water Therapy Work?

There are basically some steps suggested by Japanese medicine practitioners that should be taken care of during the therapy. They are-

  1. Hydrate yourself after you wake up. Take 4-5 lukewarm glasses of water and begin your day with it.
  2. After drinking glasses of water, you should not eat anything for 45 minutes.
  3. Complete your meal in 15 minutes and wait for almost two full hours before consuming any water.
  4. The therapy should be customized according to the ailment one is suffering from.
  5. To get the maximum benefit, therapy should be practiced every day.

Water Therapy For Weight Loss

When we start our journey toward losing fat, we are always advised to drink 8-10 glasses of water. We would like to begin by clearing that there are no scientific pieces of evidence to support that water therapy can actually reduce weight. It has not been established with any actual data but anecdotal.

According to the practitioners when we conduct water therapy our bodily functions enhance and start working to their full potential. How does that happen one may ask? Every system in our body needs water to flush out the toxins and cleanse from outside in.

Drinking a lot of water enhances our brain function and that can actually help one to indulge in more physical activity which leads to weight loss. Most of the time we crave snacks, it could be because of thirst. So hydrating yourself can limit the food intake and thus help you maintain the diet.

Aerated sodas play a huge part in increasing our weight. Those contain a lot of sugar and most of the time we don’t even realize it due to its impeccable taste. So drinking water in place of those can replace all those sweet-filled drinks and actually save us from a lot of calorie intake. Additionally, water is supposed to clean our gut and an effective digestive system can keep us fuller for longer periods.

The therapy dictates that we eat food only for 15 minutes which again checks how much we can eat and thus make sure we don’t creep in an extra burger or so. Please note that you need to adjust the glasses as per your need.

For instance, if you engage in highly intensive workout activities, chances are you might need to increase the water content. However, drinking water alone cannot grant you the results you desire. Make sure you also continue your regimen to get that ravishing body you have dreamt of.

What Are the Side Effects Of Water Therapy?

Though drinking water is generally considered healthy, water therapy is known to have caused some discomfort in people including-

  • Overhydration– This happens when you drink a lot of water and your body’s salts completely drain away. It can make our kidneys overwork which can also lead to death.
  • Strictness leading to fatigue– So the water therapy has us timed when it comes to water and meals. This can cause the body to overcompensate the energy and sometimes cause dizziness.
  • Overeating– When we restrict ourselves a lot, chances are our brain signals start going haywire. Sending signals to our body can cause hunger pangs and thus result in ultimately succumbing to the cravings.
  • Indigestion– Constant water consumption can induce the hormone ghrelin and we end up stuffing ourselves. Indigestion can happen this way which is unhealthy in every way.

 What Precautions Should You Take When Practicing Water Therapy?

✔️Don’t drink more water than suggested.

✔️Don’t replace your meals with water.

✔️Always approach your doctor when you experience any discomfort.

✔️If the therapy turns out to be too much for you, take a break.

✔️Water therapy alone cannot cause weight loss so don’t stop working out.

To conclude, water therapy has no evidentiary standing. Water can be extremely helpful to develop a sustainable schedule when you are losing weight. Thinking of water therapy as the ultimate solution to all your body woes will not help things at all.

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight and therefore requires a lot of patience and trust from your end. Don’t lose hope or motivation. Moreover, overusing the therapy can be critical to your health and hence you should be cautious due to the above-mentioned side effects.

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