Best Alcohols For Weight Loss: Is It Possible To Lose Weight With Alcohol?

Best Alcohols For Weight Loss

If you are someone who loves to drink, it will be extremely difficult for you to lose weight. This is because alcohol has certain characteristics that can interfere with your metabolism and digestion. But still, there is some hope left.

By practicing a good drinking habit, you can savor your favorite drinks and at the same time lose weight. Some alcohols can aid in weight loss compared to other drinks with high calories. Also, by drinking in moderate amounts and choosing healthier variations you can achieve your weight loss goals.

So dive right into the article to find out the list of some best alcohols for weight loss!

How Alcohol Affects Your Weight Loss?

Alcohol can negatively affect your weight loss. If you are planning to lose weight, it will be wise to cut down on your consumption of it. Here are some of the ways through which alcohol affects the process of weight loss negatively.

Alcohol and Weight Loss
  • Alcohol contains empty calories: One of the ways through which alcohol impedes your weight loss is through empty calories. This means every glass of alcohol you drink will have calories but zero nutrients. So next time you gulp down that can of beer, note that a 12-ounce can of beer contains around 155 calories. 
  • It leads to excess belly fat: Have you ever heard of the term “beer belly”? Well, it is not just a myth. Drinking alcohol can lead to fat accumulation around your abdomen. This is because beverages such as alcohol contain high levels of sugar which are also abundant with calories. And what happens to these extra calories? They get stored up as fat inside your belly.
  • Alcohol disrupts the fat-burning process: When you consume alcohol, the body burns it first as fuel. So your body won’t be able to burn glucose and lipids and they get accumulated as fat.
  • It triggers overeating: One of the ways through which alcohol leads to weight gain is by reducing your inhibitions. When you drink, you tend to make poor decisions and end up eating unhealthy foods.
  • Alcohol can lead to fatty liver conditions: Drinking too much alcohol can lead to damage to your liver, which plays a crucial role in metabolism. So when your liver gets affected, it will decline the body’s ability to metabolize fats.
  • Impairs your digestive system: Too much alcohol consumption can lead to unwanted stress on your stomach and intestines. This will negatively affect your digestive secretions and thereby your digestion gets delayed.

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Best Alcohols For Weight Loss

Even though alcohol can disrupt the weight loss process, by making some healthy combinations and choosing some healthier alternatives, you can lose weight. Some alcohol varieties can support weight loss. Some of these are listed below:

Red Wine

Each 5-ounce serving of red wine contains 105 calories. Red wine has been traditionally considered a drink that can provide health benefits. Certain studies have proved that red wine can lead to weight loss.

This is because red wine contains a polyphenol called ‘resveratrol’ that can convert white fat into energy. Also, another study revealed that women who drink red wine have lower chances of gaining weight. 

Red wine

Rum and Diet Cola

Even though Rum is made by distillation of sugarcane juice, there isn’t much sugar content in it. This is because the sugar in rum is converted to alcohol in the process.

Studies show that 1.5 ounces of rum contain 97 calories. Diet cola is a zero-calorie drink that is also sugar-free. So a combination of both drinks won’t add up to your weight.

Rum and Diet Cola


Usually, Champagnes have an alcohol content of around 12.2 percent which is lower compared to other drinks. By acting as a diuretic, champagne can purge the excess water content in your body. Also, they are free from calories which makes them an ideal drink for weight loss.


Light Beer

If you are a beer lover and want to lose weight, choose light beer. A can or bottle of light beer contains only 103 calories. Also, these kinds of beers are lower in alcohol content and are watered down. These beers are usually used by people who want to limit their alcohol consumption. 

Light Beer

Gin and Light Tonic 

Gin is made from fermented grains and is juniper berry flavored. Compared to other drinks, gin is a low-calorie alcoholic drink. Some researchers have found that gin can boost your metabolism as it contains juniper berries, which are abundant with antioxidants

Gin and Light Tonic 

Dry Vermouth

3 ounces of dry vermouth contains only 105 calories. A European-based research team has found that the polyphenols in dry vermouth can provide antioxidant properties. They have characteristics to balance your metabolism, weight, and chronic diseases.

Dry Vermouth

Manhattan Cocktail

Manhattan cocktail is made with sweet vermouth, whiskey, and bitters. Compared to other drinks, Manhattan has zero fat and cholesterol content. Also, there are only 3 grams of sugar in the drink. All these factors make Manhattan an ideal drink for weight loss.

Manhattan Cocktail

Tips To Drink Alcohol And Achieve Weight Loss Goals

Alcohol can hamper your weight loss plans. Still, there are many ways through which you can drink alcohol and attain weight loss goals. Some of the tips to drink alcohol and not gain weight are listed below:

Drink in moderation: One of the keys to drinking alcohol wisely is to set limits on intake. You can limit the daily intake to one or two drinks. Make sure to not exceed the consumption limit.

Go for spirits over other alcoholic beverages: Spirits are ideal for weight loss as they contain less sugar compared to other drinks. But beer and other liqueurs contain a high amount of sugar and carbohydrates.

Consume vegetables and lean proteins throughout the day: Drinking alcohol doesn’t provide you with enough nutrients. It can also deplete the electrolytes in your body such as sodium, magnesium, etc. So it is necessary to eat a lot of lean protein and vegetables if you are planning to have a drink of one or two.

Drink alcohol in a smaller glass: Using smaller glasses while drinking alcohol can benefit you in a great way. This can limit alcohol intake and thereby help you with your weight loss goals.

Practice dry days: It is important to avoid drinking alcohol on an everyday basis. So assign one or two days in the week to drink alcohol and practice dry days on the rest of the days. 

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The Bottom Line 

On going through the article, you can find that drinking alcohol can be harmful to your health. Alcohol is full of empty calories that can increase your calorie intake without adding any nutrients. Also, they can tamper with your internal organs and disrupt the process of metabolism.

Still, there are many ways through which you can practice healthy drinking. Limiting the amount of alcohol and choosing better drinks can help you with weight loss. Some of the best alcohols that can aid in weight loss are red wine, gin and tonic water, vodka, champaigns, and light beer.

As these drinks contain lesser alcohol content and a reduced number of calories, you can achieve your weight loss goals.

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